Outraged! Wendy Feldman Blast Teresa Giudice Over Prison Photos “If Teresa Changed There Would Be No Pic”

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When the first prison photos of Teresa Giudice were released, there was a lot to take in. The photos look little like the past glamorous star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” A reality star amped up by beauty treatments, spray tans, and lush extensions has morphed into a frizzy haired, bloated, plain faced inmate. After the visual shock wears off, the bigger story becomes obvious. Teresa Giudice is all about business and is working the distanced mama bear angle hard, and no twisted visual is off limits if a taker simply shows her the money.

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Twitter was hopping with fans and naysayers alike, weighing in on how they see this slammer visit hustle. One person who is never shy about sharing her views about all of the Giudice games, is Teresa’s former legal strategist, Wendy FeldmanWendy is clearly incensed, and speaks for many when she expresses disgusted disappointment at the supposed altered pictures, really just sad family memories, captured solely for a buck. Wendy unleashed a barrage of tweets expressing her contempt over the matter.

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The Giudice machine is apparently alive and well, with alleged paying tabloids jumping at the sleazy bait, enhancing it, and spitting out a nice chunk of change to keep the cash train a rollin’ at Camp GuidiceWendy points out the elephant in the room, namely that there is a long line of businesses (Read the list here) waiting to be paid after being ripped off by the Giudices. Could this sellout actually be the beginning of a looooooong period of involuntary payback?

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Many viewers maintain high hopes that prison is changing Teresa, and possibly pushing her towards taking some long overdue responsibility and spurring personal growth. According to Wendy, this maneuver is visual proof that nothing has changed.

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Wendy also spilled some tea directly to All About the Tea, asserting that Teresa is actively breaking prison rules by snooping on her sister inmates, and reporting back via email. Allegedly, Teresa has been compiling info for a future prison diary book project.

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Wendy sums it up much better than I could, and this one simple message says it all.

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