NeNe Leakes Slams Kandi Burruss About Her Sexless Marriage & Says Kandi Was MIA For Phaedra Parks!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, NeNe Leakes, is very salty about last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The main targets of her venom are Dr. Jeff and Kandi Burrus. NeNe took to her Bravo blog to blow a gasket get a few things off her chest. Whoa!

First up, NeNe addresses the therapy session SHE organized then ditched when her costars shared their issues with her. Isn’t that the whole point of therapy? Apparently therapy is not a two-way street in NeNe’s world. NeNe has no issues telling others what’s wrong with them but keep your thoughts about her to yourself! Even the therapist couldn’t offer constructive criticism and because he did,  NeNe is targeting Dr. Jeff’s credentials again,

“Don’t you just love the dramatics of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta? I loved how Dr. Jeff was saying “Nene, you’re going to that place again.” “Nene, you’re getting angry,” as I calmly walked to my car. He’s got a job to do too, right? How well do I know how that works? It works about as well as those blue cards he was reading off of with all the producer’s notes on them! LOL!”

NeNe insinuates the producers have an agenda to turn viewers against her, taking ZERO accountability for her role in anything,

“The things they try to do to turn the viewers against you! Over the years I’ve learned you have to get up from the table when love is no longer being served! Everyone came prepared to blame one person and that one person seemed to be me!” 

The RHOA star makes some tongue in cheek jabs at herself about being responsible for all the failed relationships on the show,

“Since I am the one that has divided the cast, let me take full responsibility for Porsha and Kenya fighting at the reunion! I’m totally responsible for Porsha and Claudia not getting along at all this season. I must take full responsibility for Claudia and Kenya saying Porsha is dating a married African man. Now you know I had everything to do with Cynthia and Porsha falling out! I can now say I had a hand in Cynthia saying Phaedra is cheating with Mr. Chocolate. I am definitely the common denominator to Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship problems. Lord knows I did everything wrong in my friendship with Cynthia!”

NeNe must be suffering from short-term memory loss because the way I remember it, she attacks until you back down or somehow get back on her side. She thought she could to do the same with Claudia Jordan but Claudia clapped back and shut her down.

Now here’s where NeNe’s shade reaches gutter level, NeNe takes a swipe at Kandi and Todd’s sexless marriage,

“For those who didn’t know, I am the reason Todd doesn’t want to have sex with Kandi and I was the reason Porsha and Kordell divorced. Now that I have admitted all of my problems with the help of Dr. Jeff, can we all take a trip together and continue to pretend I am the problem because that’s what you were told to do!”

She was not done dragging Kandi, she continues by attacking Kandi and Phaedra’s broken friendship. NeNe accuses Kandi of being MIA for Phaedra,

“PS: Kandi, I always knew you didn’t like me but you truly showed me how hateful and jealous you are! You don’t have a real reason to be mad. You should be mad that you were MIA on your friend but you chose to throw salt on me because I was just a shoulder for Phaedra. There’s no where in this season where you see me saying negative things about you! You said all those things about me because you fail as a friend! If I were you, I would call Dr. Jeff for help #girlbye”


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