Janet Roach Quits The Real Housewives of Melbourne After Major Fight With Gamble Breaux

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Krikey! Could it be? Janet Roach says “Hooroo (Aussie slang for goodbye) mates!” to the cantankerous cast of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne?” According to a new report, the nipped and tucked charmer is abandoning ship after her feud with Gamble Breaux goes overboard. In an upcoming episode, the pair get into yet another squabble about the sex party/rent girl rumors.

What better setting for a classy brawl than a Sydney art gallery? That’s where Gamble’s aptly named sis, Tempest, jumped into the gossip-fueled fracas by dressing Janet down for allegedly starting the rumors that Gamble danced on a pole and hosted sex parties in her past. The Australian news outlet reported that the brouhaha became physical as Tempest attempted to drag Janet back into the gallery/scene-of-the-beef just as the visibly shaken star tried to flee. Apparently the ensuing fallout was so stressful, Janet felt she had no recourse but to exit stage left from the hit reality show. “This season has been a nightmare,” she said. “Every time we did a major shoot, about once a week, Gamble would just have another go (at me). I thought, ‘How can I shut this woman up?’” “And I’ve got to tell you, off camera was probably ten times worse than it was on camera.”

Janet heaps plenty of blame on cast mate Gina Liano for “fueling the fire.” “I got concerned about what (Gina and Gamble) were going to do. They told me, ‘We’re going to get you’. And I said, ‘Well, haven’t you already?’” “When I quit it was such a weight off my shoulders,” Janet told Aussie reporters. Despite that seemingly final declaration, it was not long before she took up the mantle of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” madness yet again. She returned to shoot a scene with her bosom buddy and fellow Housewife Jackie Gillies a mere five days later.

Now that filming has wrapped, aside from the reunion, Janet said she’s pleased she decided to rethink her decision to leave for good. “I actually get along well with both Gina and Gamble now, we’ve put it all behind us,” she revealed.“Gina is the one that would load the gun and then Gamble would shoot the bullets … They got together and just systematically made the season hell.”

Did Janet ever actually intend to leave the popular franchise for good or was it just a diva stunt, cry for attention? Was it all just a tempest in a teapot? Would the show be the same without her? Do you feel that she has been bullied by Gina and Gamble?

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