Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Shot Down Brandi Glanville’s Flowery Apology!

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How many apologies are too many?  This week on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” we witnessed another Brandi apology, on her endless and probably hopeless pursuit of restoring her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa was less than receptive, and opens up in her blog to share why she shut down Brandi, and her flowery peace-offering.

“I wasn’t in the frame of mind to accept Brandi‘s flowers. I assumed if I accepted the flowers, that meant I had to accept the apology. Accepting the apology means I am perpetuating the behavior, so therefore I wasn’t prepared to do that.. We talked before about life’s consequences, and I am not accusing BG of a heinous crime (pushing and slapping), but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Lisa points out the glaring difference between she and Yolanda’s attitudes towards Brandi, and clarifies her state of mind heading into their last dinner in Amsterdam.

“I had reached my limit of allowances for her, and if Yolanda wants to continually make excuses for her poor behavior, then that is up to her. I had certainly had enough. Talking to Ken, I yearned for home and to be back in a place of emotional security, but one more night to go, then I was off to London to see my family. So the last supper, surrounded by the beauty of the canals and the gentle banter between us all, was a much needed emotional poultice before we ended this eventful trip.”

While having Brandi elsewhere during the last gathering of the trip appeared to be a relief to the whole cast, Lisa weighed in on the circumstances surrounding her absence, namely bragging about and supposedly bedding a young man, who was a friend of Lisa’s son, Max. 

“The absence of BG was a welcome change to the dynamic, and the fact that she was going on a date with my son’s friend (best friend in school for many years) seemed strange to me, and the remark that he had a nice c–k just certified why I have little left to say. I am devoid of any more remonstrations. It is not his age, it was the fact that I had known him so well for all the years growing up. It seemed strange to think of him having sex at all! Especially as they had just met.”

While I certainly wasn’t surprised that Brandi would jump into the sack with whomever at anytime, young Andre certainly seemed to provide the “I’m hot and you’re not” twist of the knife that Brandi would certainly want noticed by this jet setting group of grannies.  Too bad for Brandi, because no one cared, and just wanted her GONE.  The cast owes Andre a big thank you…maybe Max will relay their gratitude!


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