NeNe Leakes Says She’s The Next Joan Rivers & Wants To Join Fashion Police!

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Now that Kathy Griffin has thrown in the towel on Fashion Police to preempt her imminent TKO due to her lackluster performance — rumors are circulating that hours before Kathy tweeted her resignation [like a true, backstabbing, ungrateful child] producers had a meeting and talked about giving her the ax. Now that Kathy is gone, NeNe Leakes is back on the campaign trail to get one of those coveted first-name-initial pillows.

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Why NeNe again? “Because I’m fashionable and I keep it real like Joan,” she recently told TMZ. “I keep it real and tell it like it is and I love [Joan].”

But TMZ could very well be off on the wrong fox hunt because multiple sources claim the show is on the chopping block. And now, fashion-challenged B-listers are siding with Kathy. “Lena Dunham, Rosie O’Donnell and Jane Lynch all tweeted supporting Kathy. That’s not good. Lena tweeted, “She’s modeling a better way for the youths (and working those ears.)” Yeah, because Lena‘s brand of “comedy” — like her grammar skills — is such a sterling role model for young women. As for Rosie and Jane, they have been longtime muses for the most haute couture designers in the world, so their thoughts on who should fill Joan’s shoes are très important. Somehow they all managed to stay quiet amidst the copious black penis jokes Joan  made regarding the Kardashians. Que retenue!

Griffin‘s pre-debut vow to “put the hammer down” was more like throwing cooked spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks and none of it did. We can’t remember seeing her this unfunny — well, if you don’t count the forced antics between her and Anderson Cooper once a year. Coupled with Brad Goreski‘s pale imitation of a fashion critic — we enjoyed his ineptitude and crying on “The Rachel Zoe Project”  so much more — and Kelly Osborne‘s desperation to be taken seriously, the only one left from the original cast still behaving the same is Giuliana Rancic, whom, without Joan Rivers and the great George Kotsiopoulos, is like the lone goldfish left in a too-small glass bowl, half-filled with rancid water, bravely trying to keep the show from going belly up. But even she is ready to leave Brad clutching his pillow, rockin’ back and forth, wondering where everyone has gone.

While tattooed, purple-haired Kelly, 30, sends out social media messages pretending 18-year-old Disney “performer,” Zendaya, is her BFF and she’ faux-offended about a dreadlocks remark because she also works for Disney, doing the voice of Hildy on The 7D, Kathy is busy trying to spin her way out of humiliation by claiming she couldn’t be herself. Whereas, the late, great Joan Rivers always had a witty riposte, or turn of a phrase, that made you laugh aloud, Kathy‘s comedy has always been based upon “shock-and-awe,” which in this day and age, is no longer shocking and just plain awful. As in boring. As in the biggest sin one can commit in comedy –just ask Joan.

If the show does get a stay of execution, E! should bring on NeNe, because one thing that NeNe ain’t is boring! Just ask her! She’ll tell ya! Meanwhile, we’ll all just be watching Fashion Queens, because those girls are not afraid of insulting anyone!


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