Southern Charm Recap: Kathryn Dennis Confronts Whitney & Drops The “F” Bomb! [Episode 4]

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Southern Charm

This week we once again join the not-so-happy couple Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel as they fight over the inappropriate campaign commercial and Kathryn tosses a napkin at Thomas before walking out and telling Thomas to go home and take care of their baby. Thomas wouldn’t apologize to Kathryn, but apologizes to the waitress for the scene.

We pop over to Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith’s beach house and the remnants of the party. The place is a mess and it’s up to Shep and Whitney to clean up. Actually, it’s up to Shep because Whitney doesn’t know how to clean since his mother’s butler isn’t there to help. Instead, Whitney helps by playing the guitar and serenading Shep as he cleans. They watch the inappropriate commercial and Shep tells Whitney it’s awesome. In private he says that Whitney has no clue who the constituents are. 

JD arrives at Thomas’ campaign headquarters to discuss the upcoming fundraiser. Thomas wants to raise a lot of money without spending a lot of money. JD is relieved that he doesn’t have to do much. Thomas divulges to JD that Kathryn didn’t come home last night and he doesn’t know what to do.


Meanwhile, Kathryn is at her friend Danni’s house complaining that she has made all of the effort to change while Thomas has done nothing to change. I mean, the girl went out and purchased thirty blazers – if that doesn’t scream change then I don’t know what does.


Back to JD and Thomas as they compare the campaign commercial to that of a Hooter’s commercial. It’s what men want to see. And they are serious. Danni and Kathryn think the commercial makes a mockery out of Thomas’ campaign. Don’t worry Kathryn, it’s not like any of this is legitimate. JD tells Thomas that Kathryn is most likely hormonal after having a baby. Thomas hears this as he’s not to blame for anything.


We are on the Miss Adventure with Landon Clements as she phones her dad. We learn that her father was supportive of her divorce, unlike her mother. He even helped Landon fill out the paperwork. Financially Landon is not in a good place. She is an interior designer by trade, but apparently there are more of these in Charleston than eligible men. Landon’s plan is to reinvent herself – somehow.

Craig Conover is getting dressed to go to his friend Warren’s house who is an actual licensed attorney, unlike Craig. Craig is still trying to figure out how to get his work done so that it doesn’t interfere with his nightlife. Warren tries to give sound advice about studying for the bar – something that is very important if you want to practice law. Craig feels that studying is overrated and he simply doesn’t have to study as hard as others. #delusional!

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Landon heads over to Cooper’s studio to begin her reinvention with the start of the fashion show. They look at photos of Cooper’s men’s line and it resembles something men wore from the 1700’s. But hey, eventually everything old is new again, right? Shep arrives and is working on perfecting his “blue steel” runway look but his long, monkey arms get in the way.

Craig shows up and will also model in Cooper’s show. For weeks Craig has reminded me of someone but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Once he put on Cooper’s clothes it hit me. Have you seen the SNL skit on Weekend Update with Stefon? Maybe if this law thing doesn’t work out, Craig can tell people what night clubs in Charleston are a hit.

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Thomas is feeding his daughter when Kathryn rolls up in the Mercedes. Kathryn is no longer mad and wants to wipe the slate clean. She must have dropped a ton of cash on clothes before her arrival. Thomas explains to Kathryn that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Yay! Another Thomas Ravenel reference from the 1990’s like his “Raise the Roof” campaign commercial. He’s so brilliant. The couple exchange I love you’s and a very awkward kiss.

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Whitney arrives at the restaurant site mid construction and everyone is shocked to see him. Business partner Bryan shows him around and explains that once the restaurant opens, Whitney will need to make a nightly appearance. Whitney laughs, not understanding why his money and concept aren’t enough to run the place.

Cameran Eubanks stops by Shep’s undecorated, unorganized, and underemployed, but functioning restaurant, The Palace Hotel. Shep is lamenting that a very special girl he just met won’t sleep with him unless he dates her. According to Cameran, Shep is a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of guy. She can’t wait to meet the girl that actually marries this guy. Bored with the conversation on Shep’s sexual dry spell, Cameran shifts the discussion to Craig. She wants Shep to give him a pep talk on life. Which is confusing because I’m pretty sure Craig has the party-all-the-time mentality down pat.


What’s an episode of ‘Southern Charm’ without Patricia Altschul and her sensible take on life. She is getting one of her dogs acupuncture because he struggles with knee problems. Patricia asks the acupuncturist if it’s true that acupuncture can be like a mini face lift. He says yes, however there is a caveat. You must refrain from sex or alcohol for one hour. Patricia insists the needles be removed immediately.

It’s time for the Thomas Ravenel campaign fundraiser located on a shack near the water, though Thomas and Amy, his fundraising manager, describe the place as low-country. People trickle in, including Thomas’ sweet mother. Kathryn arrives with her friend Danni and she is not wearing one of her thirty blazers. 

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Whitney arrives and goes around showing the inappropriate commercial to all of the men at the fundraiser. It’s a hit with them. Kathryn does her best to ignore Whitney, though she can’t. So she just pretends to ignore him while drinking red wine.


Very soon Kathryn is angry, disgusted and frustrated. Of course, Thomas has no clue. He gives a speech that is shorter than the Gettysburg Address asking for money, not bothering with details like issues or policies.


Shep recommends that Whitney apologize about the commercial. Whitney admits to Kathryn that the commercial was a bit outrageous. Kathryn tells Whitney not to condescend her. Whitney becomes the grammar police and begins to laugh, which only upsets her. Kathryn tells him the commercial is a joke and will forever embarrass her daughter, even though no doubt their adorable daughter will have so many embarrassing moments to reflect on. Whitney tells Kathryn that future ads will now be run by her. Kathryn storms off since he was clearly warned not to condescend her. When Shep asks what happened, Whitney says, “Hell hath no fury like a crazy, ‘effing’ bitch.” Isn’t that sweet, y’all? Hey Whitney, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?



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