Dance Moms Recap: “Hollywood, Round Two” [Episode 14]

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All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap

“Dance Moms” is back in LA, and the girls and moms are all excited to be there. They are all hoping for less drama, more winning, and more star making opportunities for their fame hungry crew.  We hear the first of Kendall’s new singing career, and Abby has promised Jill an exciting new music video opportunity for her little darling. Abby is still studio hunting, and is excited to be back in Cali. The girls gather for pyramid, and we learn a little more about Kendall’s military themed video, and the lack of anything legal drawn up between Jill and Abby. Abby’s attorneys haven’t gotten to it yet, but Abby wants the money making show to go on. Nia has video plans also, but is in cahoots with another producer, which causes tension between Holly and Abby.  The pyramid is revealed, with Mackenzie on the bottom for having terrible tucking technique.

Maddie is on the top for being absent and dancing on Saturday Night Live, along with JoJo for pulling off a solo win. Abby reminds us of the past LA humiliation, because the moms were too focused on their daughter’s scoring jobs without her, instead of dancing well and winning.  Nia and Kendall are given solos, and the group number will go back to dancing a lyrical number, called Together We Stand. Their time will be split between rehearsals and an acting workshop led by Dallas Lovato, Demi’s sister. The moms all gush about Abby’s amazing preparations to be productive in LA.  The group rehearsals begin, and Abby comments that she is trying to get all of the moms back on the same page, and following her lock step.  The moms advise Jill to nail down a contract with Abby before she gets in with her deeper. Abby sits down with Jill to talk business, with Abby alleging that she has put out $57k on Kendall in one month.  Jill asks for creative control, and Abby tells her she can creatively fetch her iced tea.

All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap

Holly and Nia meet up with Nia’s director and choreographer, who lays out his vision.Holly doesn’t get it, but loves his energy and name dropping prowess. Kendall’s solo is entitled ‘Waiting’, and as she rehearses, the moms chat more about the contracts or the lack thereof. Jill doesn’t care, because Abby told her no, and she desperately wants Kendall to be a star. Nia begins her solo rehearsal, andHolly remarks that it’s a more mature piece, proven by Abby’s prompting Nia to be “sensual.” YIKES. Holly gushes about the collaborative participation she is enjoying with Nia’s director, and Jill is just excited to have the big boss herself in Kendall’s corner. Jess laughs and shakes her head at Jill’s blind devotion. We learn that this “fairly new” competition involves live critique…in other words the whole shebang is super FAKE.  The girls have one shot to make an impression, and are responsible for the integrity of Abby’s entire livelihood. No pressure!

All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap

It’s time for the acting workshop, and Dallas kicks things off by lecturing the girls about how great she is at her job. She catches Maddie off guard with a question, and Jill loves seeing her thrown. An improv exercise is set up, and the girls take turns winging a character in a travel scenario. JoJo is excited, because improv is in her wheelhouse….and you just gotta love her over confidence. The girls take turns performing, and Dallas gives them critique…including Maddie, who is pegged as tired and low energy. Melissa looks deflated and wonders where Sia is when you need her. Abby reminds them to use their new skills in their dance the next day.

All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap

The ALDC needs to be proven as a winning school, so this contrived competition is crucially important. Abby thinks that this competition will reveal who really wants to be a star.  Nia performs and the whole thing is jazzy and strange.  A loud, blaring, and very pregnant MC barrels onto the stage to listen to listen with Nia to the critique from the judges, one of which has obviously worked for Abby in the past. Nia is labeled as powerful, but one dimensional…NO mention of poor technique. Kendall performs and it’s pretty, but a bit spin heavy.  The judges call her a a spinning top, and not performing to her potential. Jill is now labeling dance as a “stepping stone” in Kendall’s new career as the new Mack-Z.

Holly and Jill are so happy about their rising moneymakers, but neither has any sort of contract. Holly trusts her director, because he’s a big talker and has verbally tossed out that Holly could have a little creative control. Jill remarks that she is willing to back down to Abby to protect Kendall’s future, and Melissa is annoyed that they are more focused on stealing Maddie’s spotlight than the group dance. Abby pounds the point into the ground that their performance will establish a solid footing for the ALDC in LA, which has evidently made this farce of a competition necessary.

All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap

The group performs, and does well, and as they wait on the awards, Kendall’s new song is blasted through the sound system. Jill is blown away that Lifetime pulled off such a coup, and is convinced that she doesn’t need a silly piece of paper to prove that Abby has Kendall’s best interests at heart.  Nia wins third place and Kendall first in two different divisions.  The group lands first, and Abby dramatically comments that they have officially continued the legacy of the ALDC.  They burst into the dressing room, and Jill immediately interrupts the group basking to bring the attention back to Kendall’s song. Abby arrives, and points out what the judges apparently won’t…Nia’s technique problems.  Abby wants to win every week…which is much tougher in LA, especially when facing legitimate competition. Nia and Kendall continue their teeny pop star duel next week, as the real competition shows up!


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  • Brattus Rattus

    I. Can. Not. Stand. That. Woman.
    I still think the truest vision of AL was last time she was in LA and she was sitting in her car horking down Sour Patch Kids.

    • BeachSpin

      OH YEAH!! The fast food car gobble was the absolute BEST!

  • Elizabeth Donegan

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this train wreck of a show but Kendall’s technique drives me nuts. She dances with her shoulders up and looks like she has no neck. I don’t see the big deal about her at all