Eileen Davidson Addresses The Drama At Adrienne’s Party: Trouble Was Brewing

Posted on Mar 25 2015 - 2:05pm by Dani-K


Trouble is brewing! According to Eileen Davidson, this is how she felt during Adrienne’s party, and truer words have never been spoken. The evening started out full of promise and magic, but as we all saw from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season finale, it ended with deflection and confusion.

“I’m excited to go to Adrienne’s party! I wanted to have fun and enjoy a night out with my husband and friends. The party is beautiful, and Adrienne is a fantastic hostess. I was hoping to get to know her better but that was not to be. Trouble is brewing. Like I said in last week’s blog, maybe Lisa R. shouldn’t have approached Kyle about what Brandi said so soon after Amsterdam. But then again, we’ve already seen the worst, right? In Amsterdam? I hope?”

Probably not. We are all anxiously awaiting the reunion show where trouble will be brewing by the truck-load. Eileen explains that Lisa Rinna’s reluctance to clarify what Brandi Glanville said to her during their lunch only added fuel to the fire.

“Lisa is reticent, and understandably so, to discuss this. She’s dodging the issue, but maybe just saying what she said to Kyle would help everybody stop playing these games! Lisa R. being vague is not helping the situation and Kim leaves, apparently thinking that Kyle lied about it. Yolanda, Lisa V., Kyle, and I try to make Lisa understand she has to tell Kim what Brandi said. She gets it, and God bless her, she does go to talk to Kim. And when she does? Kim is dismissive and doesn’t want to hear it! OMG!”

And what does Eileen think of the meltdown of Brandi when speaking to Lisa Vanderpump?

“Brandi is clearly distraught about her father’s health. Now is not the time to have emotionally charged conversations with anybody. I see Lisa V. trying to help, but the drama is so high right now, it doesn’t seem to be calming anything down. Brandi keeps insisting she’s fine, when clearly she’s not. Maybe she shouldn’t have come to this party, at all, under the circumstances?”

Yes, Eileen, you are correct, but you are thinking like a rational person. Rational thinking is not in Brandi’s wheelhouse. Eileen feels that this blow-up never would have happened if Brandi had not been memory-challenged and wishes Kim would wake up about the dysfunction in their friendship.

“Kim and Brandi finally sit down. Kim tells Brandi what Kyle said Lisa R. said. I think Brandi is having a bit of a memory problem about what was discussed. The bottom line is if she had told Kim everything that she said to Lisa R. during their lunch, that major blow-up probably never would have happened in Amsterdam. And Kim? Well, she doesn’t seem to want to do any digging at all into what Brandi really, entirely said and just gives her a big fat pass.”

But it’s not all she said/who said/what said. Eileen has a great suggestion for a new drinking game.

“Now, Lisa R. is apologizing AGAIN. WHY, people, WHY? I propose a Real Housewives Drinking Game: take a shot every time Lisa R. unnecessarily apologizes to Brandi and Kim (and you better have a designated driver, because you’ll be really, really drunk).”

Eileen ends her blog with her thoughts on her first season (and hopefully not her last) on RHOBH.

“What a journey it has been. I’ve made some good friends, had lots of adventures, lots of laughs, and, frankly, witnessed way too many fights. It surely has been one hell of a ride! And one I will not soon forget.”


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  • Brattus Rattus

    Thanks for the recap, Dani! Great as always! Here’s what I don’t understand as far as the Kim/Brandi thing. NO ON CAN TALK ABOUT KIM!!!!! Except when Brandi did it, it’s all good and came from a place of love. Kim…the hell? She might not have got the whole story from Brandi but she did know that Brandi WAS talking about her but it was ok.
    I don’t get it. Do I need to drink to understand it? Will that help? Ohhhh If I wash down my Norco’s WITH some vodka will I become the Yoda of Kim and Brandi speak? WTF?

    • Dani-K

      I wonder if Kathy Hilton would be interested in replacing Kim on the show because if it weren’t for the talk of her sobriety, Kim did not have much of a story line this season. I think that’s why Kim kept that going and going and going.

      • Brattus Rattus

        You know, I noticed that Kathy never REALLY speaks when she’s on. Well, about nothing important anyway. All that crap Kyle talks about “we were raised not to air our dirty laundry”, I think Kathy has way more dirt than the others. I doubt she’d EVER do reality even if they gave her a million bucks an episode. I do think it would make it really interesting though.

        • Dani-K

          I totally agree. Kathy Hilton would probably never drop her guard. Kind of like how Camille was. So concerned with how she was being perceived that she couldn’t be real. Maybe they should get Denise Richards. Lisa R would have a friend.

          • Brattus Rattus

            Charlie would have a cow but how interesting would she be? That made my ears perk up!

          • twifan2

            Forget Charlie! What would Martin Sheen do!? 😀

          • Brattus Rattus

            He would totally guest star on it! LOL I’m loving this idea more and more.
            We’ll probably get someone that sucks and is boring. Like the niece of the cousin of the half sister of Kim and Kyle.

          • twifan2

            Twice removed on the half uncle side!

            Dang! I’d watch just for the ‘Deliverance’ angle! 😉

          • Brattus Rattus

            bwahaha now I want to watch Deliverance. Thanks for that.
            soooooo I just lost my shit on a guest over on little people 2 thread. Might get put in a timeout.

          • twifan2

            Aaahhhh That’s ok. Time out gives time for the wine or vodka to chill. 🙂

  • Real Housewife Fanatic

    this is perfection!

    • Brattus Rattus

      OMG! That was created by the biggest Brandi hater in the world. So frigging funny though.

      • Jennymckitty

        I can’t believe I don’t follow him on Twitter. Must rectify that.

    • Sophia Z.

      Spot on. This video sums up all the reasons we all dislike Brandi. Now if only Bravo will get it. Thanks for the laughs. What a little trashy twat.

      • Brattus Rattus

        lmao @ twat
        I miss when Brandi first hit the series and was funny and nice. Remember crutch-gate? She called Kim out for doing meth in the bathroom. The worst thing about her then was the cursing. Now they all cuss but the bullshit has become physical. It’s just unreal. I know this is going to sound offensive and stereotypical to Jersey, so I apologize now, but has Jersey even gotten physical? Table flipping doesn’t count.

        • Sophia Z.

          I remember it also. I actually liked her back then and couldn’t believe how she was treated. Especially by Kim and Kyle. I liked Brandi up to the end of the season last year. I backed her completely but found a lot of her behavior embarrassing to say the least. I knew what Brandi was capable of as I have seen it from the beginning. I just didn’t know it would get this bad. Now twitter is all abuzz about Faye Rancid being right about Brandi. DUH! Faye behaved just as poorly as Brandi or even worse which is why everyone turned on her, not because of her message. I have to admit that I was cheering Brandi on when she was giving Joyce such a hard time because I cannot stand Joyce. But Brandi drew the line with me when she attacked Lisa V. last year. After all Lisa did for her, including giving Brandi the benefit of the doubt.

          • Brattus Rattus

            I know it makes me a sheeple, but I have been a Lisa V follower since day one. She’s strong. She’s funny. She doesn’t take MUCH shit. She will listen to all sides and then make the decision for herself. Respect. This is how I live my life. When Brandi turned on her last season, I was HOPING for a script. Then the Yolanda thing with Ken putting his hands on her? Please! I was done with both. I digress. Also, I could give less than a damn about Faye. She’s just Ugh. And a horrid designer. Again I digress. I guess what I’m saying, if Brandi had listened to Lisa, she would be doing much better and have a friend that isn’t “kim” and as much as Yolanda is trying, she’s nothing but 2nd place Lisa V.

          • Sophia Z.

            Oh you’ve got me started now…
            I’m the same as you. What is there not to like about Lisa Vanderpump? She is one amazing woman, even if she is acting to the cameras as some people say. I don’t care. She keeps me well entertained, I admire her achievements, and think she is the bomb.

            I’m like you about Yolanda and the Ken thing. I was starting to get really peeved at Yolanda by the end of the year last year but gave her the benefit of the doubt with Lyme effecting her brain. I’m just glad that storyline is over because it just didn’t feel good to watch.

    • MidwestMiddie


    • LOL. I needed this.

    • Jersey

      This was funny. I used to like Brandi. I wonder why Lisa V used to back her and say she’s the truth cannon? Surely Lisa V heard all the BS she said about people but once things were said about her she called her a liar. I have to admit though, last season when she was saying things about Lisa I believed her only because Lisa V used to say she told the truth all the time. But, this season she’s just out of her mind and FOS. I wouldn’t miss her at all if they got rid of her.

  • Bad Barbie

    Eileen come back! I love your witty self!

    • Brattus Rattus

      I love that she’s just honest and not in an evil way. Lisa V is witty and I dig that. Lisa R is honest in a flowery way which is different for LA standards. I like that too.
      The others, if I have to find nice: um, Yoyo is honest but her honesty is too wrapped up in looks. I don’t get that. (I think I failed.) Kyle is a seemingly great mom. She needs to stop brushing things under the rug though. It’s not healthy. Kim made it through rehab and was probably sweet for those lucid times. Brandi is learning how to be a master manipulator. That’s all she gets. She wanted to play a “say something nice” game and then said shit about hair and whet to shake the spot when it was her time in the hot seat. She is so caught in the arrested development phase of life that NOTHING.

  • Sophia Z.

    Thank you, Dani. Great post. xox

    • Dani-K

      Thank you Sophia!

  • italiano bambino

    Eileen you make me pull a Icky

  • C.R.

    This entire finale was based on the assumption that Brandi said Kim needed an intervention. Brandi never said that, Lisa Rinna did, not only to Brandi but in a previous episode she said it to Lisa VP. All Brandi said at lunch with Rinna is “we all need an intervention”. Bravo replayed that particular scene so many times that we all saw it.

  • Jennymckitty

    I hope that Eileen is coming back next season. I really enjoyed her. I also think that Vince probably has a lot of interesting stories about growing up Hollywood.

  • I love Eileen and hope to see her return next season. Brandi and Kim … rem … not so much. They make this show so unbelievably unwatchable.

  • nan/4

    The only thing that I got out of this finale is the Camille is REALLY REALLY hard up for a date. Eww….that guy was on Patti Stanger’s show. He’s gross!!!! 😮

    Hi everyone. Hope you all have been happy and healthy.

    Take care!

    xo 🙂

    • Hi Nan! Yes, he’s creepy and desperate too. Camille disappointed me. Hope you’re well. xoxo

      • nan/4

        Hiya sweetheart. I hope all is good with you! Was I the only one who thought that finale was boring? Yawn……

        I’m sure the reunion won’t be though. OY!!!! 😉

        Be well honey!

        P.S. LOVE Eileen! I hope she comes back next season!

        • Sophia Z.

          Hi Nan.. I thought the finale was so boring and uneventful also. And what is up with Adrienne and the weird parties of hired ‘models’? Weird. I agree with you about the Danish guy. He is a bit odd. He seems really hard up for someone to love on him. I didn’t see him on Millionaire Matchmaker so I missed out on that creepiness.
          I hope you are feeling better.