Kyle Richards’ Hubby, Mauricio, Issues An Order “Disown Kim Richards or Else!”

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According to a new report, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Mauricio Umansky, has allegedly put his foot down on wife, Kyle Richards, and her sister, Kim Richards‘ relationship. A source, tells gossip website, Radar Online that Mauricio is,

“disgusted with Kim’s antics and how ungrateful he thinks she has been towards Kyle,” an insider told Radar. “For years before RHOBH, the couple helped financially support Kim. From paying for car repairs to tuition bills, Kyle always gave money whenever she asked. This was before Mauricio became wildly successful. At the beginning, times were lean. Any extra money Kyle and Mauricio had went to Kim.”

The source throws in big sister, Kathy Hilton, for good measure, saying,

“Refusing to take sides in the drama. Kim and Kyle have always had their issues; it goes back to their childhood. They have always been very competitive. Unless Kim apologizes to Kyle for her behavior, Mauricio will encourage his wife to keep her distance from her.”

Without “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” salary, Kim Richards’ is still estimated to have a net worth of $1,000,000, so it seems hard to believe that money was ever the real problem between the sisters. It’s more like the age-old tale of childhood star syndrome and how it destroys lives. Maybe one day, the sisters will tell the real story of the family problems. Kim‘s mother, Big Kathy, as she was known, pushed Kim into commercials while they lived in Mineola, NY, and then moved the family to Los Angeles before Kyle was born to pursue more roles for Kim. Kim quickly became the child star of the seventies, especially with her roles in ‘Nanny And The Professor’ and various Disney projects.

Kyle was born in Los Angeles in 1969, and was only 16-years-old when Kim married supermarket-franchise heir, G. Monty Brinson in 1985. Her next marriage was to Gregg Davis, son and heir of oil tycoon, Marvin Davis. (Marvin Davis is rumored to be the inspiration for the television show, Dynasty. His net worth when he died was estimated to be $5.8 billion.) It would seem unlikely that Kim needed Kyle and Mauricio — who were married in 1996 — to support her financially, while she was dating aircraft-parts supplier businessman, John Jackson, the father of her last daughter, Kimberly in 1995, and according to the unauthorized biography, ‘House of Hilton,’ receiving $23,000 per month from ex-husband Davis. The spousal support remains in place until she re-marries — and now you know why Kim has never remarried.

Until we hear it from Mauricio‘s mouth, we’re taking this one with a heapin’ grain o’ salt.


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