Claudia Jordon Spills The Tea On Porsha Williams & NeNe Storming Out of Therapy

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All About The Tea_Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

After Sunday’s therapy session on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Claudia Jordan and Titus Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse for “Watch What Happens Live” to answer viewer’s questions.

What did Claudia think of the therapy session with Dr. Jeff? Last week, Claudia said on her Bravo blog that she “thought it was cute that NeNe wanted to be the one to get the girls to go to counseling…if NeNe was going to subject herself to the process, then dammit how could I not?”

However this week, after NeNe rudely clomped out of the session because she thought it was “attack Nene day,” Claudia is singing a different tune. She told Andy,

“I felt like her heart wasn’t really in it and maybe it was a vanity project. Maybe she thought the counseling would be for what was wrong with all of us but the thing is, all of us have beef with each other, but we’ve all had an issue with NeNe at some point.”

One of the callers asked Claudia about the status with Porsha’s ex, Kordell Stewart, specifically, did they ever go out on a date. Claudia responded, “Absolutely not. I’ve never had any romantic situations with Kordell. I caught a lot of flak for that, people really thought I was going after him. I’ve known Kordell for seventeen years, we’ve been nothing but cool and nothing but platonic. He didn’t try, I didn’t try, we’re just cool. I wasn’t trying to be shady to Porsha.”


After they dissed Nene’s Bride of Frankenstein’s wig and dished on Claudia’s “still jacked up” feet, Claudia revealed that she is currently dating a special someone. How does he feel about her feet? Claudia said, “He loves feet, so it’s an issue.” But hey, she’s good from the ankles up.


The last caller on the After show asked if Claudia thinks Porsha is worried that she’s after her Dish Nation gig. Claudia said, “I’m not after anything, but if they want to ask me to come and sit in, then I’m going to work and step up to the plate and do my job. I’ve been doing this a long time. It’s a fun gig.” For the record, Claudia feels she is worthy of taking the gig. Boom!


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