#RHOA Season 7 Reunion Updates From Andy Cohen, Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore & NeNe Leakes

Posted on Mar 29 2015 - 11:00am by BeachSpin

Andy Cohen

As any regular viewer of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” knows, Phaedra Parks prides herself on her snappy reads. While they often come across as affected and rehearsed, her carefully crafted talking heads sell her forced southern belle shtick hard. Her sharp tongue evidently came in handy during the filming of the Season 7 Reunion show, and it appears that host Andy Cohen was in her line of fire.  Andy tweeted that Phaedra referred to him as “messy boots,” much to the apparent amusement of Nene Leakes. Considering that “messy boots” refers to a drama loving pot stirrer, no one can argue that the boot fits! What hot button did Andy push to incite such sassy snark?

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.07.05 PM

The reunion hype is growing, because in addition to the giggle inviting banter between Andy and Phaedra, part of the cast is spilling some tea via Twitter, indicating some juicy, upcoming fun. Claudia and Kenya both referred to the taping as amazing, with Kenya teasing to expect the unexpected from an “epic” reunion.

RHOA Reunion S7_Phaedra's tweets

Kandi Burris simply expressed relief that the ordeal was over.

RHOA Reunion S7_Kandi Burruss tweets

Andy agreed with Kenya, confirming that the reunion episodes will bring some unexpected surprises to their loyal fans. Hopefully the show lives up to the hype, and we all won’t be co-signing with Kandi by the official conclusion of Season 7. Fingers crossed!

RHOA Reunion S7_Andy Cohen tweets

Claudia Jordan posted a selfie from the reunion with no caption. From what we can tell, her reunion look is stunning.

Claudia Jordan


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  • colleen

    Any guesses at what EPIC refers to? I thought we’ve seen it all on #RHOA. You think epic has to do.with Todd saying on camera he wants a divorce? Or Kenya producing proof about Phadrea/Angela Stratton connection?

    • Marsbars09

      I think the reunion is going to be a bust.

      • colleen

        IK!?! They usually are. WHY do we keep watching?

      • Bad Barbie

        Me too.

    • Bad Barbie


  • WestCoastFeed

    Where was this held? Did Dina Manzo decorate the set? Why the Asian motif?

    • colleen

      Seriously, what’s up with all that crap? Lol

    • Haha! It really looks like a Dina Manzo/Home Goods special. I guess Andy was trying to send a message to wacky Porsha (Keep your hands to yourself).

  • italiano bambino

    Idk but claudia looks stunning. Hopefully she comes back along with demitria

  • WestCoastFeed

    Kenya retweeted this—

    13hKENYA MOORE @KenyaMoore
    “@DarkModelchick: @CynthiaBailey10 @KenyaMoore @claudiajordan man lol who makes these things

    • WestCoastFeed

      Sorry. I am such a flop at this stuff. It’s a very clever photoshop of the 3 pretties in Nene wigs.

  • Marsbars09

    The reunion sounds like it’s going to be less spectacular than last season.

  • DSS

    I am taking bets as to who is first to suck up to Nene, and how long it takes

    • WestCoastFeed

      I take Andy for $5.

    • twifan2

      Porch. 3 mins in. 🙂

    • Porsha

  • Karma

    Since when has Nene & Fakedra been best buds I guess their & jealousy of Kenya bought these two witches together which is a shame coz I used really like Nene but like they say some people change with a little fame and fortune.

    HI DSS
    I’m guessing outta the cast definitely Porsha will be the 1st to suck up to Nene & it’ll probably happen after Miss Andy greets Nene & comments on what she’s wearing, I can just hear Porsha saying “yes honey miss Nene always know how to put it together” or some crap like that.

    I just hope Nene doesn’t wear that blonde rat on her head for the reunion

  • Bad Barbie

    That’s what they say all the time. LOL then you watch it and it is a like wtf?! How was that a “good reunion”. The I remember that “good” is really bad to Bravo.