Brandi Glanville Reacts To Ramona Singer’s Diss on WWHL: “Please Tell CrackHead To Stop Texting Me!”

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Last night on “Watch What Happens Live,” Ramona Singer did one heck of a job throwing shade during her ride on the Ramona-Coaster. In addition to igniting a twitter spat with Patti Stanger and Jill Zarin on the topic of relevancy, Ramona also took a shot at Brandi Glanville.

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Here’s what happened…

A caller asked what Ramona thought of being called “batshit crazy” by Brandi Glanville who was on the Steve Harvey show so that he could criticize her dating game. In all of her frenetic glory, Ramona claimed that this was the first she was hearing about this. Ramona spoke of meeting Brandi and finding her to be “very nice.”

Ramona was cool about it for a few minutes, but then the Coaster took a dip, and Ramona blurted out something about Brandi. “She has a lot on injectables, oh my God!” Andy had the perfect response, “You think?!”

But Brandi had the last word through Twitter. She displayed a few innocuous texts from Ramona and then tweeted her response to Andy, “@ramonasinger hypocrite much? @Andy please tell crack head to stop texting me!”

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So not only does Brandi think Ramona is “batshit crazy” you can now add “crack head” to the list.

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