Joey Gorga Called a Rat Fink! Did Teresa’s Own Brother Send Her To The Slammer?

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When Joe and Teresa Giudice were sentenced to federal prison stints last October, no one was more sympathetic than Teresa’s brother Joey Gorga and his wife Melissa.

Melissa shared with her followers through her blog, that they were “heartbroken for our family,” and encouraged “wishing their family strength and faith.” Joey assured Teresa that they would be available for anything that his beloved sister needed during her time of need, and tears were choked back over the plight of four young girls being left motherless for fifteen months. An explosive story in STAR magazine, not only calls foul on the publicly expressed lovey support, but is reporting that an inside source close to the Giudice fraud case is claiming that there was a RAT inside the family…none other than Teresa’s own brother, Joey Gorga. According to the report, Joey and Melissa were peeved that Teresa was resistant to sharing the Bravo spotlight and the cash that came with it, and in an angry and impulsive move, Joey called the authorities and spilled the tea.

“Gorga ratted Giudice out on all the things that he was doing illegally: not paying the IRS, mortgage fraud, everything that the Giudices were busted for.” says the STAR magazine source.  

According to the source, when Joey found out his sister was facing prison, he immediately regretted his decision.

“He didn’t think that Teresa would ever go to prison.  He wanted to rat Joe Giudice out, but not Teresa. It backfired.”

The plot thickens, because according to this report, it was payback time a few months ago, when the feds paid a little visit to Camp Gudice. A few months ago…maybe mid December? The source claims that Joe and Teresa were warned by the agents that they were facing new charges, as well as additional prison time…this time for tax evasion.  The source goes on to assert that the agents offered Joe and Teresa a ‘get out of jail free’ card, for less prison time on the pending charges, in exchange for some spilled beans on another couple whom they believed were mixed up in some shady business of their own. That couple was Joe and Melissa Gorga. Joe and Teresa purportedly didn’t even know that Joey was the truth whistle blower until this ‘visit’ with the feds, with that surprise spot of tea possibly being the push that triggered the Giudcies to go along with the deal.

“They made a deal to turn in info on the Gorgas in exchange for less time on the pending new charges…and the possibility of the charges being dropped all together. Teresa had no problem flipping on her brother after learning that he is the reason she and her husband are doing jail time.”

No matter what your take on this story is, any honest follower of this case has to admit…that last line DOES sounds like Teresa! The source clarifies that the Gorgas and the Giudices were not in fraudulent cahoots together, but did allegedly run in the same sketchy circles, and learned from the same people.  It is widely believed that new charges are on the horizon for the Guidices, with tax evasion or insurance fraud being the likely case scenarios.  If this report has legs, there is another shady Jersey couple on the investigative radar, and another written account of a timely ‘visit’ from the authorities to Camp Giudice.  Hopefully, the whole truth will come to light, and justice will be continue to be served.

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