Brandi Glanville Calls Out Her Castmates & Says Kyle Richards Is Hiding Something!

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Typical of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Brandi Glanville, she used her incredibly long and winding Bravo blog as a defense mechanism, making a tedious attempt to explain her actions in Amsterdam by placing blame on others.

At the beginning of her blog she tells her fans to “break out your Chardonnay, or maybe just keep a Xanax nearby” for the reunion show. Advice I needed just to read her convoluted and lengthy blog. (Note to Brandi: Less is more.)

How did Brandi feel about her decision to miss the last supper with the girls to hook up with the 23 year-old friend of Lisa’s son Max?

“What a welcome reprieve. Hello, I was single after all. I had a great time. Lovely man. Lovely dates. Lovely city. Lovely nights…and what a great way to end a vacation abroad. Oh, and shame on Lisa V.’s comment trying to shame me for dating a younger man. She married a much older man herself and her best friend’s fiancé is 30 years younger than he is. Live and let live!”

Advice that Brandi gives but doesn’t truly get. How did she feel about missing the conversation about the live sex shows?

“It was kinda funny to watch. Anyway, I’m sorry to have missed Yolanda’s quintessential Dutch dinner at the truly perfect Hotel l’Europe, but I probably would have added my own little sex joke and ruined the proper “ladies” evening.”

At least she didn’t refer to them as “menopause mamas.” Tick-tock, Brandi. She then throws shade at Lisa R and Kyle for talking, yet again, about Kim’s non-sobriety.

“So, there they are pretending to eat, so they can gossip about Kim and I behind our backs. What would they even talk about without us?”

What would any of us talk about without you, Brandi? But I digress.

“Kyle heard Lisa R. use the word intervention and visibly salivates and is just chomping at the bit about running to Kim with this hurtful gossip. Only stop, rewind. Bravo replayed our conversation, and it was Lisa R. who brought up the word “intervention,” NOT ME.”

Brandi moves on in her blog to discuss the Palm Springs real-estate transaction, and I have to say, she kind of has a point. If only Kathy Hilton would straighten things out for us.

“Kyle has decided the best possible place to talk to her sister is in the enormous multi-million dollar house she just bought from selling her and Kim’s shares of their deceased mother’s house…This always confuses me. If Kim was not of the mind to enter into business at the time, it looks like Kyle took advantage of her. If she was, it looks like a fast one was pulled.”

Brandi concludes her blog (insert applause here) with this parting shot to Kyle.

“So Kim and Kyle alone in Palm Springs. Kyle really doesn’t get why Kim is upset with her? OK. Well, Kyle, it could be because you’re a lying, empathy-lacking, narcissist who only cares about the appearance of looking wealthy and having famous friends, while throwing your sister under a fleet of buses. It could be that. But, what do I know?”



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