EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Feldman Launches New Radio Talk Show “The Hollywood Fixer” Today!

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Wendy Feldman

Wendy Feldman is switching gears and hitting the airwaves, with an exciting new radio talk show, set to launch today. The show is set to kick off from Dash Radio’s first talk station, appropriately named Hot Button, and will be broadcasted live every Wednesday, from 1-3 pm, PDT.  

Wendy Feldman is a legal crisis manager, and is best known in the reality TV world as the strategist who helped “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, navigate through her very public legal struggle.

Wendy Feldman – The Hollywood Fixer,” show will be a mix of true crime and pop culture, with guests from the glitz of Hollywood, as well as legal eagles contributing to a no holds barred discussion. The show is designed to give listeners an inside peek into worlds that most will never see. The public will be invited to participate, and no listener comment or question will be deemed off-limits. The goal is to flip a Twitter type exchange into a live discussion, between Wendy and her audience. Confirmed guests include Leann Rimes, Jill Zarin and Thea Andrews, host of ‘The Insider’ on CBS. There are also plans to film the show for television.

I had the opportunity to chat with Feldman about her new show, 

“My show is called “Wendy Feldman- The Hollywood Fixer.” It will be broadcasted through an online app called Dash Radio. The show will be about everything. Many of my clients will come on as guests. I’ll feature a blend of true crime stuff and Hollywood. Expect a lot of juicy topics and many surprise guests. I will discuss various topics, including real crime stuff especially since the show “Empire” has been so widely successful and I’m a consultant on “Empire.” Crime is hot right now and when you blend crime and Hollywood, it’s very interesting. Then switching gears to reality television, I have 4 ‘Real Housewives’ booked so far.”

Wendy provided insight into the release and promotion of her upcoming book,

“Also, next fall I will start my book promotion. The book won’t be out until the first of the year.” 

Today’s launch will feature a longtime client of Feldman’s, live in studio rapper, Mike G from Odd Future. He plans to share an experience involving racial profiling, with a second client who is in the middle of a legal struggle, calling in from prison, filling out what is sure to be a colorful first show.

Dash radio is available as an app here and click on “Hot Button Radio.” Join Wendy “The Hollywood Fixer” Feldman today and every Wednesday from 1-3 pm, PDT. Good luck Wendy!


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