Wave The White Flag! Claudia Jordan Is Willing To Make Peace With NeNe Leakes

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Real Housewives of Atlanta,” newbie, Claudia Jordan has quickly risen to the occasion and delivered a slam dunk in the drama department.

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In her latest Bravo blog, the break out star addresses the ongoing drama with co-star, NeNe Leakes. Claudia takes the high road by extending an olive branch and says that she’s open to therapy with her co-stars.

“The meeting at Don Julio’s went surprisingly well, and I left on a high note, totally optimistic that we would be able to move on and forward with the counseling.” 

Claudia makes some valid points about obstacles women face and the need to unite,

“As women we already have enough obstacles out there in our day-to-day, in our careers, relationships, etc. When we have girl time, it should be an escape where we can come together and laugh and learn from one another, and dare I say even be inspired?”
“Why create drama just because you want to ‘read’ someone in front of the others to get a virtual high-five?” 

The RHOA star highlights the cordial interaction at the Mexican lunch, even pointing out, NeNe received her joke well. Claudia sincerely hopes for resolution,

“It costs nothing to be kind. I have to say, this was by far the most civil of all our interactions and both of us were polite and cordial. I was even able to throw out a little joke, and NeNe received it, so I walked off thinking, ‘OK cool! Maybe there is some hope here for a resolution.’”

A buoyant Claudia feels there’s hope for the future with cantankerous, Leakes, forecasting a light at the end of tunnel,

“Like I’ve said from day one, we do not have to be besties or anything like that — all I have ever wanted was for all of us to be cordial. Drama is exhausting, and I only have two speeds: zero and one hundred! I’m seeing a light at the end of the dark tunnel at this point though! But I don’t want to jinx it!”


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