Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: “Housewife Interrupted” [Episode 18]

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All About the Tea_Will_NeNe_Return_to_Counseling_Real Housewives of Atlanta

This episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” continues from last week and Lineathia is leaving the building while tossing shade with “yall on some burrchit, and where is my car” as she exits. Dr. Jeff tries, much to his dismay, to get her to stay. It looks like a lemur trying to contain a charging Moose. Yep I said it. NeNe adds that he should watch his license (a threat), jumps in her car and leaves. In her talking head she says a good “CANcellor would not allow everybody to drop their garbage on her.” I say, if you bring trash then you should accept trash when it is thrown back at cha. Par for the course Linethia. 

All About the Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta

The remaining ladies are upset that NeNe fled out the kitchen when things got heated. No worries ladies, NeNe cannot run out of the reunion. Kandi couldn’t care less and thinks it is dumb that Dr. Jeff is running after NeNePorsha speaks up to say that nobody understands NeNe’s point of view, but admits that Kandi didn’t do anything wrong. Dr. Jeff returns and continues to speak with the ladies about their problems with the group. Porsha is angry that the women will not let anything go.  She aims this dig at and names Kenya. Kenya speaks up to clarify the real reason why she and Porsha don’t get along: (1) the Miss America comment which she feels Porsha did on purpose (Bravo shows footage with Porsha rolling her eyes when corrected by Kenya at the event); and (2) Porsha pulling her hair at the reunion after being called a dumb heaux. Porsha says she was provoked. Dr. Jeff says they are both having a pissing contest. Porsha then tells him she was feeling some kind of way when Claudia and Kenya ousted her affair with a married African. Kandi didn’t think that was right either. Dr. Jeff acknowledges that their attacking each other is behavior based on pathology and background.

All About the Tea_real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-7-hero-did-kenya-and-porsha-have-a-breakthrough_Porsha 

Porsha admits she was bullied in school. Claudia admits that she was bullied and teased due to being bi-racial and Kenya suffers from being rejected by her mother.  Claudia and Kenya apologize to Porsha. Porsha accepts their apologies but offers nothing and never apologies to anyone. I am not surprised. Dr. Jeff asks Kandi about her issues with Phaedra. Kandi is irritated that everyone knows about her issues with Phaedra but Phaedra never spoke with her directly. Dr. Jeff suggests she reaches out to Phaedra one more time. Dr. Jeff then asks how they will solve the NeNe Factor. Kandi says they need to stop kissing NeNe’s ass. Kenya suggests they make a conciliation video. Kandi isn’t having it. I agree with KandiDr. Jeff encourages the ladies that even though they will continue to have conflicts due to the dynamic of the group, they need to handle them like women without all the shade throwing and hate. The session ends with Porsha, Claudia, Kenya and Cynthia making a cheesy video for NeNe about how they solved their issues and they love NeNe. Kandi rolls her eyes, calls them corny and I throw up a little. 


NeNe is at home stretched out on her chaise lounge reading her Cinderella script for Brawwwwway. The butler Gregg, enters the room and she tells him of the horrible attack against her at the “cancelling” session. Gregg finds this hard to believe, so do I, but offers that maybe NeNe should see this from the ladies point of view and not just her own. NeNe has the “whatever Gregg” look and says that Kandi and Porsha should have spoken up for her during the session. I think this is where NeNe made up her mind to go back to Andy Cohen and “suggest” that Porsha turn in her peach for good. NeNe feels when she barks her apology to them after she shades them for filth they should accept it, bow down, and shaddup. 

All about the Tea_nene-leakes-dishes-disastrous-rhoa-wig-455x318

Kandi, Todd, Cynthia and Peter go on a double date to play pool. Peter asks about the counseling session. Todd says Kandi didn’t want to discuss it at home.  Kandi says the ladies basically made up but NeNe stormed out. Peter says this is foul because NeNe is the one who initiated the meeting. Kandi adds that Phaedra didn’t come to the session and she is pissed because, had she known, she would have skipped the session also. She also feels it is all shades of shiggidy that her BFF is telling everyone else she is mad with Kandi but not speaking directly to KandiTodd was surprised that even Dr. Jeff knew about their beef. Kandi says that she will always have love for Phaedra unless she hears that Phaedra said something really jacked up about her. Get ready, because this is the arsenal NeNe will use at the reunion. Watch what happens.

Phaedra is using a visit from Bishop T.D. Jakes’ daughter, Sarah,  as a means to help her through her ordeal. I say a 40+ woman asking for the advice of a woman in her 20’s is more of an act of deflection which Phaedra has mastered. We are introduced to Sarah Jakes, formerly Henson. She was married to NFL linebacker Robert Henson.  She divorced him based on alleged adultery and fearing for her safety. Sounds familiar? The difference between Sarah and Phaedra is that this young lady, who was a teen mom, seems really sincere. Phaedra says Apollo was just simply so mean to her but she can now sleep for the first time because the big bad wolf is locked up behind bars. Okay.


Kenya is meeting with her team for a table read of her pilot, “Life Twirls On.” She is stressed to the max because she is the producer, writer and director, like Tyler Perry and it is a lot of work. Cynthia is just glad to be a part of it, but cannot offer any help to calm Kenya down. All the actors arrive, they read the funny script which tosses a bit of shade at Leon’s womanizing and they all have a good laugh. I hope it is a success. 

Claudia is having additional counseling sessions with Dr. Jeff. She really wants to work on her own issues and become a better person. Dr. Jeff tells her she has done the work and he is proud of her. He suggests that she and the ladies go on a trip together to bond.  Claudia tells him of Puerto-Read-Co. He encourages her to try again. Claudia, Kenya, Demetria and Cynthia are having drinks and girl time. They discuss tea bagging and Claudia demonstrates on Cynthia who is horrified. It was a funny scene.

Cynthia and Kenya visit Kandi’s store, TAGS to spend some money and to invite her on the girl’s trip that was put together by Porsha and Claudia. I know, clutch the peals. It seems that Porsha, who admits to having her own sessions with Dr. Jeff as well, came together with Claudia as the new Ambassadors of Peace to join mend fences between Team Beauty and Team Beast. Kandi is like good luck with that, but she will go on the “free/flying first class” trip. They are going to the Philippines.  Kandi mentions that she and Phaedra still have not resolved their issues and they haven’t reached out to each other. Kenya says that is unfortunate. 

Phaedra is visiting the Kaplan Law Firm to get advice on filing for a divorce from Apollo. She admits to Ms. Kaplan that it is Apollo who asked for the divorce and she wants to know her options. Kaplan reads her prenup and says it appears to be airtight, but she should be more worried about the custody battle. She suggests that Phaedra try to score points with the judicial system and take the children to see their father. She then flat out asks Phaedra why she married a convict when she knew his background. Phaedra does a song and dance about how she hoped for the best in Apollo but he changed, or rather returned to being the criminal that she knew he always was. 

All About the Tea__Phaedra_s_Getting_a_Divorce_RHOA

Bravo does a great job of showing clips of Apollo being a loving husband and father. I say, Apollo call your lawyers and tell them to subpoena that footage for your case.  Phaedra feels that Apollo is not only leaving her, but he is leaving her with a big mess to clean up and what’s a Southern Belle to do? Kaplan suggest she lay low, let the children see their dad, and take her time filing for divorce until they can work out a custody plan. This is code talk for no matter how much you protest, unless you come up with concrete proof that Apollo is harmful to his kids, there is no way in hell you are getting sole custody. 

Next week, the ladies, minus NeNe, go to Philippines on their quest for peace. Porsha is crowned the Princess of Thotville; Phaedra and Kandi discuss their friendship and wait of it…Kenya and Phaedra hug it out. Oh my!


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