Say Cheese! Teresa Giudice Sells First Prison Photos For Big Bucks!

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SAY CHEESE!! Teresa Giudice just can’t resist the camera, and apparently even a little prison stint can’t stop her from striking a pose for that perfect shot. A new report claims that some ‘on location’ photos of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star are about to be released.

We know that Teresa’s family paid a visit to the reality felon last weekend, and somehow, someone was able to take the pics, which have been reportedly sold for $100k. Maybe Gia “hated leaving”, because her visit entailed capturing those sneaky money shots, rather than any cozy time with her mom.

“During a recent visit to the prison, a member of Teresa’s family snapped three photos of her smiling,” a publishing source tells Radar.
“In the photos, she is dressed in the light brown prison outfit that she is required to wear. She isn’t wearing make-up, either. Her hair looks a little knotted.”

Can anyone say slammer chic? If these photos are indeed cell phone produced, they demonstrate a serious security breach, as cell phones are strictly off limits, while visiting inmates. 

 “You cannot take cell phones into the prison, but somehow, this particular family member was able to — and snapped away without guards noticing!  You can be assured that the prison and its warden is going to be furious when these images are published!” continues the source. “It could have serious consequences for Teresa.”

A threat of ‘serious consequences’ weighed against a quick $100k, and a blast of showy publicity?  My guess is that Team Giudice is willing to risk it.


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