Sonja Morgan Podcast: She Spills Tea About Drama At A #RHONY Fashion Show

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Sonja Morgan

It’s countdown time to for the debut of “Real Housewives of New York City.” If you’ve been wondering what our girl, Sonja Morgan, has been up to, she has a weekly podcast, “Sonja in the City,” spilling the tea on fashion, business, and her personal life, both past and present, all with fresh honesty.

We tuned in for one of her shows to see if Sonja is as fun on a podcast as she is on TV. The verdict: she is! Sonja welcomed, Terry Mera, the designer for her clothing line, Sonja Morgan New York Brands, who described the collection for the “independent, modern woman.”

Sonja and friends dished on behind the scenes drama from Sonja’s first fashion show, and can we say, hopefully the cameras were rolling for RHONY. Apparently, two girls in the front row were fighting but Sonja said she only heard about it and didn’t actually witness it. Another misstep was when one of Sonja’s interns forgot to put the guests’ names on the chairs so everyone would know where to sit. Ten minutes before the doors opened, Sonja had to save the day and handwrite them, delaying her own hair and makeup.

One of Sonja’s favorite moments during her fashion show was when she “looked at my kid in the front row, she was so thrilled and so proud of me.” The other fav moment was how excited the models were about the collection and stayed after the show to celebrate with her.

In addition to clothing, Sonja has other lines as well, including jewelry. She said, “Some girlfriends were not so supportive, being kind of catty.” Anyone we know? Doesn’t matter, Sonja will certainly have the last laugh.

During the one hour show, Sonja also spoke about gaining ten pounds (she’s a size 4), working out with her trainer (when her trainer isn’t jet-setting with famous clients), partying on a yacht (27 of them to be exact) for the millennium, and how she’s “going through such a hardship but (has) so much to be grateful for.”

Sonja ends her podcasts with a weekly “Sonja-ism.” This particular week was in reference to working out: “Here’s to getting back to being light, tight, and right.”

Words to live by!

Check out her latest episode below:

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