Lisa Rinna Is Done With Kim Richards & Feels Kim Is Out To Hurt Kyle

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” newcomer, Lisa Rinna, has firmly solidified her spot on the RHOBH with her infamous wine glass smash in Amsterdam. In season five, Rinna succeeded in quenching viewers thirst for drama — while keeping it classy — with every passing episode and last night’s season finale was no exception.

Revered by fans for her candid nature, Lisa R. was commended for confronting issues with costars, Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards head on. In her Bravo blog, Lisa reflects on the emotional roller coaster ride she endured in her rookie season. She weighs in on her mindset at Adrienne’s party concerning Kim Richards’ sobriety,

“I am still left bewildered and baffled with absolutely no closure from that party. I was just kind of left sitting there at the party dumbfounded by the turn of events and also by the way I was treated by Kim Richards. It’s so not OK to speak to people the way she does.”

Lisa expresses how DONE she was with Kim Richards,

“On to Adrienne’s party…I feel like I need to remind you that I was done, done, DONE with Kim Richards at this point. I went to this party with zero intentions of talking TO Kim, ABOUT Kim, and definitely nothing around Kim’s forbidden topic of sobriety.”

Rinna added that she was ridiculed for speaking out about Kim Richards obvious issues with sobriety,

“I have been scolded, yelled at, and thrown really f—ing hard into the lion’s den about it, so for my own sanity and peace of mind I. Had. To. Be. Done.”

The RHOBH star feels Kim was out to hurt Kyle and had a look of “misguided determination” in her eyes,

“Rather quickly, it became quite evident that Kim was out to hurt Kyle. Kim was making it very clear that she chose not to believe what Kyle had told her, and she was trying to drag me in to help take down her sister. Let’s be real here for just a moment: We all know Kim doesn’t like, trust, or want to be around me at all, so why does she need my confirmation or validation of the conversation?
Kim was going to hear exactly what she wanted to hear, regardless of anything I said, because that’s exactly what she does with everything anyway.”

Lisa goes on to explain her utter silence when approached by Kim and Kyle to repeat Brandi’s “intervention” comment,

“Nope.Not gonna play into Kim’s games for a second. I needed to stay honest to myself by not discussing Kim’s sobriety, and unfortunately that resulted in agitating and pissing everyone else off. Listen, I completely understood that both Kyle and Eileen had their opinions and strong need for me to justify Kim’s questions, but the “she said this and she said that” back and forth was just too much. Like I mentioned in last week’s blog, I did what Brandi asked by going to Kyle with this information, and it was now up to the Richards sisters to figure out.”

Rinna shed light on what made her change her mind and confirm Brandi’s statements,

“Until I felt an overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t taking Kyle and Eileen’s side. I wanted to support them, so I confirmed the conversation only because Kyle needed me to. Not because Kim wanted me to.Big difference. So, I put aside my own opinion and point of view to support Kyle, since she felt so strongly about it.”

The newbie describes her feelings towards Kim’s rude and dismissive reaction after she approached her to confirm Brandi’s remarks,

“Walking over to Kim, only to have her shush me and snap at me and speak to me as if I were a child, was only allowing for more red flags to fly. As you saw, I took it in stride and temporarily buried it, but I really don’t do well with people talking to me in such a disrespectful way.”

Lisa clarifies she was not trying to make Brandi look bad by revealing the truth. Her concerns for Kim were genuine and came from a good place. I did not detect any maliciousness in her conversations about Kim’s sobriety.

“I never had any intentions of making Brandi look bad during our lunch conversation, because I really felt she was speaking from the heart about her friend, Kim. It’s just a shame that she didn’t feel the same about my role in the conversation, and, yet again, she denies what was actually said. But I guess you live and you learn, and you slowly start to identify a person’s true colors, which is all just a part of this process.”

The drama is not over yet, stay tuned for the RHOBH Reunion next week!

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