#SouthernCharm Meltdown: Thomas Ravenel Accuses Kathryn Dennis of Cheating On Facebook

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It looks as though there is trouble in paradise once again for the rocky “Southern Charm” couple, Thomas Ravenel, 52, and his much younger girlfriend and mother of his child, Kathryn Dennis.  The former S.C. treasurer has been in full meltdown mode, as earlier evidenced on his often colorful Facebook page, where he accused Dennis of cheating on him with another man. The new love interest in Thomas’s“baby momma’s” life, is allegedly a man named Tanner, or “Tan Tan”, as revealed in a screenshot of a text message purportedly sent by Dennis to a friend, which Thomas posted on his Facebook page.

“While it hurts it’s finally healthy progress to know the truth,” Ravenel wrote adding, “The joke of it is that she said she was going to propose to me today.” 


The ranting continued, in a post that was later removed, along with the tea spilling screenshot.

“I’m great in business but my personal life sucks!” Ravenel continued.  “What an idiot I am. Not only that but she’s telling everyone that physically assault her which is not only hurtful but blatantly false.  My lawyer is right.  When I see her I should run. Right now I don’t know how it could be worse unless we lost our health. How did I let her take my heart. It was cold and on a perch. Now it’s completely vanished with not even an attempt for explanation.”

Thomas Ravenel Is Melting Down On Facebook

Kathryn responded by calling foul, and asking for the tirade to be removed.

“This is completely ridiculous,” she wrote, telling Ravenel to “delete this post please – it’s inappropriate and misconstrued.

Ravenel has a history of becoming unglued on social media, which is said to have largely contributed to his crashing 2014 Senate bid failure. While some have called the couple’s online shenanigans a ratings boosting strategy, the more commonly held belief is that this crazy is REAL. Thomas Ravenel is 52 years old!  What do you think?   


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