Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Brandi Glanville & Kim Richards’ Manipulative Ways

Posted on Apr 9 2015 - 7:29am by Editor

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Part two of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Reunion is completed and all the ladies seem over the drama at this point. In part deux, Lisa Vanderpump reigned supreme, articulating her points with intellect and class. Lisa opens up and shares her thoughts in her Bravo blog. She explains that participating on a reality show has been a learning curve but she respects the process of exposing all aspects of her life unlike one of her castmates.

“That is the basic premise in a reality show. Be prepared to expose yourself and deal accordingly, and that is what Kim doesn’t seem to understand. She keeps reiterating, ‘Keep my name out of your mouth.’ ‘Don’t talk about me.’  Well if you appear, and your demeanor and your actions are questionable, be prepared to answer those questions.”

Lisa having a long history with Kim Richards, has witnessed many dark past incidents. She reflects on Kim and Brandi Glanville’s past transgressions.

“Taking responsibility is the one thing that evades both Kim and BG. I stated this in the first segment to BG: Understand this–just saying sorry doesn’t alter or change the facts. It might lead one to believe that they are alleviated from responsibility, or, as they both do, continually deflect so as to shift the focus of the matter at hand.”

“Lisa was vindicated by the segment that was shown. It was BG who brought up Kim as Lisa was challenging BG on her behaviour (again the master manipulator being exposed). The same for Kyle–it was her account that was accurate at the poker night. She went to the bathroom and Kim followed, of her own volition, as the documentation that this show provides proves.”

Vanderpump goes on to point out the character flaws Kim and Brandi have in common,

“Deflection, denial, anger are traits they have in common.”

Lisa weighed in on the circumstances surrounding Kim’s unpleasant insinuation that Lisa Rinna’s hubby, Harry Hamlin, engaged in surreptitious behavior.

“The whole ridiculous intimation by Kim that Harry was guilty of something insidious was infuriating to me. That is why I urged Lisa to challenge her. I knew the intimation was unfounded and baseless, and if she didn’t confront it, it would linger like a bad odor, so when push came to shove, there was nothing. Again, case in point, all will become exposed eventually. Who lies, who hurls hollow accusations with nothing to substantiate them ends up looking foolish.”

Lisa brings back a blast from the past when she recalled an earlier sketchy Kim episode, during a cast trip to Paris. In the episode, Kim’s demeanor was questionable, her words were slurring and she was not herself.

“Just a footnote: Some have asked what I was going to say to Kim, before Andy shut me up. I was going to ask her why in Paris she stated I was contesting her sobriety and was so angry when I gently asked if she took a sleeping pill…to explain her bizarre behavior.”

We’re in the home stretch now — two down — one more to go! Until next week.


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Slightly OT: Wasn’t the hearing for Evolution’s Motion to Dismiss heard this week? Does anyone know if there was a ruling for the bench or did the judge take it under advisement?

    • All About The Tea

      Per Stacy Slotnick…On April 6, the motion to dismiss was supposed to be heard but there was no appearance on Monday because the Court considered the matters raised with respect to the Motion(s) and has concluded that pursuant to Local Rule 7.15, the matter can be decided WITHOUT oral argument.

      “The Court advises counsel that the Motion(s), noticed for hearing on April 6, 2015, has been taken under submission and off its motion calendar. No appearance by counsel is necessary.”

      Stacy believes we’ll see a decision within the next two weeks.

      • Guardian

        Thank you for this information and thanks to Elizabeth for asking the question. I tried to read/wade through all of the legalese in the interview and yikes – I could never be a lawyer.

      • Elizabeth Fisher

        Thanks AATT!!!

  • Jennymckitty

    I really wish that Lisa had been able to ask about Paris. Kim, if your reading this, we all remember Paris. Maybe you don’t, but we do. We also remember that you later told Kyle you accidentally took the wrong pill. It was a mistake…not a relapse. Right?

    • Guardian

      I wonder if she even remembers that she was in Paris? As you know, her statements are so common to users – wrong pill, not a relapse, shouldn’t have, don’t talk about me, etc. I guarantee she is using something.

    • Bad Barbie

      This lady is going to OD one day.

    • twifan2

      BUT what about Hawaii? That was as bad as Paris-imo.
      Dang, Kim was really in bad shape there too.

      • Jennymckitty

        That was really bad…and when she was scrambling all over the bathroom floor trying to pick up pills before the party? But that was before she went to rehab and became the Queen of Planet Sober.

        • twifan2

          ‘Queen of Planet Sober’ ok. But she still sucks at Pill Popping Pantaloon!. :/

          • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

            Bizarre. The woman is bizarre. Her behavior is just off the charts to me.
            Who acts like that? Her & Brandi? I know no adult who carries themselves like that, never mind in public. & especially not on camera.

        • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

          Hi Jenny. I was screaming at the TV for Lisa R. especially or even Lisa V. to parrot back the smart-azz “Think I stuck a nerve” comment to Kim regarding her sobriety! Seems they struck a nerve too!
          Thought I was gonna pop a vein! LMBO!

          • bellaboo

            I do the exact same thing. I sit here yelling, cussing, & for some reason, i have let andy have it. I think he is biased towards kim & brandi. He also has shut down lisa r, when sometimes just pisses me off.
            When he was using the dog analogy about the slap, & brandi told him f u, then he kept tripping over himself to kiss brandis @ss, just to keep her from getting any madder than she was.Then when brandi called kyle a f_____g c__t was disgusting, & he just let her get away with it, but i guarantee if brandi had called her a fag, he wouldve said something. Im not liking andy AT ALL. He needs to quit acting like a pussy, and man up, do your job as an unhiased host. If brandi or kim get angry, so be it, then you will get blasted, just like any other person does.

  • Brattus Rattus

    Lisa has handled herself wonderfully so far during this reunion. She hasn’t lost it and has brought up valid points. Even if I wasn’t a fan, I can’t find one thing about her, Eileen or the other Lisa that have been out of bounds. I was even a little bit proud of Kyle beating Kim to the punch about Kim’s kids. You know that was going to be the next card Kim was going to play.
    Other than Andy, Brandi and Kim, it’s been quite interesting. LOL

    • Guardian

      Agreed. And Lisa has really put it all on point in her blog – denial, deflection, anger. And I’ll add substance abuse. I am certain that next week Kim is going to really try to smash Kyle (again). I wish Kyle would not react, not cry, or even get angry. It’s the response both Kim and BG want. Kyle has held back on so many comments she could have made but it has been of no service to either she or her sister. I really wish all of them would just laugh at the two of them and roll their eyes instead of engage.

      • Bad Barbie

        yeah but all of that ignoring is off when it is your own family. Kim is the devil and her daughter should really stand her ground and tell her that it is HER wedding and that Kyle will be there. So if Kyle is not invited, neither are her kids???? WOW!

        • Anne Mckinney-page

          They should consider it a blessing. There is nothing worse than being a guest in a family three ring circus. And for the record… the Lawsuits is still on for the dog attack on Kyle’s daughter by Kim’s demon beast dog. Kim is so unbalanced… she will attack the sister, and nieces… rather that admits in her drug addled state… she let that dog attack an old woman… and then let it attack her niece later. Perhaps the dog, Kim, and Brandi should all be ‘put down’… since you never know when one of them will attack.

  • Bad Barbie

    Lisa I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I hated her last season because she was endorsing all things Brandi, and laughed at all of her mean antics but she really kept it together this time around.

    Kim and Brandi need to go.

    • Sliceo’pie

      Last season Brandi bad mouthed Lisa to everyone the whole season and their friendship ended-what are you talking about?

      • Bad Barbie

        I didn’t like a lot of snark comments that she made and how she laugh at all Brandi did till Brandi started doing it to her. I am entitled to liking and disliking as I pleased…

  • karen

    Isa thinks she so perfect its sickening, she has no idea what friendship means. These ladies to her are co workers at best. She has never admitted to anything she has done. & she has done alot. She used Brandi from beginning of show. That’s all she ever talks about, but said I won’t talk to Brandi then first thing she does at last party was to go up to Brandi & start talking. Then when done she has some crappy thing to say. Leave Brandi alone & then lets see what u really got to talk about. Your dog, getting old.

    • 900009

      hi brandi’s only it lonely down there?

      • karen

        Nope not at all. Lisa v is no saint. She uses people/friends then when there no longer useful she throws them away. Just like Taylor from past seasons when Taylor basically begging to be her friend & Lisa just uses her until Taylor realizes exactly what Lisa is. Lisa used Brandi with the whole mistress thing. What friend keeps throwing your ex mistress in your face. None of my friends would never even think such a thing. But Lisa wanted some type of storyline, cause she didn’t have one, so why not use your friends pain has one. That’s unforgivable right there. Karma a bitch & will come back and bite lisa

        • Sliceo’pie

          Sounds like you’ve been bitten.

  • Sophia Z.

    I love how Lisa is calling Kim and Brandi out on their poor behavior. It’s about time she has someone to back her up. She has tried in the past and got attacked. And LMAO at Brandi: “watch your back”, like anyone doesn’t around her.

  • karen

    Kim did own what she did but does it have to be on every episode. No Lisa r was looking for way to stay on show so she used Kim one mistake all season to make herself relevant. She said she would do anything for paycheck & she did. Total loser Lisa is. Now sending mean texts to Kim but they say Brandi the bad one, got that one wrong. So Lisa throws wine, glass & breaks glass now sends those texts & not one word about it. If Brandi did that they would of called police. Talk about double standards. Not to mention Lisa r sent mean text to Star Jones after Lisa was fired from apprentice. Cry on reunion like its the first time she done such a thing. Own it Lisa like u tell everyone else. U are just a mean money hungry old lady.