EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Going Nuts as Co-Stars Score Big On The Reality Train!

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Teresa Giudice’s image is officially blown! When the viewer thinks of the former star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Teresa Giudice, no longer will a visual of a glamorously successful reality star/cookbook author be what comes to mind. The photos that graced the cover of Us Weekly recently shattered any vestige of allure when picturing the ex-reality princess today. 

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Whether you believe Teresa to be an unfairly punished, blindly trusting wife, or a slimy calculating thief, those photos hammered a concrete visual into the imaginations all over America. What is going on in the mind of the frizzy haired, chunky ‘Housewife,” working to keep a plummeting career afloat by saying cheese? Who’s supposedly frantically spinning her wheels to maintain any shred of relevance, all from behind bars.   

An exclusive insider claims that Teresa is furious about reality TV opportunities passing her by. Consequently, no bittersweet family slammer photo is going to cut it, when her former co-stars are shooting off, and cashing in on what Bravo exposure and hard work can bring to a Jersey girl. Caroline Manzo’s show, ‘Manzo’d With Children’ has been renewed, along with Melissa Gorga’s jewelry line on HSN selling out. And perhaps the most painful twist of the knife, Kathy Wakile, who has enjoyed success from her debut project, a dessert cookbook, ‘Indulge’ and is currently working to bring a creative television cooking show to life. The insider spills that all of these developments, as well as Bravo casting rumors, are getting under this inmate’s skin. A source tells All About the Tea,

“Bravo releasing a list of new shows…and of course Manzo getting season two is killing her, along with the Kathy stuff.  Melissa is on HSN also…so they all move on and she’s in prison with NO offers. She is angry, and the casting stories are making her nuts.”

The tipster also asserts that the stories about Teresa hitting the gym constantly are not true…hence the heftier appearance in that warm, inside the clink family portrait.

All About The Tea_Teresa Giudice Prison Photo

Speaking of those pics, our source also claims insider info that indicates that sales of that issue of Us Weekly were less than impressive, allegedly disappointing Giudice and the mag alike. Maybe the image was a bit more shockingly frightening than expected? After all, there is such a thing as TOO much reality!


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