VIDEO: The #RHOA Ladies Head to Manila And A Glass Shattering Dinner Ensues

Posted on Mar 29 2015 - 12:42pm by Editor

Claudia Jordan RHOA

The women travel to the Philippines. Everyone is in attendance except NeNe, who has chosen to work on her upcoming role for Broadway. For the real tea behind NeNe’s absence read herePhaedra opens up to Claudia. For once, there seems to be peace and positivity throughout the group…that is, until dinner time.

The Ladies Head to Manila! Caffeine enemas, broken glasses, and a surprising confrontation – get ready for a tumultuous trip.


Another glass shattering ‘Housewives’ dinner as things get heated in Manila when the group get into a shouting match.


In a shocking change of events, Phaedra opens up to Claudia about the difficulties of divorce. Phaedra comments how dramatized her kids are and NeNe and Porsha being supportive to her while Kandi hasn’t been. They discuss Kandi and Phaedra’s failing friendship.


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  • Marsbars09

    I think this episode without Nene will show the women in a more normal light. Nene is not a good influence on any situation.
    Porsha is so rude and immature it’s not funny. Why is she going to snicker across the table to Kandi while Claudia is speaking. I know Porsha doesn’t like Claudia, but she didn’t have to be disrespectful. And what kind of word is “very grown”.
    The scene with Claudia and Fake was so scripted. Claudia doesn’t even know Fake like that to be asking her such personal questions. I’m glad Fake didn’t reveal anything to her.

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    So glad Nene and all her bad attitude will not be on this trip. So sick of her.

  • BaybeK8s

    Off topic: Does anyone know what kind of review(s) Nene got for her Broadway debut? I turned the TV when she said she wanted to throw a little Nene into her performance. This just proves she is not an actress, she’s just an ampt up version of her overbearing self. imo

  • HoyesMiGente

    It’s going to be a kind of blah reunion I think.