Saturday Funnies: What Will March 31st Bring Joe Giudice?

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Juicy is scheduled to go before Judge Adam E. Jacobs that day. But Juicy has a plan to sway the judge not to take his driver’s license away.


That won’t work! Judge Jacobs will take drastic measures to have Juicy’s car impounded!

not going any where


So now Juicy will have to be ‘chauffeured’ around. Some of the other Housewives have offered to help him visit Tre at ‘camp’. Bus Route 1 will be Brandi’s.



Route 2 will be Nene’s

Nene drives


Juicy can always use his own power to get around.He just has to be mindful of pedestrians!

Big_mama n juicy

Juicy tried riding Tre’s bike, but the neighborhood kids kept making fun of him


Juicy may have to try some Trelusional methods!


*Content for comedic purposes only. Not intended to be taken seriously*


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