Eileen Davidson Addresses The Drama At Adrienne’s Party: Trouble Was Brewing

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Trouble is brewing! According to Eileen Davidson, this is how she felt during Adrienne’s party, and truer words have never been spoken. The evening started out full of promise and magic, but as we all saw from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season finale, it ended with deflection and confusion.

“I’m excited to go to Adrienne’s party! I wanted to have fun and enjoy a night out with my husband and friends. The party is beautiful, and Adrienne is a fantastic hostess. I was hoping to get to know her better but that was not to be. Trouble is brewing. Like I said in last week’s blog, maybe Lisa R. shouldn’t have approached Kyle about what Brandi said so soon after Amsterdam. But then again, we’ve already seen the worst, right? In Amsterdam? I hope?”

Probably not. We are all anxiously awaiting the reunion show where trouble will be brewing by the truck-load. Eileen explains that Lisa Rinna’s reluctance to clarify what Brandi Glanville said to her during their lunch only added fuel to the fire.

“Lisa is reticent, and understandably so, to discuss this. She’s dodging the issue, but maybe just saying what she said to Kyle would help everybody stop playing these games! Lisa R. being vague is not helping the situation and Kim leaves, apparently thinking that Kyle lied about it. Yolanda, Lisa V., Kyle, and I try to make Lisa understand she has to tell Kim what Brandi said. She gets it, and God bless her, she does go to talk to Kim. And when she does? Kim is dismissive and doesn’t want to hear it! OMG!”

And what does Eileen think of the meltdown of Brandi when speaking to Lisa Vanderpump?

“Brandi is clearly distraught about her father’s health. Now is not the time to have emotionally charged conversations with anybody. I see Lisa V. trying to help, but the drama is so high right now, it doesn’t seem to be calming anything down. Brandi keeps insisting she’s fine, when clearly she’s not. Maybe she shouldn’t have come to this party, at all, under the circumstances?”

Yes, Eileen, you are correct, but you are thinking like a rational person. Rational thinking is not in Brandi’s wheelhouse. Eileen feels that this blow-up never would have happened if Brandi had not been memory-challenged and wishes Kim would wake up about the dysfunction in their friendship.

“Kim and Brandi finally sit down. Kim tells Brandi what Kyle said Lisa R. said. I think Brandi is having a bit of a memory problem about what was discussed. The bottom line is if she had told Kim everything that she said to Lisa R. during their lunch, that major blow-up probably never would have happened in Amsterdam. And Kim? Well, she doesn’t seem to want to do any digging at all into what Brandi really, entirely said and just gives her a big fat pass.”

But it’s not all she said/who said/what said. Eileen has a great suggestion for a new drinking game.

“Now, Lisa R. is apologizing AGAIN. WHY, people, WHY? I propose a Real Housewives Drinking Game: take a shot every time Lisa R. unnecessarily apologizes to Brandi and Kim (and you better have a designated driver, because you’ll be really, really drunk).”

Eileen ends her blog with her thoughts on her first season (and hopefully not her last) on RHOBH.

“What a journey it has been. I’ve made some good friends, had lots of adventures, lots of laughs, and, frankly, witnessed way too many fights. It surely has been one hell of a ride! And one I will not soon forget.”


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