Ramona Singer Slams Brandi Glanville, Talks Reunion Behavior & Divorce From Mario on WWHL

Posted on Apr 8 2015 - 8:55am by Norrth Cafe

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Ramona Singer, hung with Andy Cohen in the “Watch What Happens Live” clubhouse last night following the premier episode of “The Real Housewives of New York.” She was joined by RHONY superfan, Christina Ricci of “The Chronicles of Lizzie Borden.” Perfect! Both women look wonderful, Ramona is smiling and glowing. Tending Bar? Gay shark, who reveals a Ramona ice luge sculpture.

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Secret word for the night? Bethenny. To get fans going on the path toward being plowed, Andy reads several tweets, the first from Bethenny (DRINK!). She calls Ramona the “New Switzerland” for not wanting to get involved in conflict. Countess Lu comments that Ramona is experiencing a humbling moment and has changed for the good. Jenny McCarthy’s tweet praising #RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna’s performance at the reunion is read. McCarthy especially loves Lisa’s STFU slam.

Andy stirs the pot early by asking his guests what they thought of Bethenny crying about living out of hotels. The Singer Stinger recalls when Bethenny didn’t have a “pot to pee in” and asks why, now that she’s accumulated a lot of wealth, God bless her, hasn’t she simply rented an apartment?  A WIN for the Stinger.  I can’t figure out the utterly offensive “richest homeless person in NYC” shtick, either.


Andy is in full orgasmic grin mode but then defuses the situation by commenting on how good it was to see Sonja’s facialist.  Since the show was billed as Ramona answering the questions she wouldn’t answer at the reunion, I don’t care about the facialist, or the HWs bingo cards gift that he gives Ricci (and that you can download at Bravotv.com). I am curious about tonight’s poll: Do you think Ramona has changed for good? I guess that was an easier question to answer before she grabbed Ricci and attempted to fully control the conversation. YIKES!

Andy gives us the three things he is obsessed with including: 1) #RHOBH Lisa Rinna’s reunion performance and comedian Amy Phillips’ imagined Rinna outtakes from the reunion (and it is good). Amy is actually wearing a wig that Rinna sent her. 2) Clips from next week’s #RHOBH part 3, in which it is revealed that Rinna sent mean texts to Kim RichardsRicci is dying to know what Harry allegedly did. 3) Andy cites Bethenny’s return to the show as triumphant. He shows a sneak peek of Ramona and Bethenny mixing it up at LuAnn’s in the Hampton’s next week. It’s hilarious with Ramona telling Bethenny to breath deep and calm down.

The questioning starts. Ramona tells Andy she went on the offense when he asked her about her marriage at the reunion and turned everything back on him. A minor debate about “offensive” and “defensive” ensues.  He says she was defensive, but she explains how she saw it differently. We learn that Mario told Ramona that she can’t talk about their relationship. When she spoke it on Bethenny’s show he told her that they couldn’t be together if she was going to talk about them and she wanted to save her 22 year-long marriage. She realizes that instead of going on the offense and throwing it back at him, she should have just told him that she is respecting her husband’s wishes. Yup. That is the extent of it. No new details or insights. Ramona has a book coming out in July, “Life on the Ramona Coaster” – which may be why she didn’t talk about the details of her break up.


Fan Questions and Answers / Caller:

Ramona asks why she looks so good and she swears that it’s just that she’s happy. No surgical enhancements.

Patti Stanger’s previous comments come up and Ramona cuts the caller off to avoid having the comments repeated. She says that Stanger is like Jill and wants to be relevant and impress by using others.


Ramona learns that Brandi Glanville called her “Bat Crap Crazy” during Steve Harvey’s morning show. Since they had a nice dinner together in L.A. last year, Ramona is shocked. She refers to herself as smart, educated, and references her money and says, that’s your crazy. When Ricci is asked what she thought of Glanville at the reunion, Ramona interjects with, “She has a lot of injectables, Oh my GOD.” Ricci smiles and Andy adds, “ya think?” They follow up by complimenting Brandi’s body.

Game time? Riding the Ramona Coaster. Ramona is blindfolded with the “Ramona Eyes” and rides the coast while Ricci describes the ‘Real Housewife’ placed in the ride with her. She gets Bethenny right away. It take a while to get Nene since the word “Blonde” was used. She immediately thinks of Kim Z. She gets Kyle and Vicky (OC), but is stumped when Ricci uses the clue “her last name rhymes with whore” to describe Kenya. I’m calling foul on that.


Poll Results of the evening. Do you think Ramona has changed for good? Yes 38%  No 62%

Mazel of the day?  The Ramona ice luge, from which both women drink a shot.


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  • MidwestMiddie

    Oh, I do hope Ramona continues wearing glitter eyeshadow as it
    looks sooooo good on her. (SNARK!)

    Poll – Has Ramona changed for good?
    Heck, no and she is long past having a good story line. Boring!

    • Norrth

      I am more annoyed by Ramona than bored by her. I wish she would tone things down, but then again, I don’t think she knows how.

      • MidwestMiddie

        Ramona knows how to “tone things down” but she
        chooses not to do so. I gave up being annoyed by her
        crassness long ago …..first or second season. She has
        bored me ever since.
        : )

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Glad to see Ramona finally figured out a more flattering hair style.

    • MidwestMiddie

      No WATER necessary!
      : )

      • Guardian

        Tee Hee

    • Norrth

      I thought it was interesting that she said she was looking good because she is HAPPY!

  • But why are Jill, Patti, and Brandi all attacking Ramona??? First, it’s no one’s business what’s going on between Mario and Ramona, and for Patti and Jillousy, who hasn’t been relevant in God knows how long, to stick their noses in her private business, is appalling. And then for Brandi to call this woman a crackhead …. I am so done with those 3 pieces of trash. Just done.

    • MidwestMiddie

      No Attack!
      Patti was on WWHL when a caller asked her a question relating to Ramona’s
      marital problems. Patti answered the caller’s question.
      Apparently Jill , also, saw what Mario was doing and so did other party guests.

      Brandi and Ramona kind of go together —— Two Tanked Twittering Twisted Turtles.

      • Patti shouldn’t inserted herself period. She could have easily said, “Out of respect for their marriage, I refuse to comment,” something on those lines. No, but that was too good for her. IMO,it’s no one’s business what Ramona and Mario are going through.

        • MidwestMiddie

          If Ramona doesn’t want her marital woes discussed then
          she should have retired from Reality Television.
          Her EGO is greater than her concern for privacy.
          Also if you recall, Ramona never had a problem discussing
          and dissing other marriages even when no one asked her
          a question. Hmmm

          • It’s still tacky to comment on anyone’s marriage issues, especially when you’re on the same platform, whether it’s Patti, Ramona, anyone. The same rules should apply to all.

          • MidwestMiddie

            Personally I agree but on Bravo’s shows TACKINESS is what brings
            in the $$$$$$$.
            Also, on Bravo the same rules do apply to all – NASTINESS, DRUNKENNESS, LYING, OBNOXIOUSNESS, ETC. ——-

    • Guardian

      I didn’t think of it as an attack. However, I don’t much care for Patti Stanger. I don’t see her as much more than a self-promoting snake oil sales person. Very telling when you can’t keep your staff, she changes offices every season, and has a million reasons when things don’t work out. Has she made some matches – yes, but not nearly as many as she hasn’t.

    • Norrth

      For someone whose job it is to bring people together, I was surprised that Patti Stanger seemed to take such delight in revealing her “big news”. Brand is just sad, IMO

      • Exactly! That’s what I can’t understand either. She was out of line. And Brandi … just no words for that slime.