VIDEO: A Drunk #NickGordon Tried to Commit Suicide Twice Before Dr. Phil Interview

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Dr. Phil claimed that Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon was "volatile" during the taping of his intervention -- get the full details here and watch a new clip from the episode. All About The Tea  Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter

Nick Gordon tried to commit suicide twice before taping with his mother and Dr. Phil. The show is set to air Wednesday (March 11). Laura Collins from the U.K. Daily Mail told HLN News,

Nick Gordon is in rehab and has been directly following the Dr. Phil intervention. Dr. Phil had intended it to be an interview but when he learned just what sort of state that Nick Gordon was in, he couldn’t in good conscience go ahead with a straight forward interview, and instead, turned it into an intervention to save his life.”

Preview clips released by the Dr. Phil Show include Nick crying about missing Whitney and Kristina, and saying “I hate Bobby Brown!”


Laura Collins continued,

“There’s huge hostility between Nick Gordon and Bobby Brown, Bobbie Kristina’s father who has banned Nick Gordon from the bedside in Atlanta. The Houston family have always had an issue with the fact that Nick Gordon and Bobbie Kristina’s relationship had gone from almost a sibling relationship, sort of adopted brother and sister, to that of fiances planning to get married.”
“His mental state is extremely fragile. revealed today that he actually tried to commit suicide twice in recent weeks with overdosing on Xanax, for which he has a prescription, and alcohol.”

Just hours before his heartbreaking intervention with Dr. Phil, Nick Gordon was caught on tape looking disoriented and possibly under the influence via the UK Daily Mail.

Regarding the investigation, Laura Collins said,

“That’s ongoing and certainly police initially took Nick Gordon‘s cell, they scrutinized his twitter feed, they’ve taken surveillance footage from cameras that were mounted near the house that Nick Gordon and Bobbie Kristina shared, there are other people they are speaking with and obviously the events of that particular night, the early hours of the 31st of January, are still what they are trying to establish.”

Regarding the Dr. Phil Show, and the ongoing investigation, Leolah Brown, Bobby Brown‘s sister, and Bobbi Kristina‘s Aunt, wrote an open message on Facebook asking Dr. Phil to not give Nick Gordon a forum, stating they “have strong evidence of foul play,”

“With all due respect, Nick Gordon is under investigation for the attempted murder of my niece Bobby Kristina Brown. We have strong evidence of foul play. Until this investigation is completed by law enforcement, I would ask that you or anyone else not provide this individual a platform to spin this situation to his benefit. If Nick Gordon does not have the courage to speak with my brother Bobby Brown and/or law enforcement about what happened the day my niece’s body was found in a bathtub, he does not deserve to have a platform to speak to anyone of your caliber until this investigation is concluded.” 

We’ll have to wait and see if this plea melts Dr. Phil’s heart or his desire for ratings, and he pulls the plug on Nick Gordon.


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