Teresa Giudice Fellow Inmate Caught with Contraband Cellphone Containing Photos of Her!

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Joe Giudice

More controversy! Teresa Giudice’s current prison photos continue to churn more negative press.

A new report by gossip site, Radar Online suggests a fellow inmate smuggled a contraband cellphone into the prison with the intention of secretly snapping pics of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” felon, Teresa Giudice.

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According to ROL’s source, Teresa’s fellow jail-bird was dreaming of a big pay-day by selling the exclusive photos until Danbury FCI prison authorities put the kibosh on her plan. 

“Recently confiscated the cellphone of a female inmate,” according to an insider. “She had smuggled it in.” And what they found on the device shocked them. She had candid photos of Teresa all around the prison,” the insider revealed. “Doing yoga, exercising and more. The woman was trying to get the photos out to sell them.”

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After getting caught, the inmate landed herself in a world of trouble. The source explains,

“That inmate has been disciplined and moved to another prison.”

Teresa was allegedly paid $75,000 for her Us Weekly prison photo cover and is in negotiations for a new reality show centered around her husband, Joe and her kids. Back on the Giudice homestead, Joe Giudice’s drivers license was suspended for two years on Thursday, leaving Joe and his  daughters — Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana stranded!

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