Cynthia Bailey Shares Her Reaction to Phaedra Parks Not Accepting Her Apology

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Cynthia Bailey, star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” doesn’t understand how someone (we’re talking to you Phaedra) has the energy to stay mad forever. She took to her Bravo blog to discuss Phaedra’s unwillingness to move forward at dinner in the Philippines.

Apologies aren’t exactly falling out of the sky amongst these ladies,” Cynthia wrote. “You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting an apology from one of them. So when someone offers an apology in hopes of moving on, it is usually considered to be a positive thing.”

But Phaedra was having none of it as she sipped her soup. Cynthia believes in talking about it and moving on.

“So why not address the issue, have the conversation, apologize if it is necessary, and move on? Who has the energy to stay mad at someone forever? Not me, I am moving on regardless.”

It’s not like Phaedra doesn’t have other people (we’re talking to you Apollo) to be mad at. It’s seems that somebody needs to watch Frozen again. The good news is Cynthia says after that cold moment in Manila, things eventually warmed up.

“We had an amazing time in the Philippines. It was one of my favorite cast trips, outside of Anguilla when Peter and I renewed our marriage vows.”

You might be wondering how one gets through a 20 hour flight. Here’s how Cynthia handled it.

“I watched four movies, had breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner twice, read five magazines, slept for five hours, and talked Kandi’s ear off whenever she was awake. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure I drank a bottle of wine as well. And just when I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore, we still had nine hours left to go!”


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