Kenya Moore Says Kandi Is Blindly Loyal to Phaedra

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Kenya Moore is on the outskirts of controversy this season, but is never afraid tell it like she sees it. She weighs in via Q&A on her Bravo blog this week, and shares her thoughts on Phaedra Parks...and how the others relate to her, and the rumors that continue to swirl around this shady southern belle. 

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When asked why she believes that Kandi indeed knows about Phaedra’s alleged love interest, she spilled that Kandi is anything but a disinterested party. 

“….we all know Todd and Kandi and the Nidas are all close friends. I naturally assumed Kandi knew and was being the keeper of Phaedra’s secrets. I do believe Kandi is blindly loyal to Phaedra and has had problems before seeing the truth and her faults. I laughed when I saw Kandi in her confessional say, “It wasn’t any of my business,” when I asked her if she knew about Mr. Chocolate. Yet Kandi was the only one grilling me over the Apollo texts and had plenty to say then.”

Last week, we witnessed Phaedra walking out of a meeting with Cynthia, and when Kenya was asked if Phaedra surprised her with the abrupt exit, she responded with a solid no.

“Phaedra has always either told lies or diverted the attention from herself to someone else to avoid the truth being told about her. Cynthia merely stated that Phaedra never fact checked prior to spreading Apollo’s lies about me. Phaedra had no response or defense, and thus she fled so she didn’t have to answer the obvious.”

Kenya weighed in on the impending cast therapy session,  how she felt about being left out of counseling festivities, and what part Nene played in landing the crew in the therapist’s office.

 “I was particularly offended when I wasn’t invited but somehow blamed for having the most issues with the women. Nice try NoNo! Historically speaking, NeNe has been the common denominator when it comes to dissension amongst us. She has also ruined every single friendship she has had dating back to KimSheree, Marlo, Cynthia, and myself (to name a few). Sorry, I forgot — now she claims we were never friends… Dust!”

Therapy won’t be the same without some twirling going on…somehow I think Kenya will let us know what she thinks about the fun anyway!

Catch Kenya Moore on “The Millionaire Matchmaker” March 22 on Bravo. Also, look out for Kenya’s, production “Life Twirls On” set to premiere in April 2015.


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