‘Blood, Sweat & Heels’ Star, Daisy Lewellyn Reveals A Rare Diagnosis

Posted on Mar 29 2015 - 3:55pm by Avigail


Star of “Blood, Sweet & Heels,” Daisy Lewellyn, recently shared her battle with cancer and how her work helped her get through one of the toughest times in her life.

Known as a style expert and makeover queen, throughout season one, Daisy leaned on humor even in tense situations. Daisy’s optimistic spirit was put to the test when, while promoting the show, she was diagnosed with an uncommon form of cancer.

“I was doing press for season one and my makeup artists noticed that my eyes had this crazy green,” Daisy told OK! Magazine. “I assumed I was just tired – but it turned out I had a tumor in my bile duct. It’s super rare.”

The news shocked the young reality star, “I’d thought the next “Big C” in my life would be my career, but I was never expecting cancer,” said Daisy, who told the mag she had the tumor removed but moved forward with chemotherapy and radiation treatment after more cancerous cells were discovered.

daisy-lewellyn-cancer-4Daisy at the hospital for a chemo treatment

Despite the diagnosis, Daisy is staying positive and facing her challenges with a positive attitude,

“I have cancer – cancer doesn’t have me. Every day comes with its challenges, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating what I have in my life,” she said. Daisy, who also appeared on Today Wednesday morning, said she decided to open up about her health because she wanted to have a positive impact, “I wanted to turn this tragedy into triumph by sharing my story in hopes that even one person could feel inspired.”

The new season of “Blood, Sweet & Heels,” premiers tonight on Bravo at 9|8c. Watch a sneak peek below.


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  • hidaya

    God know best! Prayers going up for Daisy!!!! Thanks for sharing the journey!

    • Guest

      Daisy you’re a phenomenal woman…prayers up

  • Ilivehereandlikeit

    I like what she said “I have cancer – cancer doesn’t have me.” A friend was just diagnosed a few days ago and my DH has been battling it too. Serious stuff. Props to all that are fighting the good fight. Not a huge fan of reality *stars* in general but this Daisy seems to be using her part on this show as a platform for good. I applaud her for that. And send good wishes to her also.

    • Brattus Rattus

      I’m so sorry for all of you. It’s tough. Chemo sucks big time. Luckily I didn’t lose my hair. Seems petty but for women, big deal when you’re dealing with everything else. When it came metastasized to my lungs, I wasn’t doing more chemo. No cure so why be miserable. Cancer will never rule my life. Tell you friend and DH to do things they way they want and to keep their heads up. Fuck cancer.

      • Ilivehereandlikeit

        Thank you Brattus. I find your perspective inspiring! Funny you mention hair, my husband who is partially bald, was very concerned about chemo causing him to lose the little hair he did have left!! That was a side of him I truly did not know existed! However, as it turned out, the chemo he had didn’t cause any significant hair loss in his case. Anyway I don’t think it’s petty at all, your initial concern about losing hair 🙂 My sincere best wishes to you, you sound like an awesome person. Yeah, seriously, F cancer, I agree.