Felon Update: Teresa Giudice Likes To Read Press Clippings About Herself In Prison

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice is heading into spring in Connecticut, and as the cold lifts, and new life blooms, a new report is asserting that Teresa‘s priorities remain solidly on her stuck in winter, star persona. Confidenti@l is reporting that Teresa is having contacts on the outside send her magazine clippings about herself, and is committed to keeping abreast of any press nugget of relevancy, in hopes of keeping that encouraging light of importance bright.

“She’s hears everything; she’s not out of touch at all,” said a source close to Giudice. “She can email all day long; she’ll email with whoever she chooses and they’ll tell her what’s going on.”

The source also claims that Teresa has received clippings from fans, via snail mail, and is keeping up with all the ‘Housewife’ gossip. Her position on the Bravo franchise has remained uncertain, and she is supposedly keeping close tabs on the ongoing shake up in Jersey, including the rumor that she might be knocked out of the saddle by Traci Lynn Barber, wife of former Giants star, Tiki Barber.

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Teresa has been accepting visits from her mother, Joe, and her four daughters. Surely, the ‘In Touch Weekly’ cover story, detailing her beloved hubby carrying on with a thirty year old party girl named Jamie Jackson has been passed on to this reality inmate…makes one wonder how cuddly the following family visit was, after that little spot of tea. Could there be an actual downside to unbalanced fan adoration feeding the beast of Teresa’s camera loving self absorption?

“I almost don’t think I’d want to know what’s going on with the tabloids and what’s going on with the ‘Real Housewives’ future. I almost feel like it’s a shame that she does know all that stuff,” the source says about Giudice’s email obsession, adding “You would think that she needs to be healing right now; clear her mind. It would be better for her to go and focus and do what she has to do in there instead of worrying about what’s going on out here with all the nonsense.”

Nonsense? Perish the thought! What does Teresa need to ‘heal’ from…the realization that she has sunk to the level of an imprisoned thief, desperately clinging to a few lingering threads of outside notoriety? Maybe ‘change’ would be a more inspiring word.


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