Shocking Report: Natalie Guercio Allegedly Overdosed on Meth and Fired From Mob Wives, Sources Claim!

Posted on Mar 23 2015 - 5:31am by Editor

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You can file this one under rumor. We can’t confirm if this rumor is true or not but according to “Mob Wives” star, Renee Graziano, her former troubled costar, Natalie Guercio (Nat G) recently suffered a drug overdose. 

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On Monday (Mar 23), Graziano tweeted, “My prayers w natg in la .. Sad to hear about her meth od .. Yeah ended up in the hospital Honey ill help u!! Ull get better praying 4 u!”

All About The Tea_Renee Graziano_Tweet Nat G overdose

Graziano’s scandalous tweet immediately sparked many tweeters to ask for details, Renee then tweeted, “Its coming frmLA Radar on line & several others sites NOT starting rumor I DO CARE Addiction is hard but once she admits it she’ll b free.” 

All About The Tea_Renee Graziano_Tweet Nat G overdose

Graziano then clarified the timing of the alleged overdose when she responded to a tweet, “it happened a few days ago I was just notified I feel horrible.”

All About The Tea_Renee Graziano_Tweet Nat G overdose

Many people tweeted Nat G inquiring if the rumor was true however Nat G did not respond to any of the inquiries. Although she was on Twitter around the same time Renee tweeted the shocking news at 3:01 am EST. Nat G tweeted the following at 2:13 a.m. EST. 

All About The Tea_Renee Graziano_Tweet Nat G overdose

Allegations of drug use have plagued the volatile reality star since she made her debut on “Mob Wives,” in season 4. During the season 4 reunion, Nat G admitted to cocaine use with Renee Graziano, who is a recovering addict. Renee’s drug addiction and recovery was a pivotal part of her storyline in season 4. Then most recently, Nat G and Natalie Didonato (Nat D) got into heated arguments at the season 5 reunion that nearly came to blows before security stepped in.

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In two words, the “Mob Wives,” Season 5 reunion was a hot mess! Nat G left the stage twice, Drita D’Avanzo left once to go check on Natalie Guercio, and host Vivica Fox was brought to tears and made an emotional exit.

No matter how many times someone left the stage, the most dramatic moments were Nat D’s two attempts to use Nat G as a punching bag. Both attempts resulted with Guercio running off the stage. In the aftermath of their final confrontation, Nat D blurted out “She’s an addict,” referring to Natalie Guercio. Watch the explosive clip below:

Aside from this rumor, as if that’s not enough drama, another rumor circulating is VH1 fired Natalie Guercio. The chatter started when Guercio posted a cryptic Instagram message which some believe confirms her departure from the show. Her post captioned,

“I have made the conscious decision of starting a new life filled with positive energy. No one can define who I am but me. Doesn’t mean I’m perfect or that everything will go my way but, I like that, I am able to see my growth and evolve. Positive vibes, show love get love.”

"I have made the conscious decision of starting a new life filled with positive energy. No one can define who I am but me. Doesn't mean I'm perfect or that everything will go my way but, I like that, I am able to see my growth and evolve. Positive vibes, show love get love." Fans of Guercio took to Twitter seeking clarification surrounding her Instagram message and they now believe that Nat G. will no longer be apart of the new season.

Many responded to Nat G’s post seeking clarification and outright asked if she was fired but Guercio did not respond.

Nat G’s behavior was outrageous this season so it would not surprise anyone if VH1 canned her. This good news comes on the heels of VH1’s announcement that “Mob Wives” was renewed for another season.


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  • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

    I am officially over Mob Wives. There’s too much trash talking and nothing is ever clarified. The are really friends except when filming or “guest hosting”. None are likable for me to keep watching. #fake

    They are wannabe mobster who aren’t relevant in the mob because no relatives are active participants in the mob. For ratings, they let a stranger come in and change the dynamics of the show. #justanotherNONREALityshow

    • fred

      youre a rat

      • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

        That’s so old…and tiring…and overused…and played out.

        They are all rats for being on the show.

        • Bad Barbie


    • Bad Barbie


  • Norrth

    She needed to go. She put herself at the center of argument and then pulled a “Nene” when. called out. She becomes the victim. I hope the overdose rumors are not true for her sake and her child’s.

    • Bad Barbie

      But in all reality, her beef was with Karen. NatD had no business inviting herself like the deranged bully she is.

  • DLister

    Any OD is sad … but should be treated as a wake-up call. I hope Nat G will gather all her inner strength and overcome her addiction.

    • Morning D Lister. Poignant and heartfelt. While I I’m no fan of this young lady, the situation is tragic.

      • Jennymckitty

        Hey, Suess! If true, I hope she gets help. Don’t know if I am ready to believe this rumor. Wasn’t Nat supposed to be acting in a movie?

        • Hey Jenny! Sorry for my late response. She was fired from the movie role. The production company released a statement stating they were recasting.

          • Jennymckitty

            Ooh. I guess they watched the show and witnessed what a disaster she could be on social media. Thanks for the update.

          • That or they found her passed out in the bathroom with drug paraphernalia around her. She’s a certified hot mess!

            Good morning, Jenny! 🙂

          • Jennymckitty

            Morning Suess. Hope you have a great day.

          • Thanks Jenny…you too.

          • Bad Barbie

            hmmm… they are recasting but not because of that.

    • Elaine D. Tempesta

      it is all a fake rumor…get a grip on yourself……no one has beautiful teeth and skin who does drugs… Nat G is awesome and there are so many ugly jealous woman against her….Its not true !!!

      • There’s nothing pretty or likable about Nat G. And her teeth could be fake which erosion from drugs would not be visible. Nat G is crass, has a gutter mouth and is downright trash. And if the rumor is fake why has she been MIA from social media all day and has not come forward to clear her name? I think you should get a grip on yourself and not take these reality “stars” so seriously. She could care less about you. Geez!!!

        • Weeds1

          NatG is disgusting and has zero credibility! Guttersnipe.

          • Thank you! She’s straight up NASTY with no class or dignity.

        • Bad Barbie

          However, Meth is a very serious drug to hide the side effects from it. It is a fact that it makes you look beat.

          • True but the physical changes are not immediate. It’s progressive.

          • Bad Barbie

            True too but meth is not a “go about my day” type drug like people here are saying it is.

      • DLister

        Um, why the hell are you telling me to “get a grip on yourself?” And how exactly do you know what is true and rumor about Natalie G? If you read my post, I wish her well. And I do. So, tell me why I need to get a grip.

      • HalleG

        most of hollywood does drugs and they look fine. Nat probably does coke and weed, but not meth because that does screw up your face.

        • Bad Barbie

          FACT! and you don’t have to be a drug user to be well informed. All it takes is to read or watch tv. These people kill me with their ignorance yet assume they know better.

      • Melissa

        LMAO wow you sure know your drugs and there side effects, NOT!!!!!

        • Bad Barbie

          Does it really take a use to know about the effects of certain type of drugs? You sound very ignorant. I hope you don’t have children that you have to teach about these things to.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Not shocked at all. It was clear she was on something at the reunion. She was geeked up like Nene was at the lingerie party. Sad that such a beautiful girl has such a terribly low self-esteem.

    • Bad Barbie

      That is not meth geeked though so Renee may be exaggerating.

  • Anoymouswillgetyou

    Radar online probably got the info from Renee Grazianao or someone she knew conveniently put it out there for her by the name of Natalie D. Renee called Karen Gravano a rat & was so mean to her season 1, if you didn’t watch see how great Drita & Karen were getting along since yes, they were best friends. Drita even threatens Renee while Karen smiles as Drita takes up for Karen with Karen saying that she can really fight & will hurt Renee. She hates everyone then suddenly loves them after other cast go against her. Big Ang is never known for being violent, making threats, just likes to have fun, but Renee turned on Big Ang by starting rumors about her daughter dating a married man. Think about it Renee brought the first Natalie on with her dear friend Alicia that she described as loving like family & Big Ang reminding her that she was ” aunt Renee” to Alicia & Edward’s children. Then she brings her first date to girls night out to show him off which was childish. She further embarrasses herself by acting like they have been dating forever & goes off on the girl Natalie for being drunk acting as if she came on to him.,then if you are that INSECURE do not bring your date you barely know around your drunk friends at girl’s night where they are supposed to be acting drunk. That is why no guys are there. She acted like a brat while poor Natalie chased her to apologize. Who cares but Renee that she used the word delicious, it would have not mattered Renee always has to cause trouble. She is like the boy that cries wolf one too many times. I do not care for the new Natalie as she seems as unhinged as Renee trying to make trouble with a girl she has never met. I don’t blame Natalie G. after what happened to her boyfriend being slashed by a box cutter for bringing her friends. We have watched Drita & Carla get set up, but Love got Carla hurt because of tattle tale Renee who has to run her big mouth constantly screaming & cursing. I remember a guy trying to hit on Karen & then Carla. Renee could not take it that he did not want her. Karen was enjoying the attention but then Renee starts threatening him with JUNYAH! I imagine if Love Majewski had stayed she would have eventually killed Renee for dragging her into an imaginary fight that Renee got in her head. Remember she is besties with Carla now but had Love so upset tattling made up crap that Carla got hurt & Renee acted upset which is her Rat M.O. And her other friend Carla she is terrified of & acted like a retarded child coming to her only friend to protect her, I had to laugh at how her other friend Carla spoke to her telling her not to worry as if she were slow, & she were talking to a child. Renee obviously encouraged Carla & Edward’s relationship while he was married to Alicia, who is younger & pretty & it is not appropriate to see a woman you dated while you are married taking her to lunch, buying her gifts. That is called a goomadas, plus I believe Carla was married as well but I know with Alicia pregnant that was very inappropriate unless the wife is there too. You would think Renee Grazianao would understand that since Junior cheated on her to the bitter end. Her poor son I just cringe for him because she is a castrating female to him, kicking him, screaming at him, then going crazy crying, it is called emotional incest. It means behaving by talking or acting inappropriately around your child. it is not molestation but incorrect behavior on an emotional level. She makes him her therapist which is not ok when she is wailing! crying & begging him as if he is an adult male peer her age or older or a bo She was with them on their dates. I just hope the 3 of them were not involved because Also there was some pretty convincing tea about Renee going with woman & wearing track suits while she & JUNYAH were together he was out with goomadas, she was home not dressed up or having her make up on, with low self esteem. I think Natalie G. Refused a pass while Renee was intoxicated. And I am sure she was nice enough about it, knowing that Renee has no one. Did anyone not understand her one time date was turned off by her sharing too much information on first date then the theatrics of bawling to him that she made an ass out of herself acting like a stalker over a harmless comment from a young girl that had some drinks with her girls and Renee wanted to show off, instead she scared him, who wants a stalker? He was not impressed with the bad bitch persona. She needs some help on what to do & say on a first date, especially what not to do. She is a brat. Natalie punched her at least 3 times in the face after trying to avoid an altercation, Renee thought she could put her hands on her. Both Big Ang & Drita the only sane ones left commented that Natalie defended herself instead of taking that horrible abuse & that Renee was going to get hurt one day soon by running her trap with the wrong person. Now she has whispered crap in Carla’s ear about Drita. Funny both Karen, .Carla & Ramona were none too happy after Renee had Jennifer Graziano Fire them. They hated each other, then get fired & come back after trashing the Graziono’s for ripping them off & now Karen & Carla are back on. I wonder how Ramona feels since she is not back & needs the money the worst because she has no guy or family to help support her children. Plus, Ramona kidnapped a guy & beat him up for allegedly Wronging her. I wonder if she is ok with Karen who calls her cousin & vice versa being back on without her. And Drita has won every fight & now Renee wants that crazy loon Natalie to fight Drita. As Drita said she would wipe the floor with that big mouth, overweight woman that looks like a sausage in those dresses. They are too tight.

    • Melissa


    • Bad Barbie

      Paragraphs are friends boo.

      I agree with you. Renee is full of nonsense, that guy she was dating was a fake rent-a-date btw and he is a cop for the NYPD. So much for “No cops zone”.

  • Jennymckitty

    Does anyone know what blog caused Drita to get angry with Carla?

    • PattiGoLighty


      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        OMG! That was so funny I just busted out laughing so loudly I scared the cat!
        Good one Patti.

        • PattiGoLighty


  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    If this is true, for her son’s sake, I hope she gets help before it’s too late.

    Other than that this toxic trick can…

    • Brattus Rattus

      Hey ya! I hate for anyone to have drug problems. This is another show I stopped watching because of this sentence: “We need to have a sit down”

      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        Ha-ha! Brattus I think if I heard the words “rat” or “sit-down” one more time my head would have just popped off my neck & said I’m out!

        • Brattus Rattus

          And rats are so sweet and misunderstood! Look at a couple of my boys! (RIP) They were just the sweetest babies ever! I made them dress for Christmas (Peanut, Face, Wiley & Martini). The other two were Niles and Frasier.

          • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

            Ha-ha-ha! That’s so cool. They do look like Niles & Frasier! Rats with little halos? OMG! That’s too cute.
            I don’t mind them at all. (Unless they come into my house uninvited. Then it’s on! But hell I’d say the say thing about uninvited humans too! LOL!)
            But I really don’t see much difference from owning a rat than say a hamster or gerbil except that rats are more intelligent & seem to have distinct personalities.

          • Brattus Rattus

            See….and that’s why calling people rats, not so good in my world. LOL Rats are clean and loyal too. Mine were all trained like little dogs. They would come when I called. Anywho, I could make this a rat blog. I’m really sick today (all weekend) I just needed something to do till the meds kicked in and I could keep my mind busy. So thanks for that. Have a great night!

          • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

            Anytime Hon. I just happen to like them. In all honest truth? Heck, they have much better manners, more personality & probably behave better than most of these Housewives/Mobwives chicks anyway!

          • Bad Barbie

            LMAO No you didn’t!

          • Brattus Rattus

            LMAO yeah…. yeah I did. I used to make costumes for them. I had alcohol and I could bribe them with cream cheese.
            Girl, peel an onion.

  • Juana Michelle

    Can’t claim to be tough then run off stage like a little whimp. I hope she doesn’t continue with the show. Hearing her mouth makes me wanna break my TV

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  • Tisha Aguilar

    I’m not a Nat G fan however that reunion was not right every time she tryed to talk she ether got cut off was told to stop a number of times Karen tryed to attack her what 2 times n then that Nat D thing did the same. Nat G was trying to act right. AGAIN I’m not a Nat G fan but I felt bad for the way she was treated by Karen Nat D and even the host smh. If anyone gets fired due to the reunion it SLD be KAREN! All season all she has talked about is attacking Nat G.

    • Bad Barbie

      and NAtD. What is her purpose on this show? She def had an agenda for something that was none of her business.

    • Kaitlyn

      i would have to agree, even karens thug boyfriend. I was so disgusted at the irony of those two calling her a RAT> lol seriously??!?

  • Stormy

    Bye Felicia!

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  • Bad Barbie

    The one with outrageous behavior was NatD. She has zero relevance to this show and acted like she has been here for years. zzzzzzzz

    Renee is of the worst kind. She is really mocking something that has taken most of her life’s control. What a clown.

    • I know you like Nat G but you seriously don’t think her behavior was vile, outrageous and downright gutter??? She ran off the stage to go get her fix. I wonder if London is on drugs too? They’re both so gross….ugh! So happy she won’t be back.

      • Bad Barbie

        I don’t like anyone on this show but Big Ange. I am not blind though. She is trash that still doesn’t take away from what Nat D displayed AND they are ALL coke heads and smoke weed. Meth though?- that is reaching. Meth is not something that you can go take a hit and come back like nothing happened. Renee should be the last one mocking addiction though. She is still not sober.

        • Big Ang was HUGE disappointment this season. She’s a crackhead too.

          • Bad Barbie

            Coke. Why was she a disappointment? Because she was fed up of the same story?

            I bet you that Drunken Monkey being reported to the SLA had something to do with NatD and her vendetta for Big Ange next, because Ange didn’t become her cheerleader. A person’s past behavior is true indicator of their future actions. There is nothing that spells rats more than someone walking around recording people.

            Too much coincidence and she said it “” I have to watch what I say in front of this chick going around playing recordings”.

          • Nah, The Drunken Monkey investigation by the SLA started LONG before Nat D or Nat G came into the picture. The legal docs state as much. Big Ang was a HUGE disappointment because she allowed a perfect stranger (Nat G) to penetrate her friendship she had for over 20 years. Anyone with a brain knows Nat G is liar and drug addict. She lies all the time but yet Big Ang, who prides herself on loyalty believed every word out of the Ratalie’s mouth.

            EDIT: I refer to all drug addicts as crackheads regardless of the drug.

      • kim

        it wasn’t that hard to figure out that Nat G behavior had a lot to do with drugs, when she tried to put Renee was on drugs Renee was the one that came out clean and said that they both had been doing cocaine together, as of right now Nat G doesn’t need to return to Mob Wives she needs to work on herself, she has a son that needs her, her behavior is not normal she is vicious and angry and its coming from somewhere

  • melody

    Can people just STOP FIGHTING AND ARGUING AND ALL THIS SOCIAL MEDIA CRAP SERIOUSLY. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! this is why I don’t have no Twitter or instagram Becuz it just causes a lot of drama.

  • Jody

    porch girl wana b..stay on ur knees sweetheart star search is a no show