Mob Wives Recap: Reunion Part 2 [Season 5]

Posted on Mar 19 2015 - 4:53am by Norrth Cafe

Mob Wives Reunion. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

Part 2 begins with a string of Drita clips and not that I noticed but apparently the words “dick” and “dickface” were her favorite words of the season (how did I miss that?) We  learn that Gizelle asks mommy, daddy, and their friends to use the word “pickles” instead, and they do. CUTE!  Renee’s montage is next and we see her up and down – strong and then crying, but mostly focusing on JuniorBig Ang has clearly softened because she still hates Junior but isn’t faulting Renee for his actions. We learn that Renee has been truly different, off-screen, since the baptism. We learn that Renee is clearly aware that her anger, depression, and addiction were all coming together making her life miserable and the lives of others as well. Guercio is given credit for finally apologizing to Renee. Both Renee and Ang are wishing Junior a longer sentence because he’s a double rat. They recall the way he used Renee to get to her family and betrayed them all.

Mob Wives Reunion. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

Didonato is up. WOOT WOOT.  We relive the history between the two Natalies and I have to admit that Didonato, in retrospect, is funnier than I remembered, but also seems angry in a way that is extra.  Guercio looks afraid, for my money.  Big Ang doesn’t seem to have any more love for Didonato than she did before, even though she is clearly over her friendship with GuercioDidonato does not back down to Ang and reminds her that they were hanging at the drunken monkey and other times, when Ang claims she never really knew Didonato, she only that she hated Guercio.  She reminds Ang that she was clear that she was angry about the way her friend was betrayed, and repeats that calling the P.O. was not about abuse.   Guercio thinks it’s wrong that Didonato came on the show to “expose her personal past” and tells her that she needs to shut her ugly trap.  The insults fly.  Didonato mocks Guercio’s boob job and her nipples, to which Guercio rubs them and asks, “Do you like that baby?” before calling Didonato trash. No one could have scripted that, nor would they want to.

Mob wives nat g vs nat d

Fox gets up to try to stop the yelling when Didonato flies across the stage to attack Guercio, only to be surrounded by three of the largest security guards in reality tv history.  All three need to work their way around to all reunion shows.  They grab Didonato but Guercio storms off like she was body slammed and can’t take any more.  Drita walks off stage to go get Guercio as Didonato talks about the other Nat’s  past.  Karen thinks if Guercio was comfortable in her own skin with nothing to hide she would be on the stage.  The burly guards backstage apparently fear Drita.  She waves them off and tells them she’s getting Guercio.  She even makes a nervous production assistant leave the room.  #BadAss. She is in formal attire and heels and they don’t make a move in her direction.

Mob Wives Reunion. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

Guercio keeps randomly throwing out words she must have learned from watching prior seasons (rat scumbag, etc). Drita tells her that she’s wrong and that everybody faces the music and that she has to come back out. They head back to the stage, though Guercio  is upset that Didonato keeps cursing at her… yeah, that’s what bothers her. We do learn that Didonato is not a liar. Guercio did call her boyfriend, and basically admits it when smirking and claiming that she’d heard that Didonato called his P.O. on him (turns out she didn’t).  There are more clips of trading words and the recording. Drita flies into a tear about rats calling rats and taping conversations and she feels more like a CSI for even listening to it than a mob wife. More inaudible screaming in a fight that is basically about whether Guercio lied about the abuse. It’s uncomfortable to watch and Fox leaves the stage – upset given the work she has done in shelters with women who are domestic violence survivors.

Mob Wives Reunion. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

When the show returns, CARLA joins the group.  She feels that Drita dropped her after she was let go from the show.  She is hurt that Drita now claims they weren’t “friends like that” and that she wasn’t invited to the store opening. Drita wants to know why she didn’t just show up but Carla reveals that everyone got an invitation but her, so why would she? Drita accuses Carla of talking to the blogs, but Carla counters that she never talked to blogs and doesn’t give interviews. Karen is shut down when she tries to reveal how information got out. DAMN! The Natalies are permitted to fight all day but Karen keeps getting shut down. We learn that Carla and Renee have been friends since they were 17 and that Carla and Drita miss their old friendship – but Carla realizes that friendship is now gone, it’s not the same. And STILL no clip or comment about Ang telling Carla that Drita was not a true friend to her. The clip of Renee’s party, where the reveal was made is cut just before the Big Ang/Carla exchange.

Mob Wives Reunion. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

We are “treated” to a clip of the various accusations of “rat.” Someone should deduct $100 from their salary to go into a donation jar every time that word is randomly used. It should be banned from next season. In case you care, we are told that you can never “un-rat” yourself. Speaking of, the Baptism party comes up, and we see Drita getting worked up over the recording and the “rat” accusation clips are played just before the clips of Guercio and her entourage showing up at the party. She claims (in the later filmed THs) that she thought she was getting jumped… remember, she thought she was cool with Drita and Ang… un huh…

Mob Wives Reunion. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

The Nats claim each uses twitter to attack the other with Didonato claiming Guercio doesn’t even take a bathroom break from twitter… she ends up calling Guercio a slut monkey.Drita says she has always thought Guercio was afraid of what Didonato had to say. Really? Then what took her so long to catch on? Didonato drops the bomb that Guercio is still calling and texting her ex, wondering if London knows. WHAT??? Guercio calls her dumpster juice. More yelling takes place and as the host tries to get the group back on track, Didonato sneaks across the floor nearly sliding past Guercio  before the mountain sized men break them apart, somehow Didonato’s hand is cut. Karen looks amused that Guercio was shook. Guercio and London leave. I won’t miss them. Bye, y’all. One funny part of the last scene is that a raging Didonato says that she’s tired of the flip flopping. Drita looks down at her shoulder, like she’s checking for something, but says nothing. Ruh roh, I see what’s coming on season 6.

Mob Wives Reunion. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

When the ladies are asked who they now believe, Renee and Karen clearly believe DiDonatoAng doesn’t say she believes her, but seems FULLY through with Guercio and her mouth, earlier stating that “It’s enough to want to (bleeping) kill her.  Drita believes Guercio called the P.O.  Renee ends with the best line of the night.  She says that they can handle whatever comes their way because they are built that way… she adds that she might fall apart about once a month, but she’s still built that way.

Everyone laughs and we are OUT for Season 5, folks!


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  • She Stinks!

    So glad this is all over. Worst season ever. Viveca was constantly vamping for the camera, fake crying, running off the stage desperately trying to make it about her.

    I was getting tired and bored of the yelling and bleeping. And if that is how NatD fights, pretty sure she’s been beat down in the past. NatD is pure trash, she even leaked graphic naked pics of herself. She’s just gross. Funny how NatG leaves the reunion and the show ends. They had nothing else to talk about, which was the entire season. If we had to take a shot every time we heard ‘rat’, we’d all have cirrhosis of the liver.

    This show is ready for cancellation VH1!

    • Bad Barbie

      I agree! What else did we see these fools do but talk about NatG? I mean, NatG may be all sorts of things but in a bunch on old unattractive hags (besides Carla) she is an attractive girl and doesn’t look like a stuff sausage. That alone can make these angry birds see red…

      NatD is doing the most and why? I don’t get it. WTF is it of her business to come on the show and bring this type of recording? Yet, her boyfriend that we saw on the show exposed a video of her calling the cops on him. LOL None of these heaux know the real definition of “rat”. Well, Karen and Renee should.

      They need to chop this show already.

  • Bad Barbie

    Before I even read all of that let me say this again… (said it in another post)

    Ange’s Drunkey Monkey was shut down by the SLA because the license was under a cousin and Ange is a convicted felon… who would have the motive and energy to report her? I bet my money on NatD, since Ange didn’t have 2 facks to give about her.

    For someone that is so pressed about the word “rat”, going around with a recording of some ish that doesn’t concern you, one and two that you didn’t witness is was the streets call “Soft Snitching”. I said that she was getting to this group to set up Karen… well, I was wrong there.

    • chacha1

      the one who yells the loudest has the most to hide ….. hope this skank Nat D gets a big dose of bad Karma along with Karen who is so proud of her low rent boyfriend and RAT father

      • Bad Barbie

        YO! You ain’t lying. I have no idea wtf is NatD’s problem. Chick is seriously doing the most… I strongly believe she ratted Big Ange. Watch next season be all about that. LOL

  • chacha1

    I just couldn’t, I would only watch a show if Ang and her family were in it only …..

  • RonnieIsBack

    Great recap North. I don’t watch but these broads are ruff.
    I’m just surprised that Jigsaw (Vivica) tried her best to look like Kenya….stalker tried it…

    • Bad Barbie

      I have no idea why she is even being a host? So nasty so rude. she acted like she was a cast member of the show.

  • Norrth

    I think NatD may have been excessive, but it turns out, she’s not a liar. That matters most to me. NatG? I think she needs to go.

  • twifan2

    TY! TY! TY! Norrth for a great recap! 🙂
    Saved the ear pain from listening to the Nats squelching at each other.
    & Vivica? 0.o How did she fit in with the show? Guess Milania wasn’t allowed to stay up that late.
    See you NEXT season?

  • honeybunny

    I didnt watch this show but I tuned in to the reunion fora few minutes….and I had to turn….Vivica was a terrible host, at least the part I saw anyway

    • ldeimler

      you’re right. vivica was god awful. talk about playing to the camera. that’s all she did. then her crying bit. c’mon. that was so laughable.

  • Awesome recap Norrth! I think BOTH Nat’s need to go STAT! Disgusting low-life women.

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    Ugh! Couldn’t even sit through it. There were sooo many bleepin’ bleeps. I bleepin’ couldn’t bleepin’ understand a bleepin’ word these bleepin’ bishes were bleepin’ saying.

    I will be so glad if it’s true that Nat G. is gone. What a mess this chick is.
    & WTF was up with that hooker outfit?
    What the hell was that? A bunch of dog leashes linked together?
    Why even wear it if you can see right through it? Or if you have to spend the entire night holding it in place so you don’t expose yourself. Nat G. can be really funny at times, but her basic level is too low. She’s too damn mouthy & can’t ever back it up.
    Seems Nat D. was at least telling the truth. So I will give her that, but damn girl, calm the fook down! You almost wiped out charging at Nat G. (How hilarious that would that splat have been?)
    Won’t miss her at all either.

    Tired of all the anger & brawling. Not sure if I’ll be back next season.