Claudia Jordan Was “Sincere” & “Genuine” In Mending Fences With Phaedra

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Claudia Jordan played mediator last week on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The women have arrived in the Philippines, and Claudia is acting as hostess and peacemaker, jumping off from the seemingly productive therapy session back in Atlanta. She and Phaedra Parks have had struggles in their relationship, and Claudia sought to use the time away to move forward in a more positive direction.  She opened up in her Bravo blog about she and Phaedra connecting during the trip.

“I felt that even though she wasn’t quite ready to share too much personal information specifically about her break up, she did open up to me and showed some real emotion, and that was a breakthrough in itself. Phaedra always appears to be in control of her emotions, so I was quite surprised when she started to tear up.  At that point in the conversation she was talking about failure and recalling an incident where she didn’t pass an exam and was doubting herself. I know that wasn’t relationship related, but the fact that she was willing and able to open up to a newbie about something that was painful to her — to me was still progress.”

Claudia addresses why she chose to aggressively take charge of mediating the issues between the other cast members, and why she felt so strongly about seeking positive resolution during the trip.

“Because quite frankly I was sick of it. I think I was in a unique position, because I’m new to the group and any “beef” I’ve had with the ladies has been surface issues. Nothing earth shattering. I am not as emotionally attached as some of the others. Plus I am in a good place with the majority of the ladies, and I think I’m a pretty fair person, so I think it worked.”

Claudia shares that she believes that the surface squabbles she has had with a few of the women has a lot to do with her friendship with Kenya Moore.

“To write someone off because they are friends with someone you didn’t gel with is just silly. I arrived on the scene knowing the prior issues that Kenya had with a few of the ladies, and I was able to push past that. I even tried to reach out to one at work and at lunch knowing she had a physical altercation with Kenya. And of course I knew about the long standing issue between Kenya and Phaedra, but I think I more than stepped up to the plate and showed how open minded I could be by giving Phaedra the best room as well as meeting with her and having a genuine conversation with no ulterior motive. I was sincere.”

Claudia asserts that talking through their issues at dinner definitely changed the whole vibe of the trip for the better, and has high hopes of even Kenya and Phaedra resolving their long standing conflict.

“It was smooth sailing after that, and it felt like a great weight was lifted off of our shoulders. After the dinner I even got a visit in my villa from Kandi and Porsha and we sat around and talked. I thought, “Finally! A real moment of coolness!”

“But that dinner was a lot of things — we had shade, frustration, glass breaking, arguments, interruptions, patience, understanding, and finally some hope at the end when Phaedra and Kenya agreed to have a private conversation to see if they could make some progress.”

Claudia wraps her blog by expressing high hopes for a peaceful and productive rest of the trip…now that would be a ‘Housewives’ first!

“We are all a work in progress and learning each other as we go. But for now things are feeling pretty good and hopeful! Let’s pray that these good vibes continue!”


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