EXCLUSIVE: The Twisted Pattern Continues: Jenelle Evans Cozies Up to Discarded Exes

Posted on Mar 16 2015 - 12:25pm by BeachSpin

All About The Tea_Jenelle Evans exposed

Jenelle​ Evans has a way of getting what she wants, and whether it’s through a screeching fit, calling in the cops, or bleating to her favorite cohorts to jump on her bandwagon of dysfunction, she is bound and determined to come out on top. There is little argument that this ‘Teen Mom 2′ star is a disturbing mess, and ever since she hit the airwaves of MTV, and the hoards of teeny bopper followers signed on to follow her on social media, her stormy antics have been blasted out in gross detail to anyone who will listen.

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All About the Tea recently exposed a disturbing pattern that reveals that it is a dangerous risk for any guy to get involved with this reality wreck…namely a string of domestic violence arrests, with Jenelle acting as a repeat whistle-blower on any love interest foolish enough to engage with her. While many would think that this young woman is just a magnet to tumultuous relationships, there appears to be a systematic format that she follows when she decides that she has been done wrong. Jenelle uses social media, along with a posse of gal pals to manipulate, with a predictable pattern solidly in place.

Camp Jenelle tweets a predictable “He’s SO controlling” message to gaggles of followers, then the next thing you know…the poor schmuck is sitting in jail, and Jenelle is wiping away the righteous tears of the mistreated.  You would think that with all of these violent losers safely in jail, the game would be over. The damage is done, and reputations are ruined….Gary Head was even kicked out of the Marines after being charged with assault, proving that challenging Jenelle can end in life changing results. Surprisingly, Jenelle is not finished with these poor saps, because her next subtle move is to befriend the exes of those she has brought down. Take her latest baby daddy/fiancee/abuser/victim, Nathan Griffith.  He was arrested a couple of weeks ago, with the accusation coming as no surprise to Griffith….in fact he almost seemed to expect it.

NathanStevie DM convo Jenelle Evans

The abruptly changed relationship with Nathan’s ex-wife is bizarre, but indicative of a well honed pattern of warming to various boyfriend’s exes, presumably to commiserate, and join forces in disparaging the men who have crossed Jenelle one time too many.  This is classic ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle… mouthing off one minute, then switching gears and go into full manipulation mode the next.

All About The Tea_Jenelle Evans tweet
All About The Tea_Jenelle Evans tweet

The obsession just doesn’t stop with the ex-girlfriends but it also extends to the kids of the exes. Jenelle often refers to them as her “step-kids” (keep in  mind she doesn’t have custody of one of her own kids). Below is a photo of Jenelle with Nate’s daughter (her face is blurred out to protect her).

All About The Tea_Jenell Evans Emery Nate Teen Mom

How exactly does one switch gears from a claws out position, to systematically cozying up to every ‘bitch’ of an ex-partner of any given boyfriend…while waving good bye as he speeds away in the back seat of a police car?

All About The Tea_Jenelle Evans tweet

The following tweet was directed to TaylorCourtland Rogers’ baby mama, just a couple of weeks before Jenelle had her beloved stepdaughter’s daddy arrested for an assault so allegedly severe, that Jenelle claimed that it triggered a miscarriage.

All About The Tea_Jenelle Evans tweet

There’s more, because jumping back in time a little, Jenelle also pulled this same shady shtick with Kieffer Delp‘s ex, Tabitha, while admitting a sisterhood friendship with a bevy of exes.

All About The Tea_Jenelle Evans tweet

That “fat one” is Tabitha, whom Jenelle later reached out to with some bonding parenting advice.

All About The Tea_Jenelle Evans tweet

Jade is the ex-girlfriend of Gary Head, another boyfriend that Jenelle had arrested, which in turn ruined his military career. Gary and Jade got together after the assault fiasco, and when Gary rejected Jenelle’s attempts to win him back, she allegedly decided to strike up a friendship with his lady love, to get under Gary’s skin. Only Jenelle could knock out an assault accusation, an attempted reconciliation, and a smooth friendship manipulation in such short order, with a Twitter announcement to boot!

I’m sure you get the picture. Jenelle Evans has a pattern with men, and it is a twisted and dangerous one. It also appears that the past love interests aren’t safe either fromJenelle’s convoluted interplay. This last tweet sums it up perfectly, and is between Jenelle and Nathan…the father of one of her sons, and her most recently hauled away better half.

All About The Tea_Jenelle Evans tweet


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  • Brattus Rattus

    I’m so glad I’m old and don’t do that whole mess. There are WAYYYYYYYY too many men out there to worry about one. Or two. Or 50.

    Oh…that and I’m not crazy. That helps.

    • Birdie

      Oh yeah…sanity is where it’s at. 🙂

  • Excellent research and blog, Beach! Jenelle is more disturbed, calculated and sinister than I thought. She really needs professional help. She’s a danger to society and her kids.

  • 900009

    so crazy..what exactly is the Message MTV is trying to coney with this psycho???

  • Birdie

    LMAO at Jenelle offering parenting advice…she would be the LAST person I would listen to. I have a feeling that manipulation was learned young, and is second nature to this wreck.

  • Harleygirl0685

    This was awesome! It’s so wrong that I get such pleasure reading about these “reality wrecks” my other favorite wreck to read about is Farraha Abraham! I just can’t comprehend that there are “moms” that actually live life this way and think it’s ok! Please make Farraha your next reality wreck project! Oh what a great story that would be!

  • cait

    Nine DV accusations, that we know of, against five men ! The common thread is she calls the cops when the guys try to leave her ! She’s a dangerous person, and is heading downhill fast !
    Those ex-girlfriends need to be careful and keep their kids away from her !

  • Whosethat

    It is common knowledge that every single one of those guys she has dated had a violent history before her and have been violent with women since her.They are not victims of her.She is attracted to the same kind of abusive guy,only difference is the outside shell.

  • Juliana

    I’m certainly glad I don’t have all the mental illnesses that Jenelle has, it must be a full time job keeping up with all of them. The only true victims here are the children, all of them. Some people truly love this drama in their lives, it’s what makes them get out of bed every morning. Sadly it will eventually end with someone dead, someone in prison, and a whole new generation growing up to repeat it all.