Kenya Moore “Surprised” Phaedra Parks Agreed to One-On-One Sit Down

Posted on Apr 2 2015 - 8:23am by Avigail

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Kenya Moore was “surprised” that Phaedra Parks agreed to sit down with her one-on-one in the Philippines. During their emotional exchange, Kenya opens up about how much harm Phaedra caused by slandering her name when she backed up Apollo’s claims. Phaedra cries as she explains that she can’t change the past but will make an effort to do better in the future. The ladies hug it out despite no apologies. Watch a preview clip below.


Kenya elaborates about their meeting in her Bravo blog, 

“It was confusing to all to see how easily Phaedra forgave NeNe for calling her the head doctor, never acknowledging she even knows her, and calling her dirty besides a few other things. Yet she has refused apologize to me or to forgive me after countless attempts to reconcile on my part.”

Moore goes on to clarify why she’s determined to end the feud and put the drama behind her,

To my critics who ask why I keep trying, the answer is simple: It’s just too exhausting to carry around your baggage, and it’s been a long time coming.”

The RHOA star feels the mood changed for the better after everyone talked through their issues at dinner,

“I think it’s always good to honestly talk with an open heart and listening ear. It takes too much energy to hold onto the past.”


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  • TartLemon

    Kenya accepts no responsibility for her own actions in hurting her reputation? Remember the cocktail attire charity event where she showed up in the fishnet catsuit with butt pads which was a copy of the beachwear of Phaedra in Anguilla? How in the HELL did Phaedra force you to do that, Kenya?

    Kenya is a slimy snake who cannot be trusted. Anyone who is not on guard around her is a FOOL.

    • behoro

      That was HILARIOUS when Kenya showed up wearing the fishnet and booty pads!

    • Bad Barbie

      One thing is to not trust her and all that but another one is to spread lies about her. Phaedra should have come hard for her husband instead. He was the one disrespecting their marriage. I can’t understand why women get more mad at the other woman, who owes you nothing but not at their husbands.

      • honeybunny

        exactly…Phaedra should have begun checking his beheavior from teh start…and I’m not just talking about him picking kenya up and throwing her in teh pool and all that flirting, I’m takling about the partying and money that he was mysteriously earning. She never checked him on that…she never asked where did his money come from when they bought that house….but when he got arrested she was quick to call him violent, psychotic and say “I thought he was reformed” girl gone with the wind bye!

        • Bad Barbie

          How did she think he was “reformed” but mofo was living at the joint? #lies!

    • Jennymckitty

      Kenya opened the door for the entire sext-gate when she implied at her first reunion that Apollo was sending her inappropriate texts. However, I believe both Kenya and Apollo…nothing happened.

      • honeybunny

        She never said the texts were inappropriate, she just said he was texting her. And she had a point…why did he initiate texts with her in the first place without Phaedra’s knowlegde? Sure Kenya was stirring the pot but was she just supposed to sit there and take Apollo trying to slam her after he was the one pursuing her…

  • Marsbars09

    I hope Kenya heeds her own words she has for Fake: “It takes too much energy to hold on to the past”.
    Kenya brings out a great point where Fake can easily put aside Nene’s nasty claims about her but not forgive Kenya for flirting with Apollo.
    I think Fake is a very angry woman who is channeling her anger on anyone she can. She’s placed it on Kandi and Kenya. Fake needs to get a hold of her anger as I fear it may spill on to her sons.

  • undergroundrailroadtrain

    Yes Phaedra was wrong for slandering Kenya’s name but Kenya gave her too much power over her reputation. Phaedra’s words do not have that much influence. It is not like people are not hiring Kenya because Phaedra called her a whore. Kenya was holding on to this hurt for far too long.