VIDEO: Phaedra Parks Breaks Down Over Marriage Issues & Consults Divorce Attorney

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta” returns tonight and attorney, mortician and self-proclaimed freak extraordinaire, Phaedra Parks bashes opens up about her marriage struggles.

In an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode, Mrs. Southern Belle continues her victim act when she consults with a divorce attorney to dissolve her marriage from Apollo NidaDuring the episode, Parks kicks her saint role into high gear, dramatically labeling Apollo the bad felon husband. In her meeting with the divorce attorney, the portrayal of a wife that tried to support her husband who returned to a life of crime right under her nose is made.

“I married him because I thought he was a changed man,” says Phaedra. “And so, I’d like a divorce.”

An ex-con flashes loads of cash, buys luxury cars, expensive clothes on a modest income and an astute attorney had no clue. Suuuuure she didn’t! 


In another clip from tonight’s episode, Phaedra pays Sarah Jakes (daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes) a visit. The Bishop’s daughter has gone through a public divorce and offers Phaedra words of comfort. Phaedra describes her marriage to Apollo as “madness,” she added, “every day was madness.” She pretends to listens to Sarah and nods her head, while mustering up a few fake tears. Nothing new…the usual BS we’ve seen from the Southern Belle. 


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