Lisa Rinna Responds To Brandi Glanville’s #RHOBH Reunion Attacks

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Lisa Rinna has completed her rookie season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and along with Eileen Davidson, made a dramatic and genuine splash into a cast that badly needed a jolt of honesty. She took to her Bravo blog this week to weigh in on the first part of the reunion, sharing that the experience was anything but classy.

“But here we were, locked and loaded on two couches sitting across from each other. It seems some came in ready to toss out passive aggressive insults about how much better they were than the rest of us, and others came in with a more direct approach, shooting out insults the whole way through. Just as classy as I had anticipated it to be.”

She elaborated on the profitable ‘Depends’ gig, and the heart that was behind the campaign, clearly “proud” to have been a part of it.

“the amazing charity that Kimberly-Clark (Depend) donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars to when I did their commercial. The fact that I got paid handsomely and Dress For Success did as well is worth any teasing or taunting I may get. If “not taking pride” in the jobs I choose means this worthy charity gets a hearty six figure check and some recognition, then so be it!”

Lisa addressed Brandi’s snarky comment accusing her for behaving differently than her interview comments, bringing us back to a pivotal scene between she and Brandi.

“You know, at one point, we see Brandi mention how she wishes I was more honest and not only hold the honesty for my interviews. How quickly she forgets about the lunch we had where I sat down and addressed how I wanted to talk about her and her crazy behavior. I asked why she says such mean things and acts out with the others. Maybe to Brandi this doesn’t count as honesty because she took our conversation and spun it, so we landed on the topic of Kim and not her. I don’t know. Just a thought.”

Part two of the reunion is in a few days, with a sure to be dramatic showdown between Lisa and Kim addressing Kim’s cryptic accusations about her husband, Harry, made during the Amsterdam trip.  Let the trashy drama continue!


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