Lisa Rinna Wants to Move On From The Drama!

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After three extremely long episodes of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in Amsterdam, Lisa Rinna addresses her thoughts on the Kim/Brandi/Kyle drama on her Bravo blog this week.

“Look, I am just as sick of this topic as all of you are, but at this point, it was quite evident to me that Kim’s “best friend” had decided to fill her in on the conversation we had over lunch just weeks before but conveniently left out her entire role in the conversation. One would assume that Brandi realized she’d spoken of Kim in a way that would upset her, so she lumped the whole conversation on me. Brandi needed me to be the bad guy in order to keep Kim from being mad at her, too.”

Lisa claims she no longer wants to discuss the topic of Kim’s sobriety, and yet she does. Why?

“We all saw Brandi tell me how there is so much more going on than I know surrounding the topic I no longer want to speak of. We all saw Brandi suggest to me that an intervention be planned for our group while we spoke of Kim. We all saw Brandi tell me that Kim would murder her and then kill herself if she knew that Brandi was talking about ‘her situation.”

So the questions remains, why did Lisa bring this up with Kyle, yet again, after the Amsterdam trip when Kim made it blatantly clear she wanted Lisa to butt out?

“I passed along information to Kyle per Brandi’s request. It is now left up to them to figure out what to do with it. The bond between sisters is so deep, and I really would love to see the Richards sisters work it out and come to a place of mutual understanding and respect of one another.” Lisa added, “This is the last thing I want to be talking about, but the forbidden situation keeps on being brought up, so here I am, rehashing the damn thing again.”

So has Kim reached out to Lisa to apologize for what she said and did in Amsterdam?

“Kim still has not apologized to Kyle, Eileen, or me for her uncalled for behavior toward us or my husband. I do still have a lot to process, and a lot has been left unresolved.”

Who’s looking forward to the RHOBH reunion? Let the healing begin!


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