Lisa Rinna Responds To Brandi Glanville’s #RHOBH Reunion Attacks

Posted on Apr 3 2015 - 10:56am by BeachSpin

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Lisa Rinna has completed her rookie season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and along with Eileen Davidson, made a dramatic and genuine splash into a cast that badly needed a jolt of honesty. She took to her Bravo blog this week to weigh in on the first part of the reunion, sharing that the experience was anything but classy.

“But here we were, locked and loaded on two couches sitting across from each other. It seems some came in ready to toss out passive aggressive insults about how much better they were than the rest of us, and others came in with a more direct approach, shooting out insults the whole way through. Just as classy as I had anticipated it to be.”

She elaborated on the profitable ‘Depends’ gig, and the heart that was behind the campaign, clearly “proud” to have been a part of it.

“the amazing charity that Kimberly-Clark (Depend) donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars to when I did their commercial. The fact that I got paid handsomely and Dress For Success did as well is worth any teasing or taunting I may get. If “not taking pride” in the jobs I choose means this worthy charity gets a hearty six figure check and some recognition, then so be it!”

Lisa addressed Brandi’s snarky comment accusing her for behaving differently than her interview comments, bringing us back to a pivotal scene between she and Brandi.

“You know, at one point, we see Brandi mention how she wishes I was more honest and not only hold the honesty for my interviews. How quickly she forgets about the lunch we had where I sat down and addressed how I wanted to talk about her and her crazy behavior. I asked why she says such mean things and acts out with the others. Maybe to Brandi this doesn’t count as honesty because she took our conversation and spun it, so we landed on the topic of Kim and not her. I don’t know. Just a thought.”

Part two of the reunion is in a few days, with a sure to be dramatic showdown between Lisa and Kim addressing Kim’s cryptic accusations about her husband, Harry, made during the Amsterdam trip.  Let the trashy drama continue!


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  • twifan2

    I’m wondering who will be returning next season. :/
    Hope all BUT Brandi & Kim! I’ll even tolerate Kyle without Kim! 🙂

    • TartLemon

      Kyle’s storyline every season has been as a victim of Kim’s drug/alcohol behavior.

      • twifan2

        Maybe she’ll be LisaV’s victim next? 😀

    • Jennymckitty

      I agree. I wonder if Yo will be back.

      • twifan2

        Something tells me she will. :/
        Lyme & all.

        • chacha1

          well who knows with Yolanda, that cow that sucked her chin when she was 12 has added another condition to her Lymes (clearing throat)

  • Guardian

    Of course BG was insinuating an eating disorder re Lisa R when she said she has never seen her eat. She is as sneaky as she accuses the others of being. Wish Lisa R would have had the text or whatever it was where BG made the nasty remarks to her. BG was probably too drunk and/or high to remember. Anyway, if any of them looks too thin and unhealthy it is BG – no real muscle tone and she looks like a skeleton in a bikini. I think BG’s drinking has burned one too many brain cells that she will never get back. As for the Depends commercial, who cares? All of them need to just ignore BG from now on. If she is back next season just keep their distance even when they must be filming together – freeze her out.

    • Karma

      EXACTLY they should just totally ignored her not believe or respond to anything she says or does.

      They should band together & all agree to do that also with Kim but Kyle wouldn’t agree or allow anyone or herself to do that to Kim she says she’s washed her hands from her but I’ve said that bout family many times but I’m a real softie when it comes to certain members of my family

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Brandi and Kim and so jealous of Lisa R and Eileen. Both have successful careers, and did quite well over the years. Kim hasn’t had a job in 30 years and Brandi has never worked in the industry. Jealousy, plain and simple.

    • Karma

      You’re 100% right I also think they’re jealous of Kyle kim & Brandi want what Kyle has, a marriage four beautiful girls.

      Yes 7 know bith Kim & Brandi have beautiful kids but they want a husband and the way MO treats Kyle in front of them it must kill them inside everytime they see it

  • karen

    Lisa r used Kim & Brandi for her storyline. Lisa said she would do anything for paycheck. So she decided to play dr Lisa þe sober coach to someone who told her hundreds of times to back off. Then she tries to drag Brandi down by what Lisa said not Brandi. Lisa set whole meeting up & started talking about Kim as soon as she sat down. Eileen just rode Lisa coattails all season. Think this year is the worst yet, didn’t have to be but dr Lisa ruin it

    • Bad Barbie


  • twifan2

    Brandi should be so lucky as to get a deal like LisaR’s!
    Like LisaR said, she could a commercial for tampons! 🙂
    But what tampon company would want her tho? :/
    STD public service campaign maybe?

    • Karma

      Lmfao STD public service nah I think she’s even too dirty and trashy for a commercial like that.

      But great idea I love it

    • MorningYawn

      Like Joey on friends.

      • twifan2

        How you doing?! 😀

    • Bad Barbie

      If you think about it… they should want her. Makes Tampon looks tough that they don’t fail you even at your drunkest moment… just saying!

  • Karma

    Ok I’m only going to say two things get rid of useless Kim she has NO STORYLINE boring as shit. And PLEASE GET RID OF BRANDI her trashy actions & talks are getting real old. Why the fuck is she on this show anyway. She’s DOESN’T live in BH she doesn’t even try to act classy as though she belongs there what in the fuck are we watching a new versions of the Beverley hill billies REALLY!!!!!

    • TartLemon

      Take Kyle out with them.

      • Karma

        Lol I think I’m the only one who likes Kyle .

        What am I missing bout her I really don’t mind her at all it just shits me with the hair toss shit I’ve got long hair like her & I NEVER toss it if it’s bothering me I just grab it put it to the side or if a have a clip on Me I just put it up.

        • Jessica

          I’ve never really had a problem with Kyle either.

        • Bad Barbie

          Kyle is more BH standard than Kim is. She should stay. She has the money, the business, the family, etc.

          • Karma

            Yeah kyle is more BH than Kim.

            Thanks Jessica I thought I was the only one who likes Kyle lol there’s sooo many hate tweets and some blogs that really rip into her i could never understand why

  • Sophia Z.

    I don’t think that Lisa R needs to be embarrassed by the Depends ad she did as insinuated a knot-headed, drunken dingbat. At one point in most peoples lives they have bladder control issues. So she did a service by showing that people really need not be shamed by using the product. The fact that Depends donated money to charity is icing on the cake.

    I hope that Brandi and Kim move along to other projects beyond RHOBH. Their insults and over the top behavior is ruining the show. They are too trashy for my taste as I don’t want to watch two drunks behaving like they do. If I did I would watch Girls Gone Wild instead.