Kandi Burruss Feels Phaedra Brushed Off What She Was Going Through

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Lately it seems as if Kandi Burruss, star of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” has been getting extremely emotional each week. And who can blame her, she’s been through a lot. Her difficult mama. The televised wedding event. The pre-nup debacle. The closing of her musical. Marriage counseling with Todd. And now, on top of all that, Phaedra is making Kandi sing the blues.

On this week’s Bravo blog, Kandi addresses her emotions during her sit down with Phaedra.

“It probably wasn’t the best time to go talk to her, but I was wondering what was going on with our friendship that she had to discuss it with NeNe and Porsha without ever mentioning to me that there was a problem.”

Kandi said she was “irritated” that Phaedra tried to compare their distressful situations, claiming hers – baby daddy going to prison – trumps Kandi’s – play closure.

“Watching this episode, it irritated me to see Phaedra try to brush off what was going on with me by saying that I was just upset about a bad business deal. I wasn’t upset about the money. There was a whole bunch of stuff that was going on with me that she didn’t take the time to ask about either. And now just because I didn’t text her every day, I’m a bad friend.”

When asked if she and Phaedra had resolved their issues, Kandi made this girl, please statement.

“I don’t know if they’re resolved or not. Obviously she doesn’t tell me when there is a problem. I guess only NeNe or Porsha knows. Or I’ll find out while watching the show. I just find it so crazy that she was confiding in them about how I’m not a good friend… Had the shoe been on the other foot, I would never have discussed our friendship with them before talking to her about it.”

During the therapy session, Kandi’s comment to Dr. Jeff is what makes NeNe take off her socks and put on her walking shoes. What was Kandi thinking during this?

“I was thinking, ‘Why am I here?’” She continued, “NeNe never feels that she is wrong, and if you tell her that she is or if you don’t agree with her, then she’s going to have a problem with you. I didn’t even want to say my opinion. I hate that Dr. Jeff even asked me to say anything.”

Don’t hate the player, Kandi, hate the game. She ended her blog by answering if she was surprised that NeNe walked out. “Yes and no. Yes, because she put the counseling session together, and no, because she loves to give a dramatic exit.”

No need for sunglasses with all this shade!


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