Teen Mom OG Recap: Maci Bookout And Ryan Edwards Battle Over Co-Parenting Their Son [Episode 3]

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Amber Portwood
Teen Mom OG

When we meet up with Amber, she and her cousin and sidekick Krystal are jumping on go carts, and preparing for a book publicity tour. Amber wrote a book about her experiences, and is worried that her old self might come back, the minute someone says something rude to her about her old self. We jump over to Gary and Kristina, where we hear that Leah is conking out in school, due to the fact that her life is trying and exhausting. Amber wants to take Leah for the night, and Gary believes that the task of putting their daughter to bed at a decent hour and taking her to school on time is just too great a challenge, at this juncture.

Teen Mom OG

Amber’s bestie producer pal talks Amber through her rant, nodding sympathetically and really not offering any opinion.  Gary and Leah are chatting, and Leah shares that eating is her favorite part of her school day, and Gary smiles, happy that his daughter is just a chip off the old and enormously obese block. Gary switches up his lively routine, by deciding to recline and relax upstairs for a colorful change of pace. Leah is worried that Amber may get really mad if she sees she and Kristina on TV together…bringing up that old dilemma of Amber’s old self again. Ambermeets with her manager, and we get a glimpse of her new book. We hear about her tour of inspiration, which will involve a bus shared with Kailyn from ‘Teen Mom 2,’ who apparently is hawking some book of her own.

Amber shows up to see Leah before she takes off for her tour, and is peeved that she can only have her a little while. They frolic on a playground but Gary beckons them home from his upstairs recliner all too soon. It’s time for the tour to launch, and as we gaze at the gaudy bus, Kailyn and Amber chat about the greatness of Amber’s penned victory. They travel and pose with a few teeny bopper fans.  It’s time for a podcast sit down with Dr. Drew, where we learn that Amber is indeed, not normal. Amber discusses her frustration with Dr. Drew about Gary not school night sharingLeah with her. Dr Drew looks as though he has taken up weight lifting during his spare time…that is when he’s not spouting enabling nonsense on television.


Catelynn Lowell

Teen Mom OG

Now that they know they are having a girl, who already has a name, Tyler and Catelynn have set to work painting the nursery pink.  Tyler meets with his mother, who snarks the best line of the series when she comments that Tyler needs an education and a career, and MTV “ain’t it.” BRAVO!! Tyler agrees that school should be a priority, and we learn that it has been over a year since the couple has seen their adopted firstborn, Carly. The painting project continues, as they agree that it’s fun to be excited about their impending arrival. Tyler applies for film school, which makes one wonder what in the world he has been doing the last five years. Catelynn congratulates him for not making MTV his career, but then invites him to go baby shopping to spend their MTV checks.

Next, the couple proudly shows off the one pink wall they managed to slap a coat of pink paint on to Catelynn’s mom, who offers to spring for a crib. They think it’s joyous to shop without shipping, and reassure each other that they will never get their two daughters mixed up. Just to be sure, Tyler is looking at photos of Carly, and decides to go against Carly’s adoptive parents’ wishes for privacy, and posts a Carly slide show on a fan page.  Carly’s parents are upset, and Tyler is peeved, and acts like an immature brat by dissing the ones who have generously sent photos and allowed visits with their child. He oversteps and goes as far as addressing pregnant teens in TV-Land directly, advising them veer far away from adoptive parents such as Brandon and Teresa.

Tyler believes that the couple knew what they were getting into, and Catelynn maturely points out that they had no idea that anyone would want to see them on TV this long. Tyler argues that they have the right to post Carly pics, and Catelynn keeps the wisdom flowing by reminding him that they have NO rights. A relationship is all that matters to Catelynn, not blasting photos all over the internet. Catelynn is clearly worried about Tyler ruining things with Brandon and Teresa, over something as silly as social media attention whoring.


Maci Bookout

Teen Mom OG

We drop in on Maci just in time to hear that Ryan has joined Maci in shacking up with a love interest, and is scheduled to have Bentley over the weekend. Maci and Ryan arrange the drop off, and Bentley is not happy about leaving. Taylor and Maci do their best to pep talk the boy, as they get ready and drive to the meeting place. The threesome waits forty minutes, while Ryan lies in bed and later eats a freezer pop. Maci and Tyler finally decide to leave to drop Bentley off at Ryan‘s parents. The producer prods Maci to spill about the drop off no-show, and Bentley squeals on his dad to his grandpa. GO Bentley! Ryan arrives at his parents, and complains that meeting someone at 1:30 should really mean 2:10 if you can jump out of bed and get there super fast.  His father is clearly over him, and challenges Ryan to change his attitude to kiss up to Maci, like he does to his mother when he feels the constant urge to freeload. He and Shelby fist pump in agreement that Ryan is a big doofus.

Teen Mom OG

Maci is shopping with a pal, and retells the Ryan drama, and decides that she needs to actually speak to Ryan about the incident. She later sets up a meeting, and proclaims that if he doesn’t show up, she’s done this time fo real…as soon as Bentley turns 21. Ryan shows up 30 minutes late, and they discuss their crappy communication skills and Ryan’s loser vocal tone. Ryan looks in every direction, except towards Maci, as he graciously agrees to text her once in awhile. It is pronounced that they victoriously are on the same page…just with no eye contact.

They’re multiplying like bunnies!  New babies are on the way, and the news is announced next week!


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