Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Shot Down Brandi Glanville’s Flowery Apology!

Posted on Mar 19 2015 - 4:48pm by BeachSpin

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How many apologies are too many?  This week on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” we witnessed another Brandi apology, on her endless and probably hopeless pursuit of restoring her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa was less than receptive, and opens up in her blog to share why she shut down Brandi, and her flowery peace-offering.

“I wasn’t in the frame of mind to accept Brandi‘s flowers. I assumed if I accepted the flowers, that meant I had to accept the apology. Accepting the apology means I am perpetuating the behavior, so therefore I wasn’t prepared to do that.. We talked before about life’s consequences, and I am not accusing BG of a heinous crime (pushing and slapping), but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Lisa points out the glaring difference between she and Yolanda’s attitudes towards Brandi, and clarifies her state of mind heading into their last dinner in Amsterdam.

“I had reached my limit of allowances for her, and if Yolanda wants to continually make excuses for her poor behavior, then that is up to her. I had certainly had enough. Talking to Ken, I yearned for home and to be back in a place of emotional security, but one more night to go, then I was off to London to see my family. So the last supper, surrounded by the beauty of the canals and the gentle banter between us all, was a much needed emotional poultice before we ended this eventful trip.”

While having Brandi elsewhere during the last gathering of the trip appeared to be a relief to the whole cast, Lisa weighed in on the circumstances surrounding her absence, namely bragging about and supposedly bedding a young man, who was a friend of Lisa’s son, Max. 

“The absence of BG was a welcome change to the dynamic, and the fact that she was going on a date with my son’s friend (best friend in school for many years) seemed strange to me, and the remark that he had a nice c–k just certified why I have little left to say. I am devoid of any more remonstrations. It is not his age, it was the fact that I had known him so well for all the years growing up. It seemed strange to think of him having sex at all! Especially as they had just met.”

While I certainly wasn’t surprised that Brandi would jump into the sack with whomever at anytime, young Andre certainly seemed to provide the “I’m hot and you’re not” twist of the knife that Brandi would certainly want noticed by this jet setting group of grannies.  Too bad for Brandi, because no one cared, and just wanted her GONE.  The cast owes Andre a big thank you…maybe Max will relay their gratitude!


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  • Brattus Rattus

    You know, all that crap Brandi has done to herself has made her look older than she is. The young guy made her look like a fool too. Good for him.

    • toolate2care2000

      I think she made herself look like a fool – she didn’t need any help.

  • Ilivehereandlikeit

    The thing I’ve noticed with Brandi’s so-called apologies is that without exception, they come off as insincere and…taunting?? Like she’s threatening them while pretending to apologize??? How odd. I just don’t get this chick AT ALL.

    • MidwestMiddie

      Spot On!

    • RubyT

      Yes, so she can cry double standard. Brandi suffers from ” poor, poor me” syndrome.

      • chacha1

        and Yolanda attends all her pity parties, Brandi crying that her dad is dying so instead of going to Sacramento they go to the Spa …..

    • Brattus Rattus

      I’ve given up on her “performance” for the most part. She’s always going to play the victim. Poor her….not.
      I just can’t get over the artificialness of it all. Her appearance. Her friendship. Even the concern over her dad.
      I’m with you, she’s odd…to say the least.

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      ITA!! She reminds me of a toddler that is smiling while being naughty in an act of defiance. Like in a “what are you going to do about it?” way.

  • Here’s the thing. Just because someone “apologizes” doesn’t mean the other person has to accept it. Brandi has crossed that thin line one too many times and if she can feel compelled enough to put her hands on Lisa, on top of making crude remarks about African American women, about children of molestation, what else will she not do???

    • RoundAbout

      And is a simple apology plus a small bundle of flowers enough to make up for the transgression against Lisa? If I were the one in Lisa’s shoes, I’d be saying no.

      Imagine for just one minute that, instead of it being Brandi who did the shoving and slapping of Lisa, it was actually a man. Would we all be thinking Lisa is being too difficult for not accepting his flowers and apology or would we all be acting with sanity and demanding that he be dealt with legally for a sexual assault?

  • italiano bambino

    This woman doesn’t apologizes to anyone let’s cut the bs. Wait only if is convinient for lisa.

  • stan

    Group of grannies??? WTF? None of them are grandmothers you asshole.

    • MorningYawn

      I think it was tongue in cheek

    • BeachSpin

      Thanks for reading…I think? If you watch the show, Brandi refers to them as old ladies every week…that sentence was within that context. I am aware that none of them are grannies, (because I do watch the show) but I also believe that grandmothers are fab and I don’t consider it a word that deserves an ignorant insult as a response.

      • chacha1

        my mom was a grandmother at 40 and was gorgeous

    • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

      Wow Stan, you must be a blast at parties.
      It’s Friday, relax a little. The weekend is here.
      Remember mom always said you can catch more flies with honey than ya can vinegar, so… be nice.
      Hope you have a nice weekend.

    • The sarcasm went over your head.

    • classycns


  • TartLemon

    Brandi abuses friendships then thinks an apology will smooth everything over. Sounds like typical abuser behavior. Men/women abuse the other or their children and think a gift of some kind like jewelry, flowers or “I’m sorry” will make it all better. It doesn’t.

    I support LVP’s position 100%. Brava, Lisa!

  • itsjustme

    Brandi reminds me of a 5 year old. In their simple minds they think they can misbehave as long as they apologize. That is exactly how Brandi behaves. She can be as horrible to any one of the ladies as she wants, and then figures as long as she apologizes all will be forgotten and forgiven. Sorry Brandi, that may work for a 5 yr old, but it certainly doesn’t work for a 40 something year old. GROW UP ALL READY!!!!

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    Brandi, ffs please grow up already & stop with the thoughtless & instantaneous reactions & overreactions.
    & cut the crap with the ageism snark & maybe people will be willing to stop the slut-shaming.

    Happy Friday Y’all. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

    • Happy Friday Tiger!!

      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        Happy Friday Love! Here’s hoping today will be a good one.

        Love the new avi. Are you Thing One or Thing Two today? LOL!

        • Thing Two!!!!! 🙂

          • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

            Good cause I have Thing One tank top & undies! LOL!
            We can be a set!

  • chacha1

    I love how Amsterboy let her wait for him ( 3 glasses of wine) and sad that he showed up, wonder what Brandi’s sons think about Amsterboy’s cock and that Brandi had to talk about it on TV, she really is trash

    • Addie2U

      He probably only showed up because his other plans didn’t pan out.

  • chacha1

    Thank you Lisa for not accepting the flowers or the apology, I finally respect you because I really was getting sick and tired of all you supposed high class ladies even giving this trash bag the time of day … over and over she back stabbed everyone and everyone made excuses for her foul mouth, now Yolanda can have her all to herself as they are both skanks, only difference is one has money and the other doesn’t …… Brandi must have something big on Yolanda is what I thought for her to constantly take her crap especially at the dinner party where she disrespected Babyface and then talked about finger banging

  • Babson_Chick

    Good for Lisa – she’s had enough of Brandi being lude, crude and being bloody stupid!!

  • Norrth

    A real apology comes in the form of not repeatedly doing things that hurt other people. Brandi just won’t stop. I can’t believe she cried about her father’s medical condition and then went to get a facial and cry for herself. I hope her dad didn’t watch that clip.

  • GinaXOXO

    LVP seems to be having issues with her short term memory. She criticizes Yolanda for defending Brandi but LVP seems to be forgetting she use to defend Brandi. That was before LVP let fans see that she isn’t who she pretends to be.

    Have you seen Twitter?

    LVP favorited a tweet saying Brandi’s face resembles Mama Elsa. Go ahead defend LVP using your hate for Brandi. But, ask yourself, what did Mama Elsa do to LVP to have her looks scrutinized as she is suffering a health setback.

    A LVP fan tweeted that she is flattered whenever LVP sends her messages to tweet. Camille called her out for it if you want to take a look. LVP isn’t above the HWs, like she pretends to be. She is as thirsty as the rest of them. I think looking at her tweets gives us a glimpse of her soul.

    LisaR has been even crazier than LVP on Twitter. Look for yourself. The worst was when she favorited a tweet saying that they wanted to take Brandi in and beat her. LisaR retweeted and then said “I love you”. She quickly removed it.

    Thirsty bitches. I see who you are. You are not different.

  • jlee

    Wow, really sad to be so obsessed with a TV show and the actors. You
    take time to twist and repeat their tweets. Even worse, Obsessed with
    the violent one and condoning it by your need for what, revenge? Revenge
    for someone you don’t know and never will.

    • jlee

      And I’m talking about GinaXOXO

    • What are you referring to?

    • GinaXOXO

      Ok. Twist and repeat?? Nothing I wrote was twisted. Everything I spoke of was a fact.

      I do not have any idea what you are saying about revenge.

      • jlee

        No I don’t know you and never will just like you don’t know them, unless you do and then it would be personal. So why all the hate for someone you don’t know? And picking apart one HW’s tweets when there are others who have tweeted much worse seems a but narrow minded and focused on a single agenda.