Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap Part 2

Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 12:00pm by Harmony McClintock

Vanderpump Rules reunion

The Vanderpump Rules” Reunion part 2 begins, as Andy, Lisa, and the, “Ridiculously attractive staff,” at SUR continue the verbal battle. As we left off, Katie was ripping Stassi to shreds for her cut and run antics. Katie finding her voice as she blasts Stassi understandably, for their one-sided friendship. Andy asks Stassi about when and why things had gone bad with Katie?  Then I got really confused because, Stassi can’t come up with a good reason for cutting Katie off. Katie stones Stassi,”You pick up the damn phone and you call me back, are your fingers broken?” Stassi tells Andy she understood why Katie went to Miami. Stassi, apparently defeated without an argument, responds,”I think your thinking of it as so black and white”.  The SUR crew all laugh out loud in utter disbelief as Stassi tries to get out of the mass humiliation by finally apologizing that Katie was so hurt. It swirls around to Stassi even owning up to hurting all of the cast with her nasty comments all season. After Schwartz tries to explain how hurt Katie was by ending the friendship, we hear Stassi try to contend that Katie was rumored to be speaking badly about Stassi’s boyfriend.  This excuse was quickly shot down, as once again Stassi just falls on her sword an apologizes again.

Tom Schwartz, suddenly shifts gears and questions Jax,”Why in the world did you tattoo Stassi’s face on your arm?” It gets creepy for a minute giving Jax a hard time, as Jax profoundly swears, the tattoo is not Stassi. Andy hammers Jax until the tattoo is revealed. It really does look like a hybrid Stassi- Carmen face on the whole side of his arm. Jax has once again, tattooed his blundering errors on his body, as a shocked Stassi responds,” Your a straight up serial killer!”.  Jax isn’t done been beaten, as Andy asks why he wanted Katie and Tom Schwartz to break up? Jax at first, makes the claim that Scwartz was hanging out more often and was unhappy.  Then Katie, like the voice of reason, gets down to the fact that Jax was really mad at Katie, and retaliated by trying to interfere in their relationship. Jax trying to cop out for a second says,  “He is a big boy he makes his own decisions.” Jax owes it eventually and shows a tiny amount of remorse for doing it.  I mean, trying to make Schwartz kiss a girl by drunk slight of hand, pushing heads together, is a setup from the beginning.

Jax isn’t the only one to get hammered, as Schwartz now defends why he told Katie about the L.A. girl kiss,but not the Vegas girl kiss.  Schwartz made out with not one but two girls, and says,”If I laid both things on her, I wasn’t sure if the relationship could handle it.”  This brings up the motherly advise and support that Katie got from  Lisa Vanderpump, during this cheating scandal.  Lisa gives universal advice for Katie not to settle for second best. “I have really seen her grow up and I am very proud of her.” Lisa clearly cares for her staff, and really wants the very best for them.  Even Sandoval chimes in and says that Katie really is the most improved this year.

Next, we hear Stassi try to rationalize Kristen’s stalker behavior towards Sandoval this season. She sugar coats it, by saying her behavior was extreme by trying to expose Sandoval. Kristen was determined to prove she wasn’t a liar. The point finally announced, when Scheana states,”No one even called her a liar though.’  Which seems to be the motive in Kristen’s conspiring to bring Miami girl face to face with Sandoval in Los Angeles. Kristen says that Miami Girl started following her on social media, she figured out who she was,  but finally admits that she did reach out to Miami girl to start the showdown at SUR. Kristen confirms that she did not fly her there.  Her clear involvement in this incident here as she smiles and supports her own truth.   Andy makes a point, that it was odd to see this girl yelling at him across the bar claiming they had sex.  Sandoval tries to defend himself with Miami girl,  begins to gross the viewers  out with details of menstrual cycles and rumors that he went down on Miami girl.  After hearing this, I officially didn’t care if Tom had sex with a Tiger. Andy, yearns to know why Sandoval tore out of  there when this girl had arrived at SUR. Ariana stands by her man saying the facts don’t make sense  and the penis reference wasn’t exactly hard evidence of a sexual encounter. Pun intended.

Kristen getting into a screaming match with Scheana and her Manager Diana was center stage next. Telling her manager to,”Suck a dick”, and,” To go *uck herself.”  This wasn’t exactly going to give Kristen the best section in the restaurant. On Kristen finally getting fired, Lisa asks Kristen,” What did you expect really, what did you expect after talking to Diana like that?”  Lisa affirms that a little humility would have gone a long way if she wanted to keep her job.  Lisa explains that there was a history with her working at SUR so long, and owning her crap would have been key to remaining at SUR.

It was nice to hear Kristen admit that working with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend only fed her fire and she should have really quit a long time ago. Next, Andy addresses how awkward the ring on a string was as a promise of a promise, of an engagement, within days of finding out that he had a “moment” with Vegas chick.  It was hard to see Katie so wounded and hurt when receiving this gift at Scheana’s wedding.  Schwartz was told specifically by Katie not to give her a ring on a string.  She wants the flowering, romantic moment, but not at a wedding.  Schwartz responds,” I did not expect that response at all, maybe I am naive.”  Well we have to give him credit for owning this very insensitive, dumb move.   Katie understands he was trying to show his love, but would much rather prefer,”How about you just don’t make out with girls, and that will show me you love me.” Wow Katie really wins major points for telling it straight 5 months and 3 weeks into her 6 month engagement ultimatum.

Then, as Stassi tries to condone her crop top wedding dress bashing, as we get hit with the real reason that Stassi hates Scheana. It appears the whole group excluding Andy, knows why Stassi is so bitter with Scheana. Like a runaway train, Stassi volunteers information suggesting that she has a sex tape that Scheana was not only aware of, but watched and shared with others.  Stassi announces, “If I hated somebody, and I saw that their ex-boyfriend was showing a video, I would get on the phone Immediately.” After revealing herself, makes the claim,” I would rather look like a bitch,  than have it come out, that I have a video of me.”  Lamely trying to justify her rude comments about Scheana on her wedding day.  I was dumbfounded that if she didn’t want the sex tape found out,. then why bring it up on national TV? Stassi contends she is hurt by hearing a rumor that Scheana wanted to sell the sex tape to TMZ.  Scheana did show and gossip about this
video that apparently was an ex- boyfriend that came to SUR to show everyone. Scheana flat out denies this allegation, but did apologize for watching and sharing the video.  Well I guess, it was just a matter of time before a sex tape was leaked with this group.

All About The Tea_Stassi_Reveals_Why_She_Doesn_t_Like_Scheana

Kristen punching James at Sheana wedding is brought up as Andy asks politely,”Do you think it’s OK for a girl to hit a guy?”  Kristen says its not OK for anyone to hit anyone.  She does a crappy job of trying to justify this whacky behavior.  Kristen claims thing she thought to do was just walk away.  James contends it was his fault because he was in her face, and he is continuing to learn from his mistakes.  Finally one thing James Kennedy says that makes sense.  Sandoval sticks up for James saying, that James watching Kristen walking away with another man will make it ten times worse when all he is trying to do is get love back from Kristen.

Like a Roller Coaster, we get back onto Kristen being passionate to prove her stalker antics as. Andy states, “You went on a final spree to prove that you were not a liar, as you discussed Tom’s infidelity with Ariana.” Somehow Kristen seems to blame Jax for repeating the alleged, sexual act.  Andy corners Jax and says he at  dinner he flat out said that Sandoval had sex with that girl, then flip- flops his story the next day of plausible deniability.  Finally, we hear from Jax that all of the these rumors actually came from the Miami girls mouth, and he didn’t actually see anything. Kristen tries to lamely slim her way out of her making a huge scene about a girl that sold her,”story” to the tabloids.  Sandoval feels like Jax has no credibility at all.  Jax claims he does have remorse for what he has done, and he admits freely he makes mistakes, but then counteracts this statement with,” Nobody died, nobody got pregnant, nobody got divorced, it’s

As the final buildup comes out about the ticking time bomb that is Katie and her ultimatum, Schwartz tricks us all to believe he was going to do it right there. He disappoints as he breaks out a a cocktail ring and asks to continue to be his girlfriend until he grows the balls to ask.  Schwartz manages to once again smack Katie with a continued, be my girlfriend maneuver. As he slides this joke ring on her finger,  Andy reminds Schwartz that he is running out of time, as he begins to shift and get uncomfortable, as his continued commitment issues are clearly still present.  He swears he is a changed man and to trust that it’s coming.

The reunion ends with Andy asking Lisa, “Is Stassi welcomed back at SUR?”  Lisa replies strongly, “Relationship is over, she trashes SUR, she trashes all these people.” Lisa feels like Stassi is so disrespectful to her and she feels she has been nothing but good to her.  It appears Lisa Vanderpump has just about had it with Stassi and her selfish antics over the years. Its very clear that Lisa just can’t handle Stassi, but does compliment how things have changed with this group yet, Kristen, Stassi, and Jax have not. Ouch, the final cut goes to Lisa Vanderpump.  After closing with the group, Andy ends this reunion  as Shay, Peter, Ken, and most importantly, Giggy joins with a toast with a  sexy rose red cocktail.  “LONG LIVE SUR!”


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  • Brattus Rattus

    Lisa will love Jax until Jax gets fired or quits. There is something about that charismatic idiot that people love. Stassi and Kristen don’t have that certain thing. He does. I see Jax getting married to an older/wealthier woman/man because he can. He’s a jerk but he’s a likeable jerk. I get it.
    I hope James opens his eyes and realizes that he’s a victim of domestic violence. He can do much better.
    The rest of the cast is doing fine for their ages. Young is doing what they do. (Stassi and Kristen are no longer cast so they don’t count.)
    I do still think that if Tom doesn’t feel marriage, he shouldn’t do it. Divorce is ugly. Marriage isn’t for everyone. I’ve said it before, I did it once and if I could take it back I would. I was married but my husband wasn’t.

    • Sophia Z.

      On Jax. This is so incredibly shallow but I see him on tv and wonder what the hubbub is all about with his looks. Then I see photos of him and am amazed at how handsome he appears. I have seen pretty people take ugly photos but not the other way. No need to respond. You strike me as a woman full of intelligence and well thought out posts/thoughts. You’re probably shaking and scratching your head about now. LOL 😉

      • Brattus Rattus

        LMAO I totally agree with you! He’s not my type AT ALL but he has a charm. Totally different than being fine as hell. He’s a sociopath. I prefer the Tupac’s of the world. Jax wouldn’t make it to 1st base with me because I would see thru his BS. It’s not shallow of you at all my love. He’s not all that. He’s less than that and then some. I just see how he gets by with his friends. Stassi and Kristen are just friggin idiots that don’t hold the same appeal. It has nothing to do with looks. Thanks for the compliments. I like reading yours, too!

        • Sophia Z.

          Thanks for responding, LOL. Not only is Jax not yours (or my) type, I would imagine him in a clinic being treated for STD’s on a regular basis. And you are correct, he is indeed a sociopath. He cannot have regard to other’s concerns because of his illness. Because of his common charm as many sociopaths have the same trait I am able to get past that and see him similar to your experiences.
          Because of my difficulties reading long blogs, etc… I’m still at a stand still on the article. It’s gotten comical as I get older. But IMO, I thought Stassi was very genuine in her apologies. I’m so confused at the lack of empathy w/ the other children. And Lisa’s reaction has me confounded. Perhaps when I can read the article and get other’s perceptions on my confusion this will straighten out.

          • Brattus Rattus

            I’m not sure…Do you watch the show? The only redeeming thing this season Stassi did this season (for me) was when she told Kristen to leave Tom alone. I think the apologies she gave were out of frustration. Trying to understand a show from a blog is almost impossible. This is why I started watching that horrid woman Abby Lee from Dance Moms again. CURSE YOU BEACH SPIN! LOL
            It’s all good though. Do things the way you need to them to find your warm and fuzzy. I’ll be here to cuss and be bitchy. 😉
            It’s kinda my thing.

          • Sophia Z.

            LMAO yes I watch the show but I get easily distracted by my dog which was frequent last night. Interesting take on Stassi and the hidden meaning of her apology, of which I did not catch the nuances. I love cursing and bitchiness so have at it, not that you need my permission but don’t hold back if you think I will be offended. I’m still gun shy from Reality Tea so I’m trying so hard to be a better person in my posts. I’ll be the first to admit that I flare easily at disrespect so no one is perfect. I was a little intimidated to respond as I was taking a wait and see approach. Not because of anything beyond you having a strong sense of your opinion. I get it, I respect it.
            Stassi has really no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I was genuinely hoping for her that she could make things right with everyone just for own peace of mind. Lisa VP tweeted something interesting after the show about Stassi bringing it up, not her. So I plan on re-watching to see what the hell was really going on. Stassi thinks so weird with the ‘you against me’, black and white analogy. It’s hard to understand where she is coming from at times because those kind of values are so foreign.

          • Brattus Rattus

            OK! I see we’re at least in the same chapter of the book now! LOL Stassi wants to act so above it all but to know she has a “self love” sex video out there and doesn’t want to be “seen” with Jax but will call him for money spoke volumes about her. She was mad at Scheana for talking about the video? HELLO? You made the video…What did you think would happen? So because of all of that, Stassi ripped on Scheana and her whole wedding and friendship. She can’t own up to anything she does. She just wants sheeple in her life, not friends.
            Lisa tried to get all those kids to mend fences where possible. I have to give it to her. She has a ton of patience. Her liquor/Xanax bill must be massive. LOL
            Anywho, all of my cancer meds are really in control of my fingers now. I just got into it with someone on a different thread. I can’t stand grammar police on blogs. gah.
            have a great night!

          • Sophia Z.

            First off, I am so saddened and deeply sorry to find that you have Cancer. Thank you for sharing that with me. I hope you have a positive prognosis and things are moving along for you. I have helped a lot of family members through that journey and I’m very sensitive to the disease and it’s effects both emotionally and physically. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write back while your fingers are not working properly.
            Okay… you clarified everything for me. No wonder Scheana was coming off so nasty last night. I fully understand where she was coming from and agree. You’re right about Stassi wanting blind followers and not real friends. How she can be happy is beyond me and I don’t think Stassi knows what real happiness is.
            I agree with your opinion about Lisa and her patience. I get mad at her at times on PR and think she should just fire the whole lot of them and cut her losses which don’t seem to be much. I have been fired for way less than what these people have done, and on a consistent basis. I love Lisa to bits but she comes off as kind of dumb in that aspect, not very good business sense but the television show is attached so I get it at one level. It would not be worth it to me to be so giving to people I’m actually paying to do a JOB. I guess there is some reward for her in the show as a payoff for having incompetent ‘workers’.
            I hope you have the luxury of having an uninterrupted RHOBH evening watching with comfort and pleasure. My very best thoughts are with you. xoxox

          • Sophia Z.

            And for heaven’s sake, the grammar police. Tell them to STFU. It’s a blog, not a contest for winning the Nobel Peace Prize in proper writing skills.

  • Gabby

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Stassi is worse than Jax. I didn’t think it was possible but apparently it is! I for one don’t believe she is as “happy” as she claims. Seems quite miserable in my opinion. Some lies have been told.

    • Jennymckitty

      I wonder if she is just miserable filming the show or if she is unhappy in real life as well. I think she tried to avoid everyone so they wouldn’t discuss her sex tape.

      • Brattus Rattus

        I know how bitchy this sounds but isn’t it great that all we collectively have to do is wonder about her life? I mean, seriously, can you imagine being her friend, co worker or god forbid “partner”. We only have to wonder. Cheers to that!

        • MidwestMiddie


      • twifan2

        & then she outs herself on tv!? o.0
        She need the exposure(no pun intended-just a tad), since she’s no longer welcomed at SUR?

    • Brattus Rattus

      She dug her hole…good for her!

  • Sophia Z.

    Oh my goodness, this long article is going to be a challenge on my unmedicated inattentive type ADD. I’m so confused about last nights dynamics that I have to read this so see you perhaps next week after I get through this. I so want to discuss it.

  • Babson_Chick

    Am glad the season is over but can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next. Funny about Stassi as she was the Princess that could do no wrong while handling her followers. Now, she doesn’t have a friend within this group.

  • She Stinks!

    I never liked this show until this season. I found it all so comical and ridiculous. Every show was ‘we had sex!’ ‘no, we didn’t!” Yes we did!

  • Nancy Krystofik

    When Stassi started disrespecting Lisa, I lost interest in her. You can never be too rich or too thin, looks like Lisa wins, too bad Stassi is going down the sex tape road, she was sassy and spunky when she worked at SUR, the things she said like”someone will get stabbed by a diamond” really funny! James called Lisa “dude” she hates that, Kristen did it once also, I would like to see Lisa’s son Max join the show, he really works at SUR, or one of their places. I like seeing Pandora too, the fashion magazine stuff that she does blended nicely into the show.