Carole Radziwill Claims This is The Best Season Ever!

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The Real Housewives of New York” has officially kicked off, and with the return of Bethenny Frankel, Tuesday nights are looking bright! Lots of life changes are going on with the women, and Carole Radziwill claims that this season is the best one ever! She weighs in on the cast in her Bravo blog, and claims this season to be the “realest” season to date.

“I’m going to say it right now: This is the best season this show has ever had. It was for me. I laughed, I cried. I met a handsome man.”

“The good news is that this season we put the “real” back into “Real Housewives.” There are laughs and tears, and yes, there are fights, and hurt feelings, and insults hurled. Not the sort you may see on other shows — hair pulling, wine throwing, table turning — has anyone ever seen that in real life? I haven’t. Maybe I’m going to the wrong parties. But get ready for an emotional roller coaster of crazy like you’ve not seen before.”

Carole catches us up with the rest of the cast, including the newbie Dorinda, who is already proving to be a colorful addition to the show.

“You’re going to see a different side of Ramona — vulnerable and well, kinder and gentler too.  Luann and I never did see eye to eye on things and nothing has changed. It may be because she has three inches on me or it just may be about something else. You’ll soon find out.  Happily, Sonja does seem to get her sh– together and Kristen proves that pretty is pretty sharp too. Then there is Dorinda, the new girl. She just may be the nuttiest of all. Of course, my real life BFF Heather is back and I love her even more.”

Last, or maybe more like first, there’s the return of Bethenny Frankel, affectionately labeled by Bravo as the “B.”

“Have you all heard? The B is back! Love her or hate her she is funny and nutty and honest.”

We are back east folks! Bethenny is sure to up the drama and the FUN!  I LOVE New York!!


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