#RHONY Bethenny Frankel Is “Loving Herself” In New Risque Advice Book

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Divorce? Break-up with boyfriend, Mac Cerussi? No man…No problem! None of the above is stopping “Real Housewives of New York” star, Bethenny Frankel from handling business in the bedroom.

Bethanny is known for getting the job done and that’s exactly what the mother/business woman is doing. In her soon-to-be released advice book, “I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To,” Frankel reveals she’s a pro at self pleasuring.

“I think masturbation is the ultimate way to get to know yourself,” she writes in her eighth tome, out April 14. “You can learn, at your own pace, exactly where you like to be touched, what turns you on, what you don’t like, and how you have an orgasm.”

Frankel acknowledges she didn’t begin masturbating until 31-years old.

“I just didn’t occur to me,” she explains. “A guy I was dating once said to me, ‘You need to get a toy.’ I tried it, and it really does work.”

The reality star confesses to doing the deed in different locations and without using her hands,

“I’ve also used the jets on the Jacuzzi in a hotel, just FYI,” she claims.

Masturbation is a good way to learn about your body and your sexual feelings without the complications that can come when you have sex or do sexual things with someone else, Frankel asserts. Additionally, masturbating on a regular basis leads to more satisfying sex with a partner. 

“It tunes you up and increases your sensitivity and sexual awareness, so you can be a more responsive (and orgasmic) partner. And if you tell your partner about it? It sounds naughty, in a good way, and it might just make “regular” sex better! Explore your body. Touch everywhere, not just in the obvious spots. Literally love yourself!”

The upside to masturbation? It can’t lead to pregnancy or cause a sexually transmitted diseases!


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