#RHONJ Star Melissa Gorga Debuts New Jewelry Line – See the Bold New Accessories!

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Melissa Gorga,“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star and jewelry designer, will debut her newest jewelry collection on HSN today. After the success of her first jewelry line, the RHONJ star will roll out a new set of pieces.’The Melissa Gorga Collection for HSN’ features 18 custom-designed pieces in gold and silver tones that are each priced at under $100.

The 18-piece collection ranges from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings with bold yet glamorous designs. Bold enough to make a statement, but as easy to wear with a fitted blazer and jeans as it is with a black dress and killer heels.

All About The Tea_Melissa Gorga_Real Housewives of New Jersey_RHONJ

Besides adding new designs like an openwork geometric hinged bangle, the fashionista has also listened to fans and brought back some favorite pieces from her first collection, like a cage knuckle ring.

Make sure to catch Melissa on HSN today at 5:00 p.m. ET to launch the new collection. For more information, visit HSN.

All About The Tea_Melissa Gorga_Real Housewives of New Jersey_RHONJ


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  • toolate2care2000

    Take a look at “International Concept Jewelry”. The “Melissa Gorga Collection” are just cheap knockoffs that someone found Melissa to hawk. Everyone watched Bethany hit the jackpot and now all these pathetic housewives think they can get a piece of the action. The problem is Bethany, like her or not, actually worked hard to get where she is.

    • Bad Barbie

      If you really think about it, Bethenny didn’t work THAT hard either. The formula was not hers, she didn’t chemically bust her brains creating the substance. She didn’t sit at home playing mixologist as everyone thinks. The concept was actually already out there. There is a team of branding that created the image and she just went around giving it a face. These things are all licensing… B had the marketing machine luck to promote it on national TV on a hit reality show. Call that pure luck.

      The same like Melissa. Someone else does the work and they are the face. China wholesale crap and stick your name on it.

      • toolate2care2000

        Bethenny branded Skinnygirl, that was hers. And from that came her Skinnygirl cocktails. Now we all know that Famous Amos did not INVENT the chocolate chip cookie – but he certainly makes a good one. That is what Bethenny did with her cocktails – and if it wasn’t hers, then somebody gave the wrong person ALOT of money!

        • Bad Barbie

          Like you said- “branded” it was not her invention. It took a whole lot of people to make it happen. Struck gold! And I agree, they gave the wrong person a lot of money for nothing innovative. Ridiculous!

          The media amp’ed the sale too. It was nothing close to $100 mill… and that came with terms of over a period of time and profit market value.

    • CsqD

      Oh, wow, the jewelry on the INC website is very similar to MG’s! I will say INC’s jewelry looks a bit more gaudy then MG’s. Some pieces are identical, though. So, the interview she gave about being very involved in the design is a slight exaggeration? Well, I guess involved might be her taking out a circle in the necklace? Good luck, MG.

  • The pieces are nice. I like what I see so far. Good luck, Melissa.

  • She Stinks!

    When I think of MeGo, I don’t think of jewelry.

  • DLister

    Why am I not surprised that the very last object looks like a spermatozoa?

  • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

    Nothing unique … wouldn’t pay over $20

  • Bad Barbie

    Cute pieces. She had another line out?
    AlieExpress bs with her name on it.

    • italiano bambino

      that site is a hit or miss

      • Bad Barbie

        yes but a lot of that garbage is the same stuff that you get at the wholesalers in the garment district here in NY.

  • nan/4

    Not bad at all! I’m impressed. 🙂

  • MidwestMiddie

    Just imagining Melissa’s mother-in-law, Felon Teresa’s mother, accidentally telling
    Teresa about Melissa’s Second Line of Jewelry being shown on HSN. lol
    Lordy, I hope that happens!!!
    : )

    • colleen

      How about if Tre’s fellow inmates call HSN and order some bling!

  • roxie

    this is common right now in stores like forever21 icing and charlotte russe as i saw very similar pieces there shoppng earlier tn….and probably other stores i didn’t venture into. yes some of the above is cute but you can find similar styles in the mall.

  • ButterflyArtGuild

    I liked a necklace it was around 75 dollars. For that I can get real stones at Sundance. They have stones like moonstone and amethyst.

  • HalleG

    Paula Abdul did a jewelry line for QVC or HSN and the cameras followed her to see how it goes. Basically a real jewelry designer showed her a bunch of sketches of jewelry and she commented about what she like about them and they tweaked them a little an voila! there was her jewelry line. At that time a some of it was very similar to Baby Phat jewelry and some other popular stuff. Those companies just go with what’s popular, that’s how they sell a lot.