Lisa Rinna Says She’s Glad Eileen Davidson Called Her Out On Flip Flopping!

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After that head-scratching episode of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” where everyone played sweep the shards of glass under the rug, Lisa Rinna took to her blog to explain her flip-flopping actions.

“Well, if that wasn’t the weirdest f—-ing thing ever, then I don’t know what is. This entire episode was a roller coaster of emotions and, quite frankly, non-emotions. After what happened the first night in AmsterDAMN, I became severely AmsterDAMAGED, and as you can see, I was basically navigating my way around in a walking coma.”

Lisa explained that she didn’t choose to go shopping with Kim and Brandi, just that she chose to go shopping. I’m sure Kyle and Eileen would have agreed to work that into their museum/fashion finger-pointing escapade if Lisa had just asked.

“At that point, I couldn’t give a flying you-know-what if I was with the Pope or Honey Boo Boo. I needed some retail therapy, or else I was going to end up spooning with Yolanda in her bed for the rest of the trip. I think Eileen really nailed it when she said Yolanda’s response to stay in bed was the most sane choice any of us made.”

Shopping with the Pope or Honey Boo-Boo. Is Lisa still eating the space cake? But it was a phone call to hubby Harry that gave Lisa the power to stay.

“Out of desperation to keep my last ounces of sanity in tact, I made a decision in that moment to move on. If I didn’t, my only other option would have been to get on the first plane out of there and back home, but Harry had encouraged me to stay and make the best of it, so that’s what I did. I had just lived through a nightmare in a foreign country without my family, and I was feeling terribly vulnerable, confused, and shocked. I compartmentalized everything that I was feeling in order to get through the trip in one piece. The last thing I needed was to be locked up abroad.”

Then she would have had her own special reality show. #missedoppurtunity. Lisa continued on her blog to sing the praises of Eileen, who quite possibly is the most sane woman in the group.

“I also want to give Eileen props on speaking her mind to both Brandi and Kim with so much grace and ease. I’m really, really glad she took the opportunity to do that. She is such a classy chick, and I am proud to have her as a friend.”

In closing, Lisa explained why she spoke to Kim the way she did during dinner in that awkward, let’s praise each other, moment.

“In that particular moment, I felt empathetic towards a fragile Kim Richards sitting in front of me, and I just felt those were the words she needed to hear at that time. It’s what felt right, and it’s what needed to be said in that very moment.”

Let’s face it, we were all confused. The day before Lisa was telling Kyle that she’d never speak to Kim again and the very next day she’s telling Kim those three little words (get help now) I love you. And the Emmy goes to…Lisa!


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