Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap

Posted on Mar 10 2015 - 2:00am by Harmony McClintock

Vanderpump Rules reunion

We embark at the fabulous SUR lounge as our host Andy greets the SURvers, Lisa Vanderpump and for fun adds, Kristen Doute, and James Kennedy. Which proves this reunion will be interesting from jump street.

Andy starts right into the heavy questions and asks, “Kristen, how did it feel for you to be the pariah of the group and see everybody kind of accepting Jax again?” Kristen responds, “Everyone is still best friends with Jax, when he single-handedly f**ked up every one of their friendships and relationships, and it had nothing to do with me.” Which means Kristen is still believing what she has tried to sell all season. That she is clearly not taking any responsibility for her actions. At least she is consistently whacko.

James shows us early, that he has the first reunion jitters, by actually saying at an awkward moment, “Hot people like f***ing hot people,” as an offered excuse why Jax and Kristen slept together, twice mind you. James may have come out of left field, but managed to wrap this whole betrayal into a gloriously messy bow. Every time James speaks, he gets told to shut up and they treat him, like the Rookie of the group.

Vanderpump Rules

Andy switches gears by setting up the Kristen Miami girl situation. As we all remember, Kristen played private detective and found Miami girl on social media. Started texting and investigating the alleged cheating of her ex, Sandoval. Sandoval says,” And I’m wondering, like why you actually brought this girl in when you said she needs to clear her name. Clear her name for what?” Sandoval claims that Miami girl sold the story for money to a tabloid. James once again pops off and clearly doesn’t know what really happened. Sandoval and James bicker like two hens until, Schwartz leaps in to defend Sandoval and says it didn’t happen.

Kristen Vanderpump Rules

Andy reminds Jax of the horrible break up with Carmen Dickman. Carmen told Jax to grow up and get his crap together, and very well I might add. Andy adds a personal story of his meeting with Carmen at a bar, where he says he offended her because Carmen went up to Andy at a bar, and said,” I’m Jax’s girlfriend.” To which he responded,” Well, that’s a very long list.” Ouch that hurt. Which apparently Carmen didn’t like too much. Thanks Andy we needed a laugh.

As we listen to Jax support the George Clooney lifestyle. Andy jokingly says, “It seems you don’t want to sleep with smart women?” Jax quickly responds with no shame at all, “I don’t think smart women want to sleep with me.” Well I will hand it to Jax, at least he sets it straight for once. We confront what happen in San Diego vs. what happened in Miami, with Sandoval and Jax as they sit visibly uncomfortable with the mention of the subject. Andy slays Tom by saying he said some suspicious things at that dinner in Miami, that made him look guilty. Tom responded that he was sick of Jax “ratting” him out. When Andy asks, “About what?,” Ariana tries to recover her man by saying its more about what he felt Jax has done over a huge length of time their 10 year friendship. Sandoval had squealed on Jax about San Diego, then Jax had blasted in retaliation about Miami girl, like a cornered animal. Jax stares off and seems to not have a problem being morally corrupt. Same ole Jax, different season.

Next it was interesting to hear Lisa Vanderpump say, “Tom and Ariana have worked for me for a long time and they were always accused of having an affair together. And I know for a fact that they weren’t together and weren’t guilty of what she’s accused them of.” Tom and Ariana throw puppy eyes at each other enjoying this comment. Which is clear to see these two really love each other. Kristen, incensed, sticks to her story and truly believes that Ariana and Sandoval had an actual affair while they were together. Tom and Ariana swear they were good friends and leaned on each other during rough times. Then it begins to feel like watching an old scene of Kristen squawking at Sandoval, and Sandoval firing right back. Where we still see Kristen isn’t totally over Sandoval or she wouldn’t care.

Vanderpump Rules

Andy bluntly changes the subject, and brings up the infamous John in Miami. He set the record straight and asks Jax, “Did you ever have sexual relations with John?” To which Jax responds firmly,” Absolutely not!” Andy isn’t falling for that one as Jax becomes the butt of the incoming tea from the group.

Then as we face another elephant in the room. Stassi is the clear buildup of a full-blown attack. The seats are shuffled, and the tension mounts as the whole group discusses Stassi. Andy asks Lisa, “Why do you think Stassi has been so tough on Katie?” Lisa feels like Katie should go with her boyfriend and go have fun, and she supports Katie standing up to Stassi. Stassi is introduced, and quickly sits down, and tries to justify walking away from Jax in a frightful manner at the SUR party. Stassi claims Jax lies about people, and she didn’t feel right hanging out with an ex-boyfriend. Jax says he wanted it to be cool between them and friendly. Stassi quickly shoots down this with her boyfriend apparently not wanting her filming or even in the same room with Jax.

All of a sudden as the fighting continues, Sandoval asks Stassi,” Did you call Jax and ask him for money?” Jaws drop as Stassi admits yes, but also contends that she called Jax and asked for money for the holes in the walls she claimed he did. Which also implied that Miss Stassi needed such money. It gets weird and uncomfortable as Kristen begins to defend Stassi as verbal darts are slung right at her. Andy notices it quickly and sharply asks Kristen if her and Stassi are friends now?? The shock hits the crew and viewers alike, as Stassi actually says, “Well she is the only person that would talk to me!” Gulp!

The room goes into a full-blown panic after hearing these two after all this, are now friends. This being the biggest shocker of this reunion, so far. Scheana even steps in and says,”The whole reason she couldn’t be friends with me was because I was friends with Kristen, but now her and Kristen are friends.” It gets heated when Jax freaks on Kristen for her chiming in to defend her new best friend. Jax flips saying, “I have never hated someone so much in my life,” glaring at Kristen. It launches into a group lashing at Stassi, Even to the point she gets Katie going and resentments come spilling out finally saying, ‘You dispose of people like their nothing….. You’re the most selfish person I’ve ever met in my life!” Stassi sits and takes it but guilt is written all over her face. She is strangely composed, as the shock sets in and tension is high.

This wind up to the next part of the “Vanderpump Rules” Reunion, promises to spill your tea and drop your jaw.


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  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    why didn’t Schwartz step up earlier when the Miami rumor started..last night he finally admits he was in the room and there was no Miami girl…it never happened…end of story…..what is in the future for Kristen and James and being part of the cast… for Stassi looks like we’ll never see Patrick and maybe we won’t be seeing too much of Stassi either… will be interesting to see how the show evolves next season

    • RonnieIsBack

      Because except for Schena and Katie they are all sleezy.

      • misstc

        I dunno about Katie, as you remember last season she was a raving drunk when she had that orange hair? The good that came out of that was she got her act together after viewing her actions on the show. Trashi Blandville should take lessons from her. LOL

        • miracles3337

          Very true, we haven’t seen her drunk this season. She got her act together only to be disappointed by her man. I hope the best for them, but they are young to me.

      • Susan Thorne Zavagli

        what do you think of Vail….I thought she was wacky……she wasn’t involved in any drama she was just there…..

        • miracles3337

          Vail seemed ok with me when she didn’t sleep with Jax!!!!! Smart girl!!

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Kristen just looks SO dirty…guess the reunion stylist are mad at her too 😉

    • misstc

      I think Kristen & Jax are the perfect CRAZY couple.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Great recap Harm!
    Kristen is just so skanky and snake-like. She will prey upon anyone and secretly she is hella jealous of Stassi (although I don’t know why bc Stass is pathetic). She waits until folks are down and out due to her kicking and stomping on them and lying and then she cmes around to “comfort” them and pick up the remaining pieces..This bish is foul and batchit cray cray.
    I am glad Tom S ran like hell and is with Ariana (even though this is pretty thick in the head) but she will follow him to the pits of hell – ride or die – good luck you two.
    Katie has her bish – Schwartz – and he isn’t going anywhere. LOL
    Stassi is still stuck on Jax and her man knows it which is why he doesn’t want them even breathign the same air..and Jax knows it too..such a devilish man but he owns his chit (when busted).
    James is just too stupid to write about.

    • miracles3337

      Can you believe Stassi and Kristen are ki,da friends? I mean she alienated herself because of Kristen, then actually becomes friends with the only one that will talk to her. So sad

  • Brattus Rattus

    I could live the rest of my life without EVER seeing Stassi or Kristen ever again. Stassi is just a narcissistic dolt and Kristen is a stalker of the worst kind. After Tom has seen this season, I hope he takes out a restraining order. And James. The hell? He must lack any kind of self worth because what young guy would put up with that?

    Then there’s Jax. Kooties. ‘Nuff said.

    The Ring on a string couple…be friends but move on.

  • Bad Barbie

    Kristen is certified crazy. Her eyes and mannerisms are of a disturbed person and that is not adding her actions. James is definitely slow.

    Stassi- this chick is another one that is not normal. Her level of selfishness and gang mentality is alarming. She wants soldiers, not friends. She will die alone. I have no idea how a “real man” pays attention to her.

    Jax- loser.

    I don’t care about Tom S and Ariana. I believe they are lying about hooking up in the past but they sure wont tell the truth now. Good luck to them. Tom S is another one that is not that normal.

    Katie seems to be the most mature out of the bunch. Schwartz is giving her a “STFU” engagement ring. That wont last. They don’t want the same things and you can’t force a person to speed up the process of being ready. She nagged and nagged and got it.

    Scheana and Shay… She better pray Karma doesn’t pay her with the same coin. It usually does. That someone like her wont come along and boink her husband.

    I can’t believe LisaV actually puts up with all these losers and let’s them talk her to her the way they do. I don’t even think these people are real staff at her restaurants. This is all fake.

  • Sunny

    Frankly, I have a hard time believing anyone would find Kristen ‘hot’, but that’s just me.

  • Norrth

    I think Sandoval and Kristen are a matched set and Ariana will see it sooner or later. Why keep Jax on as a friend? For what reason? It’s all too strange, for me.

    • Brattus Rattus

      As scummy as Jax is, I can see the way he gets back in. Beside all the guys on that show be crying ninnies, Jax is a sociopath. He cares about no one but himself and plays on their weaknesses. He can be charming when he wants to be. I’m of the belief that if you like it I love it. So if that mess of people like it, I love it. I wouldn’t trust him with a ANY secret let alone and truth. Arms length.
      I think Tom did cheat and he told Ariana all about it. That’s why this whole thing was glossed over. And why did they talk about Tom’s “member”? Kristen easily could have said the proof you need is that he shaves down there and it’s small. Other than Small compared to whom? (Jax?) I want to know why all that even need to said? Tom could have easily said, “I’m a normal size Kristen. The problem is, screwing you is like giving a whale a Tic Tac.”
      These people are such armatures. LOL

  • HoyesMiGente

    Tom (Ariana Tom) is shifty eyed and sly. Ariana is dating down for sure. Scheana is nasty. Incapable of being a friend. Katie is immature and not very smart–or maybe that is just self esteem that is in the gutter. God Katie: You’re a pretty girl, and you seem to be above all this nonsense. Why do you follow mean girls like Sheana and Stassi around. Jax: Incapable of telling the truth. Kristen was called out for being a liar and manipulator and she is-but equally so are Tom-Tom and Jax.

    • miracles3337

      I agree with you totally. Katie is kind of a doormat to me. I wouldn’t keep giving chances like that,AND no RING. Bling goes a long

  • lennyswiontek

    Iv’e Been Saying It Over And Over Again And Again, I Was Very Happy To See That Jax Finally Defended Himself In Season 3, As He Was Always Labeled The Bad Guy, Season 1 & 2 !!!! I Really Do Believe Jax, As Far As The Miami Girl Story!!! And Also That Tom # 1 & Tom # 2 Absolutley Did Cheat On Both Their Girfriends Also!!! ery Happy That Jax Finally Started Standing Up For Himself!!! Can’t Wait To Watch Reunion # 2!!!