Battle Lines Are Drawn: Bravo Releases #RHOBH Reunion Seating Strategy

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Andy Cohen RHOBH

We are only a couple of weeks from a sure to be epic “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion. This season has has been a stormy one, with exposed truth, lies, addiction, wine flings, with a few shoves and even a slap, adding to the dramatic fun.

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Bravo has released a picture of the reunion seating chart, and clearly the network is going for the visual of brunettes vs blondes. As we all know, Eileen is the misfit left side blonde, and would probably rather be parked between the right side brunettes. Little dribbles of hot tea have been leaking out as to what fireworks to expect…fingers crossed that the actual show will match the hype!

All About The Tea_real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-season-5-amsterdam-01 RHOBH_reunion seating chart

This is what we have heard so far….

  • Lisa Vanderpump went after Brandi hard…maybe to make up for that smack heard around Amsterdam?
  • Lisa Rinna nails Kim for going after her husband, instigating Shardgate. Lisa apparently challenges Kim to fess up to simply baiting her to deflect from being called out as a lying through her teeth junkie.
  • Kim comes clean and admits that she has no dirt on Harry Hamlin, proving that Rinna was not out of line for blasting her deflection tactics.

What spin will Bravo choose to deal with their favorite addict falling off the wagon on national television…again? Will Eileen and Lisa Rinna be fan favorite standouts as they have been all season long? Will this be one long Richards bitch-fest, or will the viewers be treated to material that hasn’t been pounded into the ground? Will Brandi be challenged, or just patted on the head by the adoring Andy, for raking in the trashy drama? What outfit and hair monstrosities will our eyes have to recover from? We will soon find out!


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