Kyle Richards Talks Sisterly Divide With Kim Richards & Kathy Hilton on #WWHL

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All About The Tea_Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Kyle Richards, hung with Andy Cohen in the “Watch What Happens Live” clubhouse last night following the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” finale. She was joined by actor, Jerry O’Connell. Kyle weighs in on the friction with her sister, Kim Richards, the RHOBH Reunion drama and Brandi Glanville.

Host, Andy Cohen, cut to the chase and immediately asks Kyle about Brandi Glanville’s claim that Kyle hurried out of a NYC department store after spotting BrandiKyle said,

“How about, Brandi, don’t get it twisted. She ran out and I was there probably twenty minutes after she left.”

Then, Andy played the infamous footage of Kim and Lisa Rinna’s glass smashing-throat grabbing incident in Amsterdam. Andy questions why Kyle fled the restaurant,

“You can see that I actually took my mic off and threw it. I did not know what was going to happen next. I didn’t want to be there, so I just left.”

Video of the RHOBH Reunion is shown. In the clip, Kyle opens up about not speaking to Kim for three months and Kim’s flippant response about reconciling with Kyle. Kyle responds with, “Obviously going into the reunion you hope for some resolution but I don’t think at this reunion anybody had any resolution.”


Kyle responds to a caller’s question about Lisa Rinna’s recent “not-so-nice” tweets (now deleted) about Kim. “I didn’t see them but I was told and I tweeted that it was very not cool to do that and Lisa texted me an apology.” 

Andy takes another call, this one inquires about Kathy Hilton’s stance on the sisterly divide between Kim and Kyle. Kyle appeared uncomfortable, she squirmed in her seat while responding. 

“That is a very good question. It’s difficult for her, she’s in kind of a complicated position. She’s not there when we are filming, so then we go back and she hears my version and then she hears Kim’s version and then she kind of has to wait and see the show. I think she kind of just feels stuck.”

Sensing Kyle’s trepidation, Andy quickly follows up with “Are things OK between the two of you [Kathy]?” Kyle replies, “I mean everything could be better.”


More questions from callers. Kyle responds to why she cried so much this season.

“I’m a very emotional person. I’m just wired that way. For me to navigate through my relationship with Kim in front of the cameras is extremely complicated. I don’t think the viewers [short pause] it’s not just what you see there, it spills into everything else. My other sister, our twelve children between the three of us, so it’s very difficult.”

Andy takes the final call for the live show, the caller wants to know, does Kyle have a compliment to give Brandi?

“I think Brandi can be a lot of fun. I know that she loves her boys a lot and that’s where I sort of related to her, so I appreciate that side of her.”

The poll question of the evening, “Who’s side are you on? Kim or Kyle?” Kyle wins 66% of the vote. Kim receives 34%.


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